Telling Their Parents

The three heroes, went to tell their mother and father, about what was happening. "So these things are called what now?!," asked Matthew. "Necrogender," replied Crescentia. Damyan added, "They are evil beings created by a Shade of Death." Felicity then asked, "Why exactly, can't you two intervene? Mother of Life and Father of Might?" The Mother of Life spoke, "He has found a way to disrupt our powers around him." Then the Father of Might replied, "But when we are able to, we will intervene." They then both spoke in unison, "WE PROMISE!" Then the two figures disapeared. "So," asked Felicity, "What can my three kids do?" Crescentia went first. She took a glass of water, and made a series of tiny water creatures. But they were somehow too smart for her, as they tried to rebel against her. But they instantly turned to water. "I don't understand?," she said slightly upset. Then Felicity said, "Maybe they can't be too small." She then said, "Yeah." Then Damyan went next. He went to grab a lighter. Then he stepped outside. He turned it on, then he started burning some wood. The fire was growing intense now. But he absorbed the flames, as he then grew muscles! "Ha!," he yelled out in confidence, "Check me out!" But Matthew warned, "Be careful son! SOmetimes excess muscle mass can be a bad thing." "Yes sir." Then their mother asked, "So about you Behitha?" He replied, "Nothing really," in a sad tone. "That's ok," replied its mother. "Yeah, I'm sure you'll find out what it is soon enough," his father answered. Suddenly The two figures showed up again, to train the heroes. But they gave Matthew the power of Super Speed, and Felicity the power of Duplication. Just in case. Which they would need, for as soon as our three heroes went to train, their parents were attacked!

Telling Their Parents End