The next several days past in a blur.

Jason and the club avoided Riley so he became extremely close with Noah. They practically spent every moment together and he was always there to make sure Riley was okay after he was ditched by any of his old friends. It was after a rather nasty fight with Jason that Riley found himself sitting on the roof of the school overlooking the forest surrounding them.

"Your not planning on jumping, are you?" Noah's voice asked behind him and Riley spun around to face his new friend.

"Nah," he reassured not moving from where he was sitting on the ledge.

Noah gazed at him before nodding. Riley returned his attention back to the view. Noah sat down beside him remaining silent. They just sat there lost in their own thoughts.

"You want to talk about it?" Noah finally asked breaking the silence.

"Talk about what?" Riley asked leaning back on his hands relaxed.

"You know what. The fight between you and Jason," he replied and Riley couldn't help but snicker at that.

"Sometimes I feel like you're stalking me the way you always know when I get in a fight between them," he replied not offering any information on what the fight was about. Noah smiled at him before returning back to the view.

"It's like a sixth sense," he agreed cocking his head to the side as if someone was whispering in his ear. A frown crossed his features and he stood back up grumbling something to himself.

"You alright there Noah?" Riley asked rising to his feet to comfort his friend. Noah gazed at him before nodding.

"I'm fine," he reassured shakily. He glanced back at Riley before stumbling over to him and clung onto his shoulders before commanding, "Just, what was the fight about."

"I asked Jason why he suddenly hates me and he told me it was because I was weak and he can't have a weakling for a brother. He said he needed a warrior that's not afraid to get his hands dirty and not someone he constantly has to worry about saving so he told me we were no longer brothers."

Noah nodded letting go. He started pacing while whispering strange things to himself. Riley only made out a couple things.

"Too far..."

"Gone forever..."

"Doomed in this world forever..."

"Hang on," Riley butted in stepping in front of Noah again, "What are you talking about. Is something wrong?"

"Yes," Noah snapped turning to face Riley, "Yes, everything is the matter. You don't even realize the danger you're in. It's been too long. Far too long."

"Hold up," Riley commanded stepping back in front of Noah who started pacing again towards the end, "What are you talking about?"

Noah froze realizing he said too much. He blinked and swallowed and Riley hasn't ever seen his confident friend act like this before. It scared him.

"Noah," he said in what sounded like a whine, "What's going on? You're scaring me."

"I'm sorry Riley," Noah apologized, "But you've got to trust me on this."

"On what?" Riley demanded feeling lost and confused, "How can I trust you if you won't even tell me what's going on?"

Noah opened his mouth and started speaking but Riley couldn't hear him because his mind started flashing various images in front of him. He stumbled backwards, breathing heavily. Voices echoed in his ears.

"Is he ever going to wake up?"

"I don't know Jason. If he doesn't wake up soon then I'd say he won't ever wake up. It's already passed the 24 hour window."

Jason? Why was he hearing Jason's conversation? And who were they talking about?

"Riley," Jason whispered softly in his ears. In front of him Noah was screaming something but Riley couldn't make anything out. He stumbled backwards as the voices assulted him again, "I don't know if you can hear me little brother but you've got to wake up. Everyone else lost faith in you but I know you're stronger then this. You've gotta snap out of this. You just gotta."

That was something completely different then what Jason's been saying the past few days.

"Riley?" Noah asked concerned, "Are you alright? What's going on? What do you hear?"

Riley couldn't find his voice. He just grabbed at his ears as he stumbled back. He saw white walls and Jason's worried face that faded and turned into Noah on top of the roof. He stepped back again scared and confused.

"Noah?" he asked voice tight with desperation, "What's going on?"

"What do you see?" Noah demanded reaching out to grab him. His hand just passed through Riley's arm.

"Noah?" Riley pleaded desperately, "What's happening? What's wrong with me?"

"Riley," Noah and Jason seemed to say at the exact same time. Pain flashed in Riley's head causing him to stumble backwards again. This time he lost his footing and the next thing he knew he was free falling.

"Riley!" Noah shouted worriedly as he stood helplessly on the roof watching as his friend tumbled towards his death, hand outstretched as if he could just reach over and grab him.

Riley hit the ground, cracking his head but it didn't hurt. Instead he felt numb and all he saw was white. His ears started ringing and he tried moving but he was paralyzed. Above him, voices started screaming at him, calling for him but it was hard to make it out. He felt like he was under water and hands were dragging him further under. Pain returned and he floated on the verge of death.


The sheer desperation in his brother's voice that he hasn't heard in forever was what finally snapped Riley out of it. He lashed out, breaking free of the hands keeping him prisoner and the next thing he knew he was lying on his bed with his arm tightly wrapped and Jason hovering over him fear in his eyes.

"Riley!" Jason repeated and relief flooded in Riley.

"Jason," he breathed reaching out and dragging his brother in a hug that Jason returned just as fiercely. Confused tears slid down Riley's face and he felt Jason pull away gently.

"Riley?" his brother asked confused, "Riley, what happened?"

"I-I don't know," Riley admitted, "The last thing I remember is falling and Noah. Noah! Is he alright?"

"Riley," Jason shouted gathering his brother's attention before he spoke very softly, "Riley, there isn't a Noah that comes here. The last thing that happened to you was when you got attacked by that wolf."

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