Just something I felt like scribbling down one night when I couldn't fall asleep. My first original one-shot.

I had lost them again. I had searched the entire pub but they were nowhere to be found, neither on the first floor nor the second floor, nor were they outside on the porch where they used to sit when enjoying a smoke. Where the hell were they? And why the hell couldn't they inform me before going off somewhere else?

I was completely alone in the middle of the dance floor and I saw no one I knew that I could talk to. I didn't even know the song that some dude in his twenties was singing. He held the microphone wrong but he seemed too drunk to care. He really needed a shave. He gazed towards me for a moment. If he was looking directly at me or something else in my direction I didn't know but to be quite frank I really couldn't care less.

I probably ought to go out and look for some friends but I was in no mood to go outside so I just found myself a free table to sit at and went to stare lazily at the people on the dance floor.

One couple was sitting in corner, mixing mouthwater.

I bet that's why Sean and Heather had left me. They wanted to be left alone to mix their own saliva and probably a lot more than that.

I huffed in annoyance. Why couldn't they eb more social? Couldn't they control themselves a bit?

I considered calling Heather just to make sure but that Idea was dismissed immediately. If they had left me I didn't want to find them. And if my assumptions were correct then Heather wouldn't be answering her phone anyway. But I felt like calling Heather anyway just to disturb them a bit and maybe to remind them of my existence.

"Is this seat taken?" a hoarse voice asked me.

"No," I just said with disinterest, not even bothering to glance at the owner of the voice.

"Can I sit down?" he asked.

I heard myself say 'yes'.

When he sat down in the chair across from me I noticed that it was the same man that had been singing earlier. He gave me a smile. His breath smelt strongly of beer.

"What is a pretty girl like you doing in here all by yourself?" he asked me.

"Nothing," I answered simply, still with disinterest. I dint' want to talk to him.

He rose. He would be right back, he said, he was just going to get a drink. He asked me to wait here.

I didn't answer. I felt like leaving right away to escape this unshaved man but I remained in my spot. Why? Why not? I had nothing better to do.

Moments later he came back with two cups.

"Somebody's thirsty?"

I might as well have some conversation with him instead of just sitting here in boredom.

"This is for you," he said ans placed one of the cups in front of me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Rum and coke," he told me.

I had already had one beer tonight and I had very low alcohol tolerance. I didn't want to drink it but I had to do something.

Oh, why not.

"Thank you," I said and took a sip from the cup. It wasn't that bad.

We talked for a while. His name was Harry, I learned, and he was twenty-four years old. He was going to be an electrician and he was home on winter break. I then told him some details about myself in return; that I worked at the baker's corner in the mall and that I was nineteen years old.

He suddenly had to go downstairs to pee. He asked me to come along and wait for him.

Oh, why not.

Seeing only one girl inside the bathroom was a little bizarre when I was used to always finding it packed with people. He went inside to pee and I remained right outside, waiting.

Moments later he opened the door and asked me to come inside with him.

I only hesitated for a moment before walking in to join him.

Why? Because why not?