Chapter 2

Sangius slowly his eyes, staring at the entrance of an apartment. The door was broken down with some blood stains over it. He looked left and right then sighed, "The city seems very empty, so far." He muttered suspiciously. When he entered into the apartment. The hallway was dirty and the walls had some smeared blood stains all over. He stopped in front of the mailbox and stared at the room numbers. One room number had writing in blood. "Come home. That's room 102, just down the hall." He said walking down the hall. When he made it down the hallway, he stopped in front of the door and grabbed the knob. A sudden image flashed through his eyes causing him to hold onto his head, falling to his knees.

"Why are you always acting like that, you're bleeding and you need my help!" A woman was heard with worried speech.

"It's not that big of a deal, Julia. I can patch it up." A man was heard groaning in pain.

"J-just let me patch up the wound." She said.

"It's not big, Julia, I swear." The man said.

"I knew this vacation was a bad idea. I should have brought a collar and leash and wrapped it around your neck so you won't get into any more trouble." Julia said sighing in frustration.

"Well...I guess that I'm just your favorite dog." The man said chuckling softly.

The headache started to ease up as the audible flashbacks were put to an end. As he got up, he glared at the door angrily and pulled out his .33 Revolver. Checking the cylinder, there were six slots and rounds in five of them. He looked back at the door and kicked it down hard with his right foot. When the wooden door broke from its hinges hitting the ground, he held his gun pointing straight. He slowly entered into the room cautiously. The room wasn't too big, for there was a dirty kitchen infested with roaches and maggots, an empty living room, and a bedroom. There was nothing interesting in the living room, so he headed off into the bedroom. When he entered into the bedroom, he looked around for any parasitic zombie. After searching around the room for five minutes, Sangius lowered his gun and sat on the bed, it was decorated with red sheets and white pillows.

He looks at the dressing mirror set right next to the closet then looks around the room noticing how clean it was. Suddenly, the sound of a falling object was heard coming from the bathroom attracting Sangius' attention. He got up from the bed and started walking towards the bathroom door. When he got to the door, he slowly grabbed the knob and twisted it to the right. He moved it forward peeking inside. The room was completely dark, so he flicked the light switch to his left. When the light turned on, he saw nothing in the bathroom. "Hmm?" He noticed fragments of glass scattered on the ground. Entering into the bathroom, he spotted a voice recorder and a small, broken portrait with a photo sticking out.

Taking the photo out from under the down portrait, he glanced at the picuture and saw a small girl in a white dress. She had brown eyes and brown hair made into a pony-tail. She was smiling in the photo and next to her was writing written in red ink. "Mommy's and Daddy's little girl." He read calmly. Putting the photo in his pocket, he walked over to the sink and picked up the voice recorder, pressing play.

"Jeffrey, stop it, Sophlia might hear us." A woman was heard giggling.

"Don't worry, Mary, she's asleep in our bedroom. Plus, this room is perfectly soundproof. I made sure the landlord made it this way. Cost a bunch of money, but hey, I work for Ragnarok division. They pay a lot, you know." Jeffrey said.

"Really, and yet we're living in this apartment." Mary said in unamused tone.

"Hey, we'll get a house soon, I just need to get promoted, that's all. Plus, the boss said I have to live here until he changes his mind." Jeffrey said in a defensive tone.

Sighing was heard from Mary. "Fine, but please, do be careful around your boss. That man makes me feel uncomfortable every time he invites us to have dinner with him."

"Don't worry, Mary. I assure you, Doctor Mortius may seem scary to look at and be around with, but he's a good man. Trust me; he wouldn't dare do anything that would harm you or Sophilia." Jeffrey said sounding confident.

"I hope you are right about that, Jeffrey." Mary said sounding worried.

"I am, Mary." Jeffrey said.

As the voice recorder stopped, Sangius drops it to the ground staring at the bloody mirror in front of him. He pressed his right palm against the glass frame looking at it with an angry expression. "Jeffrey." He muttered in a venomous tone.

Images started flashing before his eyes of bald tan man wearing a lab coat. All that he could see through his eyes is the back of his head. There was a tattoo on the back of the man's neck that the collar failed to conceal. The tattoo was a raven holding an eyeball in its beak. The bald man stopped and looked back at Sangius smiling. But this smile was sadistic as Sangius turned around and was smacked in the face by the butt of a rifle.

"Ahh!" He yelled clutching onto his head, collapsing onto his knees. He started trembling uncontrollably, slowly getting up and looking back at the mirror with his handprint printed to the glass frame. "Jeffrey...he's one of the reasons why I am like this." He said before he punched the frame causing it to shatter into pieces. Sangius froze; he was staring at a large electronic device that had two red wires connected to a wheel and a piece of clay like substance attached to a black small box. "Shit." He muttered before running out of the room. The electronic device blew up as the reded eye man leaped to the ground covering his head. Derbies flew over his head as dust started to gather around on the back of his shirt.

Getting up from the ground, he glanced at the bathroom while trying to regain his breath. "It was rigged." He muttered.

"That's right." Sangius turned around after hearing a woman's voice, but when he turned around he was hit in the face by the butt of the rifle knocking him out instantly. "Julia." He muttered before his voice faded away in the darkness.

'How long are you going to take in there? You know we're going to be late for the meeting.' Julia was heard in the darkness talking. A soft chuckle was then heard.

"I'll be out, don't worry. I just need to find my necklace." A man said, chuckling in the background.

"Hey...he's stirring awake. Are you sure he isn't one of those things?" A man was heard talking in a rough tone.

"Yeah, I'm sure Charles; he talked before I knocked him out." A woman was heard.

"Are you crazy, Rose? Mitch checked his eyes and we all saw those red pupils. He's surely one of those meatbags out there." Another man was heard.

"I'm sure. Goddamn it, Billy, put down the fucking gun!" Rose was heard yelling.

"The hell with that, mate, the next thing you know could happen is us getting infected or chewed up to pieces by this fucker in black!" Billy was heard yelling. Sangius soon felt a cold object touch the skin on his forehead. "We should end him here and now."

"Get that off him, Billy, or I'm going to be the one ending you." Another woman who sounded older than Rose was heard in the background.

"Rose does make a point, Billy. She did find him and she was the only one there to witness this." A young man was heard.

"Oh come on, Richard? You can't be serious? This bloody prick is obviously one of them!" Billy yelled. Sangius eyes shot open staring at a young Caucasian man who had an amber beard and messy, amber colored hair. The blue eyed British boy wearing a black leather biker outfit stared down at Sangius' red eyes and before he could react to anything, the pump handle bar of his 12 gauge shotgun was grabbed and moved to the side. Billy cursed silently before pulling the trigger. "He's fucking up!" He yelled before getting kicked in the stomach by Sangius right foot and flipped over only to land on his back.

"Learn how to use a gun right, ass." Sangius said flipping up to the ground before he cocked the shotgun and aimed at the survivors around him who had their weapons pointed at him.

"Put the gun down!" Rose yelled. Sangius glanced at her and slowly narrowed his eyes, eyeing her appearance. She was an Asian woman with whitish skin. Her hair was jet black and freely let down, extending to her shoulders. She was wearing a dirty, green T-shirt and faded blue jeans with brown boots. Lastly, the colors of her eyes were black.

Sangius glanced at a man who looked like he was in his mid-fifties. He had a brown coat and pants, wearing black shoes. He wore a red cap and his skin was brownish with a tint of orange. Sangius guessed he been out in the sun a lot and decided not to put too much thought into the green eyed man. From his own appearance, he looked like a gambler.

"You don't want to cause any trouble here, sir." Richard said pressing the muzzle of his .44 Magnum revolver against the back of Sangius head.

"You think that's a good idea?" Sangius asked in a cocky tone.

"Young man, I'd watch who you're talking to. It's suicide to talk to a man who has a gun pointed at the back of your head." Richard said.

"Richard, lower your weapon, and you to, we aren't digging anymore graves then we already have to!" A woman yelled causing all the others to look at her. The woman was african-american and was clearly in her fifties also. She had a dirty brown dress on with a satchel bag strapped around her waist that had a machete holstered on the left side of the satchel's belt. Sangius noticed how the woman's eyes were faded, indicating that she was unable to see anything that was going on in front of her but by the sounds of guns being moved, she could easily figure out the situation occurring in front of her.

"I'm...I'm sorry Carla." Richard said lowering his gun. Sangius lowered his gun to, before turning around looking at Richard. He was african-american to. His age was similar to Carla's as of his gray messy hair. He wore a black tuxedo and seemed a bit husky. His black shoes were dusty along with his black pants. The man also had a gray beard and brown eyes and didn't look like the type of guy to be in violent situations.

"Who are you people?" Sangius asked cautiously.

Billy got up from the ground groaning in the pain. He glares at Sangius angrily and says, "Who do you think, survivors, living in a casino." Sangius glanced at Billy and then looked around noticing all of the poker tables, slot machines, and cashier booths. He looked down at the ground beneath him and saw a giant raven with an eyeball in its mouth. Sangius soon gritted his teeth.

"Jeffrey." He muttered.

"What was that?" Rose asked.

Sangius glanced at her for a few seconds before asking. "Are there any more of you, hiding here?"

"Yeah, two people more people. They are on the top floor working on finding any sort of communication with the CDC to get us out of here." Billy said holding on to his arm.

"Is there something wrong with your arm?" Sangius asked.

"Yeah, you, I think you made me land on it causing it to go all soar. How the hell am I going to use my shotgun now if I have a bad arm?" Billy asked groaning softly in pain.

"It'll heal." Sangius said before he looked at Rose. "Those two people, I want to see them."

"Whoa, whoa, who said you can simply just order us, "I need to see them now!" Sangius cut Rose off. She froze and looked at him cautiously before nodding her head.

"Whoa, wait just a minute, Rose. You can't simply just take this stranger to the others." Charles said walking towards her as she walked to an elevator. Sangius followed behind her but he stopped and looked at Billy holding out his shotgun to him. Billy looked at him nervously before grabbing the side of the 12 gauge, taking it away from him.

"12 gauges are my favorite, but this kind of shotgun is not one of them." Sangius said before walking towards Rose. Billy looked at him confused before he glanced at his shotgun.

"Look, Charles, this man isn't bad if you are- "It's not that, it's just...well...his eyes. They're similar to those things outside." Charles said.

"So what, he's still human, right? Do you see him eating anyone here?" She asked.

"No, but for bringing him here, that question still remained unanswered. So tell me, Rose, why did you bring this freak show here?" Charles asked earning an annoyed look from Rose.

"Because when he spoke, it took me a while to realize that he was still human. I checked his body and found no bite marks on him." She said before pressing the button, calling the elevator. When Sangius got to the elevator, he looked at Charles unamused. He knew that no one in this place trusted him. They were afraid of him and also questioning if he was hostile like the zombies or just hostile in general. But who wasn't hostile in a world like this? That question made Sangius chuckle softly earning an angry glare from Charles.

"What's so funny?" Charles asked pointing his .33 revolver at him. Sangius looked at him with a smirk on his face and walked towards him. Charles started backing away trembling. "Step back! Step back now!" He yelled frightened as the point of his gun pressed against Sangius forehead.

"Go ahead, pull the trigger. I really want you to. I want you to see what's funny and what's not." He said in a disappointed tone. "I know death got me on the spot, but for now..." He grabbed the muzzle of the gun and snatched it away before flipping it in the air, catching it by the handle. He held it out towards Charles and motioned him to grab it. "I am not going to die until my mission is done."

"Mission?" Charles muttered confused while he slowly reached towards the handle of his gun. Sangius nods his head and looks at the elevator doors. When it opened up, Rose and Sangius walked inside and both looked at the others who were outside of it.

When the doors closed, Rose clicked the top floor button and looked up at the numbers going up. "So...what crawled up your ass?" She asked.

"You knocked me out for no reason and brought me here. Whether it was fate or mere coincidence, I don't know. All that you need to worry about is bringing me to these people." He said before he pulled out his .33 Revolver.

"Who are you?" She asked looking at him nervously.

"Sangius Parasitus." He answered calmly.

"Why do you want to see them?" She asked.

"I need to get answers." He said.

"Answers for what?" She asked curiously.

"The answers to the man I am going to kill." He said.

"Now if you think that I'm going to let you just kill them, then you're a bigger fool than Charles is." Rose said aiming her M14 at him. Sangius slowly glanced at her before he looked back up at the floors. They were close to their designated floor.

"Like I said to your frightened friend, pull the trigger." He said calmly pushing the hammer of his revolver back.

"What kind of person would say that?" Rose asked focusing her aim towards his head.

"The guy who just wants to kill the asshole that turned me into this. I'm...different from these parasitic zombies. Completely different. I'm not even human." He said checking the amount of rounds that his revolver's cylinder contained. "Five rounds...Will you should have gave me ammo."

Rose lowered her gun but still she did not break her heated glare at the red eyed man. "'re going to kill them, is that it?" She asked.

"No...just one, after I get my information." He said.

When the elevator stopped, the doors opened allowing them passage into the top floor's straight hallway. At the end of the hallway were two large black steel doors. Sangius walked out quickly being followed by Rose.

"Wait! You don't have to do this. We need both of them alive. They're our only ticket out of here." She said getting in front of him, but he walked around her continuing down the hall. "Listen, Sangius, we been in this casino for six months now and we need to get out of here A.S.A.P."

"Then go, leave this place. You won't find any CDC rescue here." Sangius said causing her to stop in front of him again, pointing her rifle to his head. Sangius stopped and looked at her calmly. She gritted her teeth pressing the trigger halfway. Her arms started to tremble. Sangius grabbed the side of the rifle straightening it in Rose's grip. "Again...pull the trigger." He taunted.

"I will kill you if continue any further." Rose threatened.

"Who's stopping you from doing me a favor?" He said staring at her with his apathetic expression.

Rose took a second to breathe before steady her grip with the gun. When she pulled the trigger, her ears started ringing from the loud "BANG" causing her to back away, stumbling on the right side of the white painted wall. Sangius was standing straight with his eyes closed. Blood trickled down his forehead as he slowly opened his eyes. His free hand touched the blood that dripped onto the blue carpet. He looked at his blood stained finger tips before he looked at Rose who was still stunned. He sighed before falling onto his back slowly closing his eyes. The medium sized hole in his forehead started to close up quick. Rose started getting up from the carpet and walked towards Sangius still body, shocked.

"Crazy son of a bitch." She muttered kicking him softly just in case he was still alive. But the next thing she did not expect was him still being alive. His hand grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the ground causing her to toss her gun in the air. Sangius quickly got up grabbing the gun, pointing it straight down at her. Rose groaned holding onto her back while staring angrily at Sangius. "Again...what are you?"

"That crazy son of a bitch that you wanted to kill." He said before taking out her rifle's clip and handing her the gun. "Keep the gun, I'm taking the ammo." He said before he walked straight towards the manager's office.

On top of the Eiffel tower hotel, a man in a black, light tactical armor suit with a howling wolf patch stitched to his right sleeve shoulder was sitting on the edge holding a Barrett .50 Caliber semi-automatic sniper rifle. He looked young and had messy black hair that blocked some of his green eyes from staring down the scope of his rifle. He also had dirt all over his white skin. An earpiece in his right ear started buzzing. He pressed a small black button and started to speak. "This is Gray Echo, over?" He spoke.

"We hear you loud and clear Gray Echo, how's Vegas doing for you, over?" A man on the radio asked.

"It's all filled with sand; didn't you forget that the desert decided to sweep it away, over?" He asked.

"Yeah. But hey, at least the Hoover Dam's running and we already have the South side of Vegas fortified. H.Q. wanted us to make sure everything was going according to plan, I hope you don't screw up like in New York, over."

"That wasn't my fault. I couldn't control myself, but now I can. I trained and I'm now a master with it, over." He said smirking, aiming through the casino windows, spotting Billy looking out on the second floor.

"Sure you couldn't. Hey, when do you think H.Q. is going to authorize us to finally take care of- "I don't know, but all you should know is that he's mine, Duke." Gray interrupted him.

"Fine." Duke said sighing. "Let's not forget that we need the doctor alive, got it?"

"Yeah, I got it." Gray answered, aiming at Billy's head. "Bang." He muttered making a shooting gesture.

"So, do you think we can trust him being here?" Richard asked looking at Charles.

"Like the hell we can. Did you see his eyes and the way he wanted me to pull the trigger? Of course I didn't do it, but I bet that if I did, he would somehow dodge the bullet and kill me on the spot." Charles said rubbing his forehead, sweating while trembling in fear.

"He was only defending himself. You were the one who had your gun aimed at him." Carla said laying out a few guns on a poker table. "Look, how about we all calm down and just relax. We're all still alive, right? Now please, you two just sit down and relax. Play some poker or golf on the roof." She said smiling at Charles and Richard. The two old men looked at one another before shrugging.

"My dad always said that poker can calm a man down and help his mind focused." Richard said.

"Your father must be a saint in poker." Charles said in a joking tone causing Richard to chuckle.

"Billy, would you like to play poker with Charles and Richard?" Carla asked looking at Billy who was still staring out of the window. Billy had a disappointed look as he glanced at Carla and back out the window. "Billy?" She called walking up to him.

"I'm not in the mood, Carla, please, leave me be." Billy demanded in an annoyed tone.

"Are you thinking about that man to?" She asked calmly. Billy placed his right hand on the window's frame sighing.

"Yeah...him, that man isn't normal." He said.

"Normal? Look around you, Billy. Do you think this world is normal?" She asked laying her right hand on his shoulder.

"No, it's just that, that guy looked like one of them but didn't act like them." He said looking at her worryingly.

"I know that, Billy. Everyone is thinking the exact same thing." She said.

Billy shook his head looking back out of the window. "This guy is bad news, Carla."

"And we aren't to him?" She asked causing Billy to look at her confused.

"What do you mean about that?" He asked folding his arms in front of her.

"Billy, listen...those people out there that are eating to survive are just like us. Killers. We all killed before, but each of us killed for certain intentions that mostly correlate with one another. We're bad news to them than we are to ourselves." She said.

Billy sighed again and looked back out of the window. "Fine...I'm going to play some golf." He said walking pass Carla. But he was soon stopped when Carla grabbed his shoulder.

"Billy, you're a young man still growing up in a world stained with evil. I know you been around bad folks for we were neighbors once. Don't think you're just like them. Think for yourself and be kind to those who are kind back to you." Carla said.

"I..." He gently brushed her hand off his shoulder and started walking towards the elevator. "Wish I could, Ms Carla." As he reached the elevator, he pressed the button and turned around looking at Carla. "Ms. Carla, I'll be sure to get along with that weird guy, okay?"

Carla smiles happily nodding her head. "Be careful now."

As the elevators opened, Billy lifted his shotgun over his right shoulder while holding the side of the end with his right hand. He walked inside the elevator and pressed a button before giving her a farewell smile before the doors closed.

The entrance to the manager's office was kicked open by Sangius as he aimed his revolver looking around the room. The manager's office was large, with six large framed windows behind the desk. Trophies and security cameras that were offline were set on the right side of the wall. Sangius spotted an old 1887 Lever-Action shotgun mounted above a 7 foot long katana sheathed in its scabbard. Looking to his left he spotted a two men working on a large computer that had wires pulled out. It looked like it was meant to be on a ship. They seemed to be oblivious to the fact that he kicked down the door.

"Jeffrey." He called putting the M14 magazine in his right chest pocket.

A man in a lab coat who was bald stopped working next to another man in a lab coat who had messy black hair on his Caucasian skin. They looked back at Sangius and smiled. Sangius narrowed his eyes noticing that the smile being shown to him was similar to the one he last saw in his flashbacks. "You son of a bitch." He said in a growling tone walking forward towards him.

Suddenly, the man next to Jeffrey took out a Sawed-Off double barreled shotgun and aimed at him. Sangius froze looking at him shocked moving his aim towards the other gunman. But his reaction time was to slow as the gunman pulled back both triggers shooting Sangius chest causing him to fly back and slam into a table.

"Mitch!" Jeffrey yelled looking at him angrily. Mitch had a black eye patch on his right eye and his left eye was blue. There was also a heart tattoo on his right cheek. Mitch smiled before unloading his used up shells and reloading the chambers with new ones.

Jeffrey sighed in frustration before walking over to Sangius stilled, bleeding body. He knelt down and lifted his chin up so he could stare at his face. Sangius' eyes were rolled back. His shirt was soaked in his own blood. The doctor ripped open his shirt seeing sixteen small holes lodged into chest. "'s a good thing you're here- "Sangius?!" Rose shouted causing Jeffrey to pause and look at her sternly. She rushed into the room but soon came to a stop staring at the doctor frightened.

"Rose, thank you for bringing him here." Jeffrey said smiling calmly.

"W-what do you mean thank you?" She asked becoming confused.

"Yes, you spared Mitch the trouble of retrieving him." He said taking out a small flashlight shining it on his rolled eyes. Soon the eyes rolled back down, staring towards the doctor. Sangius' hand grabbed his throat causing him to hold onto his wrist panicking. "Sangius, let go. I need you alive just as you need me alive." He said through his choking breath. Sangius didn't listen, he tighten his grip growling at the doctor.

"Vulpes...where is he?" He asked in a demanding tone.

"Let go and I will tell." Jeffrey said.

Sangius held him there for more than two minutes before releasing his grip allowing the doctor air to breathe in. Getting up from the ground, the beads that came from the Sawed-Off shells came out the holes of his wounds. When all the beads were out, his wounds closed up. He looked at Rose who was horrified, looking at him. He saw a 9mm .colt being clutched tight in her right hand. Glancing at Mitch who had his gun aimed at him, he sighed closing his eyes before reopening them. "I want answers."

"You'll get your answers soon." Jeffrey said.

"I want them now." He said raising his tone.

Jeffrey looked at him with his arms folded. "Rose...leave the room?"

"What, what's going on? Do you two know each other?" She asked.

"" He said looking at her sternly.

Rose frowned looking at Jeffrey. "Fine." She said leaving the room angrily.

"Poor girl, she lost her little sister to the undead out there- "Where is Vulpes?" Sangius said causing Jeffrey to look at him sternly.

"Even if I tell you, you're going to kill me regardless." Jeffrey said walking towards the window staring at the barren streets. He noticed a flashing light from the tower of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. He chuckled looking back at Sangius. "So...are you?"

"Yes." He answered causing Jeffrey to softly chuckle along with Mitch.

"I figured." He said pulling out a letter from his lab coat's right pocket. "Here..." He tossed the letter to Sangius who caught it. "Read it."

Sangius opened up the letter and started reading it.

"Dear Jeffrey Cobbleton,

We would like to inform that you will be moving to the Calypso Casino hotel for your entire life. Free of charge. Mind you, Doctor Cobbleton, I want you to understand that it would be you and you alone in the hotel room. Your neighbor from across the hall would be your four yearlong colleague, Doctor Michael Mitch. Don't worry about your daughter and wife. I have them safe and sound in the Leviathan Island Resort located in between the islands of Lumir and Ymir. I would like to advise you, Doctor Cobbleton, that I'm only doing this for your own safety along with your loved ones. I cannot have one of my own friends terminated by the Parasitus. This hotel is absolutely safe, guarding you from the dangers of the outside world.

Now, I require you, by October 12th, 12:54 P.M. You must retrieve a specimen by the name of Sangius Parasitus. His real name is classified due to safety reasons that I will not explain to you at this current moment in time. He will be your leading guide to completing the final test of your operation in the hotel. Be careful though, my friend, if anything goes off hand, a group of mercenaries from the Black Dragon Corps will exterminate any life found in the hotel.

Sincerely, Doctor Vulpes Mortius"

Sangius set the paper down on the desk and glared at Jeffrey. "What operation?" He asked.

"Operation Pyrostorm. We're going to burn this entire city...purging all of the undead inhabitants." Mitch spoke up.

"What about the others? You have survivors living in this place." Sangius asked.

"We will handle them, why do you think we're trying to get communication with the CDC?" Jeffrey asked smiling.

"They're not going to help them." Sangius said.

"What makes you so sure about that?" Jeffrey asked.

"Because, if they were going to help, why didn't they purge the city themselves. Vulpes selected you for a specific reason." He said pointing his gun at him. Mitch aimed his not loosening his grip with his gun.

"You're right, he did and he was surely smart about it. But for me, just me. I'm going to save everyone here from this world full of suffering and bring them to a better place." Jeffrey said motioning Mitch to lower his weapon. As Mitch lowered his weapon he walked back to the giant computer setting the shotgun on the side.

"A better place? Last time I checked, this world was already screwed and you're just twisting that screw tighter so others can suffer even more." Sangius said.

"Is that so, do you see anyone dead, Sangius?" Jeffrey asked but Sangius remained silent. "Heh, as you can tell, no one is dead. These survivors were living in this hotel the entire time and decided to stay in their rooms hiding from the chaos that was spiraling from the outside world."

"Have you told anyone so far what you are about to do to this city?" Sangius asked.

"Yes, they all agreed to this since I'm of course going to take them out of hellish situation they're harboring pain from." He answered.

Sangius gritted his teeth taking out a photograph. "What about her, is she really safe?" He asked showing Jeffrey the photo of his daughter. Jeffrey gave a distasteful glare at Sangius snatching the photo out of his hand. "Who gave you this?" He asked.

"I found it." Sangius said. Jeffrey shoved the photo into his pocket and walked towards the giant computer that Mitch was working on. Sangius looked at him cautiously before pointing his gun at him again. "Where is Vulpes?"

Jeffrey stopped and slowly turned around glaring at him angrily. "He's not here; he's off somewhere that even I don't know." He said.

"That's not a very good answer." Sangius said.

"Well it is all that I can give you...I'm sorry." He said before looking at the giant computer. Sangius looked at the doctor sternly before holstering his revolver in the inside of his belt. He walked to the exit but stopped and turned around looking at Jeffrey. "I will be back and I will kill you." He said before exiting the room leaving the two alone.

"That man is going to be a bothersome; I can just tell you that." Mitch said in an annoyed tone.

"Yes, but he's one of our only keys to completing this operation." Jeffrey said while he walked to the windows again. He waved his hand at the Eiffel tower smiling. "Boy oh boy, this city is sure going to burn within hells throat." He said starting to chuckle softly.