They marched in this "dollhouse" Zachary scouts gave the exact number of six hundred puppets and other assortments of evil dolls. Though this information hadn't come with out a price.

Zachary#1119 struggled to get his scout brother Zachariah#145 to safety the screams of Zachary scouts rang through this sick twisted house of horrors " Get outta here you stupid kecker" Zachariah#145 spat "I'm not leaving you" wept Zachary#1119 tears streaming down his face both grew up in the some village and both had a reputation for having the sharpest eyes and ears in the scout regiment but nothing prepared them for the dollhouse pitch black and the dolls everywhere however most scouts knew many dolls were for fear and inactive it was the "active ones" they needed to worry about. They were out smarted dolls with mishap pen faces and humans least thats what Zachary#1119 thought charging them many scouts stood little chance and Zachariah#145 himself took a dagger to his side both were tough and despite being stabbed Zachariah#145 still clung to life it took another minute but Zachary#1119 knew his friend was going to die he gave his friend a bow "no warrior should die without a weapon" he cried his friend smiled Zachary#1119 ran hearing the fighting he and a dozen surviving scouts got the exact number of enemies.

They waited hours planning and repairing gear for the raid but I didn't care all I wanted was vengeance my names Zachary#1119 scout from a small nameless village. Growing up with my friend Zachariah#145 we were always hunting and had good tracking skills we scouted areas and found abandoned mines which we would scavenge and give to our village elders such as iron ores (and sometimes full iron bars if we were lucky) the elders praised our courage and when the Zachary Empire called for conscripts we gladly joined the scout regiments where we were given high praise by even the most veteran Zachary Scouts a couple Leaves (elf/fairy/nymph creatures) said we had sharp eyes that was the first time I had scene Leaves and only heard legends about them. I cursed and picked up my bow this was taking to long in my mind that cursed place should be burnt to the ground. Looking at the hay targets I fired ever shot strong vengeance would soon be mine.

We marched in torches in hand war-hounds and every fighting person I clung to my flintlock pistol I could see the scouts were only focused on revenge and they had every right to be we Zachary nightmare hunters take the blame since we ordered that pompous Zachary general nightmare hunters should go in and cleanse the place with faith and courage and righteous wrath. Names Brother Zachary#279 and I am a elite group of Zachary's called nightmares hunters I guess you could call us witch hunters however in this realm witches are mainly on our side. Instead we hunt things our god the Original Zachary is afraid of clowns, dolls, possessed girls and women (I find the possessed very attractive though thats blasphemy yes I'm a hypocrite). I remember my first nightmare creature I fought a towering freak in the woods who I challenged in a duel interesting despite being hideously deformed those woodland folks keep their word and let us go after i be headed their leader in the duel or my battle with Kimberly a possessed girl of twenty summers who almost killed me after reaching into my thoughts and began disrobe herself then promising me I could be hers pressing her body against mine she looked innocent however that was just her gaze saw only a will to kill however this was just a game and I fired my flintlock pistol in her chest then before she could recover slicing her head off. Yes cases like those made me proud to be a nightmare hunter however we work alone yet something about this doll house drove thirty of us to band together and fight with the common soldiers whatever was in here. This time the enemy attacked first the doll maker a girl twenty summers old smiling " more playthings and so strong you all will make powerful dolls" this was a common doll clan tactic show yourself with your horde then give a weak threat it had some effect but not what she had desired she was the head doll maker however she had apprentices to lead her troops we all stood still waiting for which side to make the first move minutes went by when four five year old Zachary's broke ranks screaming must have been berserker's they weren't the only ones as the entire berserker squad of thirty charged laughing like wild children and men two berserker girls at least seven summers shattered the skulls of porcelain dolls with their fists laughing and howling as they boasted their kill and a Zachary berserker caught a doll maker apprentice off guard and used her as a human shield adding insult to the doll maker being injured by the very things she made then being throw violently against larger dolls who broke apart due to the impact of the throw. Zachary Kennel Masters and their Pit-Bull war hounds leapt into the fray the dogs biting and crunching and the kennel masters hacking and slashing through with such ease and precision it was almost like watching a tide of flesh and fur working together in unity brining destruction to the enemy in its path. I smiled this was going to be a glorious battle.

" This is for Zachariah#145" I screamed as I ran my dagger across a doll maker apprentice throat I enjoyed watching her struggle to cling to life the battle was going well we were killing more and more by the dozens suddenly I heard whispering in my ear " You should see you're friend he is one of the champions in my new toy army" it sound like she was right there however I knew she wasn't yet the fear was overwhelming and I realized she wasn't just talking to me and the fear was all around some fell on their knees and wept other became so sick they vomited I could only wonder what she was saying to them. "Zachary" that voice it could only be Zachariah#145 I turned to see my friend and the sadness and anger came across my face he looked like himself however clockwork machinery could be seen on his shoulder and the right side of his face was porcelain while the left was still human he charged me no emotion on his porcelain however the human side his eyes and lip i could see regret and sorrow. his blade hit the side of my leather jerkin "Stop" I screamed it fell on deaf ears I had no choice I had to defend myself it was funny at certain times when we were fighting I could see tears across his human side face and at other times I could see him mouth the words "forgive me". My dagger had little to no effect as his body seemed to be made of steel and with what they had done to his face and shoulder I dared not look at his skin we were winning seeing the only weak point I struck his face he fell to his knees Zachariah looked at me his human eye looking at me and he spread out his arms and mouthed the words "Please end it" my arm was trembling I could do it and then as if there was any Zachary in him left he charged right into my dagger "Thank You" he whispered in my ear and he fell lifeless near me I screamed and laughed and cried I was no berserker yet something had overcame me "I'll kill every last one of you bastards" I screamed and i could hear glass shattering and I soon realized I was going alone into their lines. Many of them fell before me I lost count but I could see they were close to overwhelming me but I got closer and closer until I could make out a doll maker not knowing who she was I charged the fear streaked across her face. twenty large human sized dolls charged me I screamed and rammed right into them felling ten I then felled the other ten she had no weapon that was her second mistake the first was turning my friend into the abomination both screaming and sobbing I drove me dagger across with such a force it decapitated her my energy was spent though she was the leader since all the dolls fell lifeless.

realizing my wounds I had been stabbed multiple times my vision began to fade however I could see another Zachary looked like a nightmare hunter then everything faded to black.

Whoever this Zachary was he perished I then saw the branded numbers across his neck Zachary#1119 I respectfully closed his eyes the berserker's placed their bent weapons beside his body as respect the scouts put their arrows next to his the dogs howled mournfully along with the kennel masters " Farewell Zachary#1119 a true champion and scout of the Zachary Empire".