Chapter Two

The Rope

Ok. This is insane! How was I supposed to kill the prince?!

Like this?:

"Hi, Mr. Prince! You have to die now!"

Then BAM! Shoot him with a gun?

I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure he won't buy it.

Anyway, I was at the castle window, holding on to a rope I had previously tied to the roof (Which was obviously hard). I was looking in the window of a dining room. There was an oddly long tabel with so many chairs around it. There were about a bazillion flowers in vases that lined the tabel. This place sickened me. I mean, this place should be called "The Barf-Festival".

Then I heard voices below me.

I looked down but didn't loosen my grip on the rope.

Then I saw those thugs that had chased me earlier.

They seemed to be talking to the other guards that were guarding the entrance. I wonder if they were as stupid as the ones I'd met earlier... I wondered what they were saying.

I loosed my grip on the rope and slid down a few feet, trying to get close enough to hear them. The first guard said to one of the guys who was guarding the door,"I don't know who she was."

I knew they were talking about me.

"What did she steal, Bob?" said the one guarding the door.

A guard's name is "Bob"? Sucks for him!

"Queen Rosa's necklace, Tom." Bob replied.

I almost forgot about the necklace! And I was wearing it! My heart started pounding. What if Bob or Tom or any of guards looked up? They would see me and take the necklace away. Even worse, I could end up in the dungeon... I shuddered at the thought.

"Oh." said one of the guards who also chased me."Has she found out?"

Bob shrugged."I don't know, Frank, but what if King Joseph finds out we haven't caught her?"

I had never met King Joseph or Queen Rosa or the prince or the princess or anyone in the castle and I don't plan to now.

"Don't worry." Frank said."Andy, if Queen Rosa asks about "The Thief" or the necklace just stall and say 'What necklace?' or 'What Thief?'." Frank said to the other guard by the entrance.

"Yes, sir." Andy muttered.

My hands started shaking as Bob said these words that made me shiver."Let's search for her around the castle to make sure she won't strike again."

They started walking off and that's when I slipped off the rope.