a boquet.

a boquet of

bright red roses.

addressed to me.

from him.


"this must be a mistake"

as tears filled my eyes

i dialed the flower shop.

'no ma'am. jake wood, correct?"


"ma'am im his second cousin.

before he passed,

he made me promise to send you

a boquet of flowers

every birthday and holiday."

i hung up.

i looked at the card again.

"id ask you to be mine,

but you already are.

i live forever in you, babygirl.


i took out the box and i

placed the card with the one from christmas.

i thought it was a cruel joke.

"merry christmas babygirl. jake."

god hes a dick.

dying but living forever.

i love that about him.

happy valentines day sweet boy.

i miss you.