A day after Homecoming

I was in a deep state of suspense. I had been like this since I had drunk the potion Kevin had given to me in a note. I didn't know where I was until I started to see a tranquil garden. The hills were green brownish, the stars were brightly powerful with blue, green, and gold and white. The sun was shining brightly. The greenery was fresh and at its natural state of being pure and untarnished. I was sitting under a tree in a Three Days Grace black vest top, a pair of black combat shorts and a pair of dark green boots. I was also wearing a dark green trenchcoat.

I felt overwhelmed and lost because I was only dreaming because I was asleep. I saw a young woman, properly in her early twenties sitting next to me under the tree; she was attractive with the face of a saint; her hair was mid-length, curly and light blonde, her eyes were sapphire green, her skin was white but tanned, she was the same height as me. She was wearing a blue vest top, a pair of blue shoes and jeans to match. She smiled at me as she was radiating with a white light. I was afraid as she is a supernatural force that shouldn't be messed with so I was quiet as she looked at me with her bright eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked politely

"I'm Kirstel" the young woman replied

"What are you?"

"I'm an angel of the Lord, Isabella Cortez"

"Why are you here?"

"It's the safest way to talk to you"

"So you know about Skyler and Tara"

"We angels see everything and they have to be eliminated"

"What about Sage's death"

"It was unfortunate because it had to happen"

"So you want me to let Saul's clan out of prison"

"It's the only way destiny is to prevail"

"It will cause the end"

"It has to happen"

"It cannot"

"You have to let Saul take you and bleed you out"

"What kind of celestial figure would let it happen?"

"Man's theory of angels is untrue"

"Just like witches"

"Some of my brothers and sisters would have to disagree with it"

"My circle is in trouble"

"You are going to get them all killed"

"How can it stop it?"

"Leave them"

"How can I do that?"

"Go with Kevin, he's a good fighter and he will keep you safe"

"Why am I dreaming this tranquil garden?"

"It's how you perceive Heaven's garden but time is running out fast" she said gently as she disappeared in a blink of an eye

Isabel Cortez woke up with an aching headache the size of a blister. Kevin Green was sitting next to her in bed, with a look of concern on his face, pale as a ghost as if he didn't eat anything this afternoon. His eyes looked red; he looked as if he didn't get any sleep last night.

"What's happening?" Isabel asked as she was getting up by the aid of her best friend's boyfriend

"You drunk the immunity potion" Kevin replied

"From what"

"Skyler and Tara had brainwashed everybody else but Paul and I saved them"

"With what spell"

"A spell that has broken the bond in the circle"


"So we have our own magic to fight them"

"That's a good idea"

"You are not so bad yourself"

"What do I have to do?"

"You have to leave with me immediately"


Kevin and Isabel were out of the room, lurking through the hallway to see if the two dark witches were there. Isabel finally understands that Skyler Grey and Tara Vincent, two people she thought she could trust turned against the circle to work with the demon that killed their parents. The hallway was silent and hollow; the sounds were a mere silence as something must have been wrong.

Both witches prepared their Celtic symbolic knives to point if two of the four last direct descendants of Marco Nightshadow were here. They were going downstairs quietly, the little noises of Kevin's shoes squeaking on the stairs was not helping the situation.

Isabel started to feel her heart racing as if it was an adrenaline rush from jumping off a building; the rush came from the fear of being caught, under the immunity potion she will not be in trouble of being under one of their dark spells, she realised that she had been changed by magic as her clothes were different to yesterdays.

Her hair was still in the twin braids that Adele Wilson had done with her gentle fingers, tingling rush of pleasure thrushed across her lips, of the effects of kissing her best friend Adele, she didn't realise that kissing a girl would have a remote effect on her. She had never experienced it before but she would have liked to. Kevin had a duffel bag on his shoulder.

Kevin's knife was pointed forwards the other direction, they were going down the stairs to see the hallway empty, the living room was empty, eerie and dark feelings start to crawl in the atmosphere. Suddenly Skyler and Tara were standing there inside the sitting room, all cold and chilling; their eyes were reverting to the two witches standing in the doorway.

Skyler marched close to Isabel to pull her wrist; she could feel his nails digging into her skin. "Ow" she yelped as she was pulled by one of her braids by Skyler harshly, he looked at her with stern cold eyes, she didn't consider that this was the same young man that she loved and almost had occasion with two days ago. Her heart was rapidly racing inside her, her face started to produce little droplets of sweat, she could see Kevin feeling vulnerable as he was being grabbed by Tara, and there was no sense of humanity or care from her.

Isabel started to feel something was missing inside, she was frightened. Her dark magic wasn't working as planned. She couldn't believe that Tara had stolen her dark magic when she was asleep in suspense. Her mind was going in frenzy as she didn't know what was going on. As soon was the dark witches were at the front door with their victims in hand; Tara unfastened the door with magic to force the both of them out, flying onto the ground. Kevin felt the pain of being crushed onto his duffel bag, must have hurt like a bitch. The door shut behind them.

Locked. From the window, the glum faces of the other members of the circle were staring at them; Adele Wilson, Jeff Vernon, Kirsty Taylor, Darren Perry, Jenny Blackwell and Paul Snowdon were all pale skinned. On the face of Isabel's blonde best friend, there was a blue spark coming from her, a sign of hope that she might not be enslaved by the suggestion spell.