she woke up with the sun shining into her face and she realized "its my birthday!" her and her mom had planned a party with a few friends who were gonna come over and have cake and all that stuff. Eirene was coming, James couldn't come but Victoria and Emily had some how gotten invited. The there was "thunder" a nick name the girl's friend had given herself and made everyone call her it. she was really the sister's friend they had met at camp over the summer. the rest of the day was crazy no insane her mom forgot to make a cake so went and got multicolored cupcakes with green purple pink blue and red frosting and vanilla for the actual cake part. she had a concussion and went home early two days ago and now she payed the price of walking into a pole not the bruise had spread from the bridge of her nose to under her eyes. it wasnt that bad but it came with head aches. Anyway people started to show up and gather around the table talking about the cup cakes and if they should go outside and play man hunt. emily was happy with this idea she knew all the good hiding places and she could run fast but with the cuncussion it would make her plans a little complicated. hey went in her street and decided the teams her Eirene VS emily victoria and James. She told eirene where some good places were and she went and layed down in some tall grass. now where do you look first? the harder places so if she hid in an obvious place it would give her time to sneak over to the base . And thats what they did. tada birthday dont and over with yay but before she went to bed she reread all the cards from her friends they made her feel optomistic to know she had people she could trust and it felt even better to know Emily and Victoria still remembered the times they had. she then fell asleep wondering how she had forgotten.

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