It Starts With a Scarf

Lie down darling, my sweet and adorable love.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of you well.
I long to be close to you and your feminine scent,
I want to hold you and share my scintillating smell.

And well,

I'll take off my scarf and wrap it around your skin,
pulling you closer.
Pulling you in.
And when the rays of light grow thin
and the thick air of love settles
I'll say it again.
I'll whisper it into your ears sensually,
the phrase you've been missin'.

And then,

I'll lean in and smile, and look you in the eyes.
Oh my...

What a clever disguise.

I'll unmask it gently and expose the vulnerability within.
The wise spirit inside beckons me to lock lips

And why,

I may just be inclined to lift your blouse!
Oh, how I hope to fill the halls in your house
with voices of pleasure,
the little squeaks which only a mouse could mimic.
I treasure this moment and every last breath in it.

And so,

I bring my body low and my hands up higher,
guiding them up your sexy calves,
sliding them up your thighs and meeting the other half.

You giggle.
I laugh.

It's time I loosened the laces on your skirt,
tied your hands with my scarf and made your hips work.
Honey, I'll make sure you never hurt. It's just so...
tempting! Stop me now if I'm in the wrong.


I am so enamored with your soul, your body and mind.
I'll make you mine.
I'll slip off the garments, the pretty panties and all
and leave them behind.
Tonight we'll bare ourselves to each other
and I think you'll find we were meant to be.

I suppose this last line will rhyme. :)