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Riley decided that pain and him had somehow became BFF's because he's gotten to know it awfully well.

He groaned, rolling over and was surprised to find he still had his weapons. Scratch that, why was he still in the woods in the first place? His eyes took in his surroundings; Jason was beside him, wiping something on his forehead as Mikey and Vincent hovered nearby. The body of Mrs. White was gone.

"Wha' happ'n?" Riley slurred before frowning.

He can't have a concussion on top of everything else. Even his life isn't that cruel.

"Calm down Riley," Jason chided like he would a child as he gently pushed his brother back on the leaf covered ground, "We heard fighting despite us telling you to call if you hear anything, anything Riley."

"Yeah, I know," Riley grumbled, swipping his brother's hovering hands away, "Sorry. Where's Mrs. White?"

Jason furrowed his brow, "Our teacher? Riley, she quit a long time ago?"

Riley shook his head, swallowing thickly, as he explained, "Mr. O'Bryan had turned her. I killed her."

Jason remained silent as he turned to glance at his friends. Mikey was standing stock still while even Vincent looked unnerved. Caleb seemed to appear out of nowhere, swords out.

"He's not wrong," the older boy explained, eyeing Riley carefully, "A body was dragged. The other body we found earlier has been completely devoured. He's no longer killing for himself."

"He has a family," Riley finished for him, setting his head on the earthy ground beside Jason's leg, "A whole litter of puppies."

"Which explains a lot," Dylan continued thoughtfully, "Why the bodies hadn't been touched. He kills them before taking his family out to try and find it. Once they do he let's them eat it. He's teaching them how to hunt."

Riley groaned, clenching his eyes shut. Jason's hands carefully placed Riley's head on his lap before running shaky fingers through his thick hair. The others seemed to start whispering on what they should do next.

"What I don't get," Mikey spoke up, finger on his lips in thought, "Why leave Riley out here alive? I mean, the guy's been trying to kill him for the past four days."

"Maybe he didn't think he could kill him and drag his dead wife before we got here," Dylan offered helpfully.

"No, he wants his puppies to know how to kill," Riley spoke up, sitting up, "It's one thing to track prey and another to know how to kill it. What better target than the one who killed their mother?"

"Makes sense," Vincent spoke up.

"I don't care if it makes sense," Jason growled, "If he's letting his puppies lose than we need to get out of here."

That's why Riley suddenly found himself being dragged up by his brother as they limped back towards the school. They were halfway there when they heard the growling behind them.

"I think they found us," Dylan growled as he pulled out his gun.

"We can make it," Jason protested but Riley knew that was just false hope. He thinks Jason knew it too because his brother was suddenly handing him off to Vincent before turning towards their newest threat.

"Jason," Riley squawked in protest, "I can fight."

"You're injured," was all Jason ground out and Vincent was picking him up to literally carry him away. He knew he had no other choice other than to give in.

They were running, stumbling, through the forest when Vincent froze again, backing Riley behind him. Riley peaked out from behind his back surprised to see several fairly large wolves snarling and snapping their teeth at them. There was seven of them.

"I think the cubs found us," Vincent growled in frustration.

"Then what's the others doing?" Riley asked not really wanting to hear the answer.

They're waiting for nothing.

"Riley, stay behind me," Vincent demanded as he pulled out his staff.

"Hey, you don't have to tell me twice," Riley promised, "They look hungry. And angry."

He didn't see it but he's sure Vincent rolled his eyes. That's when the first cub pounced, Vincent easily knocking it away into a tree.

"Home run!" Riley exclaimed and, this time, he did catch Vincent rolling his eyes. He just shot him his best innocent smile before burying an arrow in one of the cub's legs. Trying to kill him or not, they were just kids. He couldn't bring himself to kill them.

"Riley," Vincent ground out and Riley just knew he was about to get in trouble for not killing it.

"I can't kill it Vincent," Riley hissed as he shot another arrow in another leg.

"You don't have much choice," Vincent told him as he swung and hit another cub into a tree, "It's either they die or you do."

Luckily, he didn't have to make the choice because soon Mr. O'Bryan in all his werewolf glory was bursting from behind the trees growling, snarling, at them. Riley was sure if he was human he'd be saying something like 'Don't hurt my babies' or something equally cliche.

"Sorry teach," Riley murmured before shooting, and missing his crazy werewolf teacher, and hitting, killing, a cub. It was a complete accident and Riley felt awful but it enraged Mr. O'Bryan even more. If it hadn't been for Vincent's bo staff, Riley's sure he'd be lunch by now.

"Call the others," Vincent growled, eyes never leaving the threat currently circling them.

It took a while for Riley to realize what he was talking about but soon Riley pulled out his phone and pressed Jason's number. It rang several times and Riley hoped there wasn't even more cubs.

"Riley?" his brother asked confused, "Are you back at school?"

"Not exactly," Riley murmured before the overly large wolf pounced at him again and Vincent hit it again with his large stick.

"What's that supposed to mean? What's going on? Riley!"

But two of the cubs suddenly became brave and ignored their father and Vincent as they leaped at the younger twin. Riley, who saw them last minute, barely had time to roll out of the way and his phone laid on the ground with the leaves.

He didn't have time to shoot arrows so his hands went to the knife in his boot. He yanked it out, slicing it at the closest cub, his kill or be killed instinct kicking in. Faintly, as if far away, he was aware of Vincent still trying to bat Mr. O'Bryan away and Jason screaming on the other end of his phone. His senses were mainly on the cubs trying to kill him though.

One was dead, he slit his throat when he swipped at it. Two more were circling him.

"I don't want to hurt you," he tried reasoning but they were out for blood and vengence.

One leaped and he rolled out of the way. The other tried but he smacked the hilt of his knife to it's skull. It fell to the ground, hopefully unconscious. The other whimpered, nudging its brother with it's nose as if pleading for it to wake up. When it didn't, the cub turned it's attention to Riley.

It jumped, there was a gunshot, and it fell several feet away- dead. Riley glanced to his side to see Dylan slowly lowering his gun.

"What the heck was that?" Riley shouted, rising to his feet to stare down Dylan, "I had it covered."

"Doesn't look like it," the older boy murmured taking in the four unconscious- but alive- cubs.

"Well we just can't kill them!" Riley screamed but the other's seemed to disagree.

"Watch me," Dylan challenged, shooting the one Riley just knocked out.

Riley's stomach threatened to rebel and if it wasn't for Jason suddenly leading him away he's sure he would have puked everywhere. Vincent was still battling Mr. O'Bryan but Mikey had joined to help.

Mr. O'Bryan, realizing that he was losing finally retreated.

The rest of the night was bathed in the blood of the cubs.

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