Blood Parasite

By: Timefather70

(Warning: The story you are about to read contains dark content and gore. If you do not like that type of literature then I suggest you turn back. Enjoy)


April 25th 1978, a science division team dubbed, "Ragnarok", creates a lab located in the center of the North Pole. What they discovered where fossilized parasitic-like creatures that died forty-five billion years ago. Ragnarok, with their new founded discovery sent word to the entire world of these fossilized creatures. The U.N. funded their research to continue and learn about this new discovery in what could have been the first creatures of the world. As the research division performed tests on these fossils, they couldn't help but feel curious if they were to be...brought back to life. So, after several more years of studying, Ragnarok started their new plan to resurrect the parasite. After 35 long years of endless failure, they managed to find hope and discovered a way to bringing back the parasite.

The Head leader of the group, Doctor Mortius required patients from all over the world who were sick with the ongoing disease called rabies. He had DNA samples from the fossils injected into a specific patient. Throughout his teams' results. They were successful. The parasite came back to life. But as it came back to life, the patient changed. Doctor Mortius had the entire room decontaminated killing his successful patient in the process. Anger fueled from within himself, for he did not enjoy losing his patients nor his team or research. The patient that he had kill, was called Leonard Mark or "Patient Seven".

Doctor Mortius had his team continue their research, expecting different results that would yeld a good turnout. But they sadly were unable to. Endless amounts of patients were burnt and cremated. The amount of patients that he lost was the amount of his sanity was going along with it. Just as he was going to give up his research, he thought of a new method. A method that may work out perfectly.

Two scientists that were part of his research division were engaged. It was, by rules; not prohibited. Any sort of relationship in the division that is not friendly was against the rules that Doctor Mortius established. He believed that relationships could easily bring a downfall to the entire division if one of their own members suffers some kind of possible incident. An idea was in his head. The two researchers had blood levels similar to the parasite and the previous patients that somewhat failed but had to be put down due to unstable events. But they were not infected with rabies.

He ordered them to be captured; he wanted six trusted researchers by his side to participate in this operation. His security guards captured both the scientists and strapped them to the examination tables. Doctor Mortius did not waste any time on his new patients. He had them both injected with the parasite with no numbing narcotics to ease down the agonizing pain as it began mutating. But as the parasite did its work, Doctor Mortius abandoned his fellow scientists and locked the door. Confusion sprouted up in the room and outside as they then noticed that the male patient's body was mutating. Fear spiraled out in the room as the scientists trapped in the room tried to get out, banging on the doors for someone to open it. But the door was locked on both sides. The male patient turned into a B.O.W. and eliminated all the scientists especially his soon-to-be wife. The security guards attempted to decontaminate the room with fire, but it failed. The male patient broke out of the room, now scorched, through the window and eliminated every threat that stood in his path.

November 19th, 2013, the parasite broke out, swarming through the entire world. It contaminated the sea, air, livestock, and plants. So many people and animals died from the parasites wrath...and then...they came back to life. The world was plunged into an undead apocalyptic world. Nowhere was safe from the undead infected with the parasite. Many people counted on the CDC and the government to handle this parasitic build up. But they both failed for they were never aware that the parasite was already here, doing its job.

But there were survivors...most of them are the ones I am going to kill. This is my story...hunting the seven doctors that made me into a monster.

Act 1: Chasing the Fox

Chapter 1

"AHH!" A man yelled covered in blood red tendrils running down a hallway full of security guards shooting at him with their 9mm pistols. The bullets bounced off the man's tendrils like armor. He shot large globs of tentacles into two guards before ramming his palms into two guards in front of him. He tossed them to the side and looked back a few security guards holding MP5K sub-machine guns. They pointed straight at him and without any warning, they opened fire.

The man gave an ear piercing roar, slamming his tendril hands down into the ground. Red tentacles burst out of the ground beneath them. The security were launched into the walls before having each of their heads and backs crushed resulting in instant death. The man yelled again collapsing onto his knees while clutching his head. Flashing images of a scientist in a lab coat with brown messy hair and a pony tail was seen through the blurred images, smiling at him. "Patient Z-B-P. You should have followed the rules wisely." The man's voice echoed through his head.

"Vulpes...VULPES!" He yelled slamming his head into the ground before running down the hallway. The man saw more security guarding his exit holding light machine guns. They did not hesitate to open fire on him. The bullets managed to pierce through his body causing him to tumble onto the ground. The man held his stomach, clutching tight onto the wound as he struggled to get up.

"WASTE HIM!" One security guard yelled as he and the rest of the group continued to fire. The man quickly rolled to the right, hiding behind a metal table after he flipped it over. He growled holding tight onto his wound. The tendrils started forming around his open-wound. He looked at it with a horror expression, watching it heal it in mere seconds. Glancing over the table, he quickly ducks from a bullet that went over his head. He glanced at an air vent and kicked it open. Quickly going into it, he started crawling through the system. Throughout his escape, flashing images struck his head as he began seeing blurred, moving objects.

"How long till you finally get that promotion?" A woman was heard.

"Soon...I'm already on his good side." A man said.

"That's good to hear at the least, need any help?" She asked.

"No...I think I can do this alone. Thanks, anyway." The man said kindly.

The woman chuckles and says, "No problem, sweetie."

The flashback ends as the man breaks out of the ventilation system and dropped into a Generator Room's hallway. He fell down onto his hands and knees groaning in pain. He heard cocking rifles and turned around looking at more security guards dressed in heavy tactical black armor wielding M4s. The man slowly got up and growled angrily, staring at the guards, waiting for their first move. As one pulled the trigger, the man dashed towards them at terrifying speed leaving a blood trail behind and impaled one guard in his stomach with his right hand. The man turned the guard around and had the others waste their rounds into their dying friend. As soon as he heard a click coming from the holder's rifle, he quickly dropped the body and dashed forward to another guard doing the same thing that he did to the other. The two guards backed away in fear, still wasting their rounds into their friend hoping the bullets would hit the man behind him, but fear clouded their intelligence as they both ran out of rounds for their guns.

The man dropped the dead guard to the ground and fired two globs of tentacles into the security guards that stood in his path. The globs of tentacles began tearing through the screaming guards' armor before ripping them to shreds. The man looks in horror at the very thing that he did. Blood sprayed across the room as the dead guards continued getting torn in pieces by the tentacles. The man decided to leave hurryingly, stroked with fear and remorse. "W-what am I?"

As soon as he breaks through the door and stumbles onto the ground. He was in the garage. Looking up, he saw the muzzle of a .44 Magnum, pointing straight at his forehead. "Goodnight." The mysterious gunman said before the pulling the trigger causing the man to see pure darkness. "Be careful, if you have any cuts on you, don't touch him. If his DNA gets into your body your as good as dead. Hurry! Get him to the helicopter!" The man who pulled the trigger was heard in the echoing darkness along with the sound of moving objects in the background. Soon, the sound of blowing wind was heard as well as the loud noise of a running helicopter.

"Is this Patient Z-B-P?" The sound of curious man was heard.

"Yes, Doctor Mortius." The mysterious man answered.

"Good, get him into the helicopter and take him to Nevada." Mortius said.

"What should we do with him over there?" He asked.

"Leave him." Mortius said.

"Yes, sir." The man said.

"Oh, and Commander Hexsis, be sure to leave him where its heavily overpopulated. It's surprising how one parasite can infect the entire world in four days...well, going to in four days. You did shoot with him with the S. Bullet, right?" Mortius asked calmly.

"Yes, in the skull as you wanted." Hexsis answered.

"Good...carry on now, our friend here is going to have a lot of nightmares soon." Mortius said chuckling softly. The sound of him walking away was then heard. Hexsis sighs and coughs a little.

"Take him in, we have to go now!" He yelled. "Be sure that Parasitus stays restrained until we get to our destination!"

As the noises in the darkness begin to fade away into a mute surrounding, the last thing heard in the man's darkness was a woman's voice. "Sa-" It was soon cut off when the man woke up, staring straight at the blue sky with the bright sun in the center. He covered his eyes and gasped glancing at his hands. There were no tendrils on them anymore. All he saw was pale white skin and dirt. Looking down, he spotted a pair of clothes and quickly grabs them, looking left and right. He had long black hair that reached down to his neck. His eyes were red and black eye shadow marked around them. His body was average. The man struggled to get up while looking left and right confusingly.

"Where am I?" He muttered. The man was not in the base anymore, instead, he was in the middle of a desert.

Looking at the clothes in his hands and at his waist and founded himself naked. He laid out the cloths in order and began dressing up himself. When he was finished putting on his pair of boxers, black baggy pants, white socks, and black boots. He looked around while sitting on the ground and began wondering where he had to go. When he got up and took a step forward, his foot stepped on top of a photo causing him to freeze. He looked down and knelt down. He picked up the photo and examined it. "Who is this?" He wondered.

The photo had three boys and one girl. One boy had brownish skin, messy black dreadlocks, and brown eyes dressed up as an astronaut. The boy all the way to the left had his arms folded looking away from the camera. He was white and he had brown hair that was short reaching down to his shoulders and his eye color was green. The last boy to the right was looking at the camera with a small smile on his face. He had black short messy hair reaching to his neck. Like the boy in the middle, they were dressed up as astronauts. The boy had black eyes and white skin. The girl who was crouched down in front of the boy was smiling to. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes and was Asian.

"Who are they?" The man muttered to himself.

Looking at the back of the photo, there was black marker writing. "Family, Nominus (Middle), Julia (Down), Jace (Right), Jo*Scratched Up*Sangius (Left)." He read. Getting up from the ground, he put on his belt and buckled it around his pants. He then put the photo inside of his right pocket and proceeded forward. He didn't know where he was going in this barren desert. His facial expression was emotionless, but his body acted differently. The sun was making him sweat without him even knowing. He looked around, searching for any person that could help him figure out where he was. So far, he found no one, but after five minutes of searching, he spotted a small house down five miles away from him. He assumed that someone resided in the place, so without a second to waste, he started running towards the house.

It took him one hour and twenty-five minutes to get to the place which was actually a gas station connected to an auto-repair shop. "What is this place doing all the way out here?" He wondered walking towards the entrance door. When he entered the gas station and glanced around. A lot of food and other miscellaneous items were scattered across the store. A blood trail was spotted on the ground beneath the man's boots as it lead behind the counter. "Hello?" He called calmly, following the blood trail cautiously. As he walked forward, his boots hit some canned foods to the side, making noises. "Is anyone here?" He called out again finally turning the corner so he could see what was behind the counter. He saw a dead dog with its stomach ripped open. The man walked towards it and soon knelt down to begins examining it. He touched its head and narrowed his eyes.

'The Parasite is quite a tricky creature I tell you. Since Patient Seven and Five were its favorite, it gave them extraordinary side-effects and gave us unusual results. You see, the host could sense other brethren nearby. It is akin to a hive. But this hive has no queen, but a king, however, the parasite listens to the king but they do not always obey it. Now, during our research excavation, we discovered that there were two kings. We had to be very careful with these two kings for they both had different sets of blood. One had an exoskeleton type of body that allowed the host to...well...manipulate his bone structure. The second had an endoskeleton type of body that allowed it to manipulate its skin and flesh, mostly creating a tendril substance of its body, increasing and decreasing its body mass. But what these two kings had in common...was the need to survive.' Mortius said as his body was only a mere blur. His blurry body could be seen walking left and right.

The man looked around seeking for the source of the flashback but he couldn't find it. He sighed looking back at the dead corpse in front of him. He touched the head of the dog again and then closed his eyes. "What's going on? What's inside of this thing?" His hand suddenly jerked back when he felt an object push up from the inside of the dog's head against his hand. He got up and backed away slowly while staring at the strange bulge pushing up against the dog's skin. "What...the hell?"

A large, white skinned snake like creature with a split opening mouth burst out the head of the dog before slithering through a hole that led into the auto-repair room. He looked at the dog with a shocked expression. He walked over the dog's corpse, going through the door that led him into the other room. He looked around for the odd snake like creature that was heard hissing somewhere in the room. He grabbed a wrench that was laid out on top of a table and walked by broken down cars that had some of their parts missing. He stopped in front of a motorcycle that had blue stripes and a wolf howling logo printed on it. "9000CC, they don't make bikes like these nowadays." He said rubbing his hand on the glass frame. He moves his hand away slowly looking at it confused. "Who are...they?"

"" The man glanced towards the manager's room. "Please?" An old man's voice called out. By the sound of it, he sounded as if he was in pain.

"Who's there?" The man called walking towards the room. The door was already wide open allowing him passage to enter. But as he entered inside the manager's office he spotted an old African-American man in a repairmen outfit trapped under a broken wooden table. The man looked at the old man with no emotion at all. He had a name tag attached to the right side of his shirt. 'Will.' The man knelt down to Will and examined his trapped body. "Who are you?"

"I can't believe that there is another survivor here...please, help me, I can't move my legs. Please, lift up the table?" Will begged looking at the man in agony.

The man looked at the table and back at the man's face before he grabbed the sides of the broken desk and lifted it up. He then flipped it to the side and knelt down to Will lifting his arm around him, picking him up. "Are you okay?" The man asked.

"Yes, still in pain, but it will eventually go away. Thank you, whoever you are." Will said as he was carried out of the office. As they stepped out of the office, Will froze when he stared up. "Bobby?" He muttered causing the man look up ahead and spot a young man covered in blood. His repairmen outfit was torn up. His skin looked pale and as he lifted up his head. Will's expression turned into horror and disgust as he trembled in the man's arms. The man looked surprised at the site before him. Bobby's face was mangled with a missing jaw that appeared to be torn off from the surface of his face. "He's one of them, he's one of them...oh god, no, not Bobby!" Will yelled.

The man narrowed his eyes in a defensive glare quickly setting the man down as Bobby gave off an animalistic growl, charging straight at him. The wrench in his hand was held as tight as he could, feeling the need to swing at the charging young man. He spun around in a 180 degree turn colliding the wrench into the side of Bobby's head, knocking him into the open hood of the car. He quickly grabbed the hood and slammed it down on Bobby's back. Lifting the wrench high in the air, he slams the end down with brute strength causing it to break through the metal. The sound of Bobby's groans were soon silence by the sound of his skull being crushed. He stopped moving and went limp.

"Bobby?" Will held out his hand to him horrified still. The man looked at Will and walked towards him, but as he knelt down to pick him up, the old man shoved his hand away. "That was my only killed him." He said glaring at the man who looked at him emotionless. "You killed him."

"I...had to...he was a threat, the thing in him wanted you and I dead." The man said.

"Thing, what thing?! You killed my son!" He cried out.

"It killed him." The man said silencing the old man. The man glanced at Bobby's corpse and looked back at Will. "The parasite inside his body...killed him from the inside and turned him into this. Your son is dead, and so is his corpse...again." He said kneeling down to the distraught old man.

"How do you even know this?" Will asked.

"I..." The man paused becoming confused. "Don't know." He said getting up and walking towards the motorcycle.

"You're not from here, are you, boy?" Will asked looking at the man sternly.

"No..." He shook his head while rubbing his forehead. "I don't even know where I'm from."

Will looked at his son's body and back at the man. "Your's scar up. What happened to you?" He asked.

The man looked at him confused before glancing at the mirror that was projecting off another mirror's reflection. He saw a large red tattoo on his back. It was the form of a snake coiling around a spider. The spider was biting into the snake's side while the snake was biting its own tail. "What's that?" He asked.

"A tattoo, not just some simple everyday kind of tattoo, it's an ancient one. My...son...taught me about ancient tribes during the roman era that had tattoos on their bodies representing a creature or idol that they worshipped. That is the blood sucking oroboros tattoo. Its symbolism is quite heartless. Warriors had those tattoos if they were fighting for themselves and no other. They were vicious, strong, and showed no remorse for their enemies. They were heartless warriors who only killed to quench their bloodlust. Many roman warriors were promoted if they were able to defeat these kinds of warriors, but it was not easy." He said. The man looked at Will, interested. "Do you know what they called these warriors in Latin?"

"No." The man answered.

"Sangius Parasitus, or, blood parasite. It fitted them perfectly, for all they were, were just ferocious animals that worshipped the god of war, Mars." He said.

"Mars? The planet?" The man asked looking at him.

"No, the roman god of war." He answered.

"Roman...gods?" The man muttered looking up at the ceiling.

"Did you fall on your head or something or did you just flunk history class?" Will asked looking at the man with an unamused expression. The man soon looked back at him shrugging his shoulders.

"Where is everybody?" The man asked.

"Dead...hiding...both. I don't know, I wish I did. The dead started coming back to life, killing and turning others into them. This entire world became a shit storm for a very long time; actually, I forgot when it all happened." Will said. Looking back at his son, the old man frowned and rubbed his eyes. "Hey...what's your name?"

"I...don't know." The man said.

" your memory returns to that dim skull of yours, how about you do me a favor and bury my son...please?" Will asked.

The man glanced at him and then at his son before nodding. He got up from the ground and walked towards Bobby's corpse. He took out the lodged wrench and tosses it to the side before lifting up the hood of the car and grabbing the back of the boy's shirt. He lifted him upon his shoulder before walking through the exit of the auto-repair shop. As the man walked around the shop, he stopped and glanced at the auto-repair's shop closed garage doors. He could hear Will crying while muttering his son's name. The man looked to his right side, spotting a broken road. "I better get this done." He muttered before proceeding behind the shop. He saw a wooden shed and a leafless tree next to it. Heading over to it, he set the body down next to the tree and went to the shed doors. Opening them and entering.

The entire place was full of tools fit to repair any vehicle brought into the shop. He saw a rusted shovel hung on top of two hooks. Walking towards it, he leaned up and grabbed it off the hooks. As he held it with his right hand, he noticed there were a set of keys on top of the tool table. He grabbed them and put the set in his pocket. "I should go now." He said to himself.

When he left the shed, he looked to his left at the tree where he put Bobby next to. "What?" He muttered becoming confused. Bobby was gone. Looking left and right, he held tight onto the shovel and walked behind the tree. He was not there either. "He's still alive...but...where?" He wondered closing his eyes. He took a deep breath in before releasing it slowly.

'The host may be a slave to this parasite, but in exchange, the creature gives the host abilities to sense prey nearby it. But the problem is, they can only hear their kind and not ours. We are ghosts to them, unable to be seen and heard.' Mortius' voice echoed in the man's head causing him to reopen them. He quickly ducks a pounce from the live corpse of Bobby.

"You should of stay dead, boy." He muttered calmly, readying his shovel as Bobby got up and turned to him. A hole caused from the wrench he used to stab him with was still there, revealing the other side. The man gritted his teeth and prepared himself for the undead to attack. After Bobby gave a vicious snarl, he ran towards him ready to attack once again, but the man swung the shovel's sharp edge. The sharp rusty edge sliced deep into the boy's head, causing it to fly off. But that did not stop the headless corpse. It grabbed his neck and knocked him back into the ground causing him to release a painful grunt. The shovel was knocked to the side becoming hard to reach. The man tried pushing off Bobby's body that had his throat in a constriction. His eyes widen when he sees the same serpent-like creature that came out of the dog burst out of the hole in Bobby's neck.

"Fuck!" He yelled trying to push him off. The white snake like creature's mouth opened wide preparing itself to bite his face off. Suddenly, a bullet flew by and destroyed the snake creature causing it to explode, white blood all over his face. Bobby's body went limp, causing the man to sigh in relief before kicking the corpse off of him. He looked ahead seeing Will pointing a .33 revolver at him. "Will." He muttered. Will nodded his head while looking at him with a sorrowful expression.

"My son is dead, not because of you, but because of that thing." Will said resting by the side of the wall looking at his son's headless corpse. "What are you waiting for...bury him, I'll get you some water to wipe that gunk off your face." He said rubbing back his gray hair.

"Yeah." The man said looking at Will worryingly. As he got up, he grabbed the rusty shovel and walked to the tree before stabbing the spade into the ground. As he dug, he slowly looked back at Will who was staring at his gun for a long time.

As time went by, the sun was setting. The tattooed man made a nine foot deep hole in front of the tree. Will went outside, limping towards the man using a cane. He had a bottle of water in his hand. The man pays no mine to him as he continues digging in the hole. Will stopped in front of the hole looking down, staring at the man who was making a grave for his dead son that was wrapped up in a blanket then placed next to the tree.

"You are done, that's all I needed. Come on out, it's getting late." Will said. The man stabbed the spade into the ground and looked up at Will with an emotionless look upon his face. "Come on, tomorrow we'll bury him. I want to talk to you as well." He said dropping the bottle of water into the man's hands before walking away. The man looked at the bottle of water before opening it and taking a sip.

Will and the tattooed man were sitting on the floor inside of the bathroom. The door to the outside was locked and there was no other way in or out but through the door. The man looked at the glowing lantern in front of him, calm and quiet. "You don't talk much, do you?" Will asked, breaking the silence. The man glanced at him shrugging his shoulders. " you just think a lot, losing thought of what goes on around you?"

"Sometimes...only because I...don't know much about myself." He said calmly.

"Do you remember anything that happened to you?" He asked.

"I don't know. I wish I did know, but I just don't. I keep hearing these voices in my head. A guy that I know...tells me all of this stuff, about the parasite that made your son turn into that. I'm sorry." He said looking at the old man who gave him a calm understanding look.

"Why are you apologizing? You have nothing to do with this. You're a survivor, not a conductor who caused this doomsday. Boy, you aren't what that tattoo describes you. You're a warrior who is walking a lone road with no one there to guide him. I am sure God up there, if he is up there. Would send some kind sign for you in order to find where you belong. Either that or someone is on your mind." Will said.

"Someone? There is someone that I am looking for." He said looking at him shocked.

"Who is it? Your wife?" Will asked earning a grim look from the man.

"No...I have no wife. I am looking for a man." He said.

" you're into men I see, its fine with me, I'm no homophobe if you're still in the closet." Will said, earning an unamused glare from the tattooed man. Will chuckled and motioned him to continue.

"I am looking for a man who took away my humanity." He said looking at his dirty palms.

"What, he turned you into a killer?" Will asked resting his head back on the ground.

"More than that. He took away my life." He said turning his palms into a fist.

"Seems like you're on the verge of murdering a man who has the answers to your past and the gravestone to their graves." Will said earning a small chuckled from the tattooed man.

"I am going to kill him. That's my goal. That's my road that I'm walking on." He said laying back, beginning to stare at the ceiling just before he glanced to his right, looking at the old repairmen.

"Blood is going to be on your hands. Do you remember this old saying, "Before you embark on journey for revenge, you better be ready to dig two graves"? That saying is quite old, but memorable." Will said looking at him.

"No...but it feels like the main point to that saying, is that the grave should be made for not only the one you're going pay vengeance to, but another grave for yourself." He said.

"Mostly like that, but a lot of people have their own views about it." Will said looking back up at the ceiling.

"Yeah." He said.

"Goodnight." Will muttered slowly closing his eyes.

"Good..." He muttered but then paused for a second slowly closing his eyes. "Night."

It was day time for the two. Bobby was buried first thing in the morning. Will gave the tattooed man a black button-up T-shirt to wear so he would not need to be shirtless all of the time. The tattooed man looked at his own reflection in the mirror while he was buttoning up his shirt. He looked at his red eyes for more than twenty minutes before Will called him to go outside. As he exited the auto-repair shop he saw Will wiping the mirror of the motorcycle. When he closed the door, he coughed a little getting the old man's attention.

"I know you are about to leave, so I got this bike all ready for you to head off on the road." Will said, getting up with his cane by his side.

"You don't have to do that." The man said calmly as the old man started limping towards him.

"I do. I can see it in your eyes that you need to leave. You're not that kind of person who will always stay in one spot. You're a drifter, a good one, a bad one, or maybe just both. But it doesn't matter, boy. I want you to take this bike and head down this road. Down this road is the shining sin city, Las Vegas. I am sure you will be able to find the information that you're seeking for in order to find this man." Will said, patting his shoulder.

"I don't have anything in return to give you." He said looking at Will shocked.

"You already had. The first time you freed me from the table that trapped me, I finished off the thing that killed my son, you buried my son, and I repaid you back with this bike. She doesn't have that much gas, so use her wisely when you get to Vegas." Will said, smiling softly at the tattooed man.

The tattooed man nodded and walked towards the bike, but before he got on it. He took out a key and inserted in the ignition slot. He glanced at the old man and nodded his head. "Thanks." He said before twisting the key and pressing the button turning on the bike. He got on it and twisted the right handle. He drove and stopped onto the road and glanced back at Will. "Good luck."

"I should say the same thing to you. Oh, and here." Will took out his .33 Revolver and walked towards him. When he hands it to him, he pats his shoulder and says, "Use it if you have to."

" it." The tattooed man said. As he looked down the road, he sighed. "I think I know my name."

"You do?" He asked surprised.

"Sangius...Sangius Parasitus." He said looking at him calmly.

Will chuckled and started walking back to his store. "That's rich, but if you believe that is your name...then it is your name. Good luck, again." He said.

"Again, same to you." He said before driving off, heading straight towards Vegas.

As Sangius drove down the road Will had already entered into the store. He looked out of the window and saw some undead people running straight towards his store's direction. He sighs and heads back outside, walking to the back of his store. He stopped in front of his ladder that led up to the rooftop and looked to right seeing another mob of the undead heading towards his store. A small chuckle escapes his mouth as he began climbing up the ladder grunting in pain every time his injured leg supported him up the ladder. As he made it to the top, he started limping towards a chair that had bolt-action hunting rifle sitting on the chair. Surrounding the chair were wires that led down to the gasoline tanks and inside his garage. He grabbed the rifle and picked up a bottle of whiskey that was under the chair. Taking a sip of it, he tosses it down where he heard it hit an audible object in the head that made a grunting noise. He glanced down the ledge spotting multiple parasitic zombies reaching up towards him. He could tell they wanted him. He frowned spotting a young zombie boy in the undead flock reaching up towards him also. He heads back to his chair and sits down smiling softly.

Soon, Will digs his hand into his shirt pocket and pulls out a photo. He glanced at it and started tearing up. "You know...I think my luck was already here. And I think it went on its way to find it." He muttered looking down the road where Sangius drove down. He soon took out a lighter from his pocket and flicked it on, tossing it down. The fire touched the wires causing it to spark and travel down the wire. He looked back at the photo smiling crying softly. "I'm coming, Bobby." He said glancing at his rifle. Bobby's name was carved on the side of the rifle. He closed his eyes and counted to ten. As ten seconds went by...the gas tanks exploded and the cars inside the garage connected to the wires went along with it. The entire gas station exploded killing most of the zombies that were crowding the burning store.

Sangius had his bike parked, looking at the smoke rising in the air. He closed his eyes and calmly looked away before reopening them. "I am coming for you...Mortius." He said driving off.

-To Be Continued-

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