Thief and Cat

A horse is happily neighing as it grazes some grass. His owner is chomping on an apple while he leans on the side of his wagon. He has light brown hair and eyes. He is about 5'8 and has a strong build. He is wearing baggy jeans and a thin red shirt. The sun is setting and the thin forest they are in is starting to get dark.
He yawns and says, "Well Rusty, I think we will camp here tonight. Sound good to you?"
The horse looked up and neighed.
"I'll take that as a yes." the man said. He threw the core of the apple as he turned to open up the back of the wagon. He took out a sleeping bag and laid it on the ground under an oak.
"Well good night Rusty." he yawned once more and fell asleep.

It's the middle of the night and the man is still fast asleep. But there is someone else snoring...
"Huh..." the man groaned as he sleepily stretched his arms and legs. "It's not even morning yet."
He sat up and looked around and tried to see if something could have possibly woken him up. Something caught his eye. A girl was laying in a fork in the tree he was under.
"Woe..." he said, a little surprised.
She was asleep and was tossing and turning, mumbling in her sleep. She wore a white T-shirt and some jean shorts that went halfway to her knee. She had gloves that only cover here palms and boots on her feet. She was shacking badly.
"She must be freezing." he said slowly getting up. He grabbed his sleeping bag and started to climb the oak that the girl was in. Once he got near her he saw how beautiful she was. She had long russet colored hair and sharp facial features.
"She's beautiful..." he whispered.
"Who is she, exactly?" she whispered back not opening her eyes.
"Whoa!" he yelled as he started to fall from the tree.
She grabbed his wrist before he could fall, slightly opening her eyes. As he regained his stature she said, "Are you not going to answer me?"
"Uh, um." the man mumbled, slightly blushing.
"Ah, well at least let me ask you your name. I would like to know that at least." she said brightly as she sat up in the fork of the tree, letting go of his wrist. Her eyes were wide open now, glowing a deep green.
"Um yeah, sure. My name is John. John Gravel. May I ask you what yours is?" John said, in complete awe of her beauty.

"I guess. My name is Kali." she with a smile.

He noticed that she had fangs. "So, could we possibly take this conversation to the ground?" He asked her gesturing to his wagon. "I have a bit of wine left from the last town I was in."

"Hmmm... " she said with a great smile "I guess I could have a little bit."

The two have got down from the tree, and John is getting the wine out for them to drink while Kali is sitting by the fire the two made.
"Could you be the cat burglar that everyone is talking about?" John asked as he handed her a cup of wine. "You fit her description."
"And if I am?" Kali asked taking a sip of the wine after inspecting it.
"Well, depending on the reward, I might turn you in." John said taking a sip of his own wine.
"Well, I doubt that you would turn me in." she said brightly "Especially when you are wanted just as badly as me."
"I'm I now?" He asked looking in her eyes.
"Only high up people can afford wine this tasty and strong." she said with a sly grin, staring at John's ragged clothe.
"I see..." John said thoughtfully, taking another sip.
Kali stood up and leaned over the small fire to steal the bottle of wine from John. She then poured more wine in her glass.
"I see you like it." he said with a small smile.
"Well, it's not everyday you can get something this good for free." she replied brightly with a smile.
A small silence filled the night as the two sipped their wine. Kali more or less started to use the bottle as her cup and became a little drunk.
"How can you be so awake at this hour?" John said with honest curiosity a few minutes later.
"Well, I'm kinda nocturnal so to say." she said with a happy grin.
"What do you mean by that?" he asked.
Kali held the bottle to her lips to take another drink, but there was nothing left in the bottle. She started to eye John, silently begging him for more wine with puppy dog eyes. He got up and got another bottle of wine from his wagon and handed it to her.
She smiled and said, "Thank you my kind ssssur!" and bit the cork out of the mouth of the bottle with her fangs. "My answer to your question issss, that I stay up at night and sleep during the day! Duhhhhh! What else does nocturnal mean!" She took another large drink of wine and fell over, the bottle still in her hand.

"Ohhh... My head..." Kali murmured under her breath.
She was lying on the ground with a wine bottle in her hand. She sat up and looked around.

"Nothing special here." She said to herself. Kali drank the remander of the wine in the bottle.