When sleep becomes better than reality

And dreams exist only in slumber

When you'd rather be drunk

Than somber

And you begin to wonder

Who is a friend

In this world full of lies

They're all just spies

Waiting to see you crash and burn



Third time

The lesson is learned

When you're a pawn

In someone else's game

It's easy to say

That when you're dead

No one will remember your name

You're merely a puppet

Being controlled by a master's strings

You're a nobody

A prisoner

Amongst kings

But why risk the chance

Of changing the swing of things?

After all, who really wants to be happy?

And who needs to feel content?

You could be killed

So is this really a crime you want to commit?

Do as you please

Make this so called dream into a reality

Just remember, this wasn't the choice

Of someone's practicallity

It's the move of a dreamer

And to dream big you'll need break free

So as long as it's on me...

Here's your key

Go baby,