Chapter Two

After her mother scolded her, Felicity had a quiet evening with her parents. Her parents had waited for her to eat dinner so they could pray together as a family and then dug in to

their normally small portioned meal. Afterwards, Felicity's mother sat with her on the couch, across from the kitchen table, and knitted they together in silence while her father

read a book in his rocking chair. Felicity, distracted, continuously set her knitting down and looked around the small room, picked it back up, and began knitting again.

"Papa," she squeaked, nervously. Thomas marked his page, shut the book, and rested it on his lap.


"You remember not long ago when James had talked to you?"

"Oh, goodness. Not this talk again. Felicity, I thought we all agreed for you to wait one more year. Fifteen is a very respectable age to marry. You are in no rush, my child," Diana

responded for Thomas.

"But, all the other girls I know are already married!"

"Do you not hear yourself, Felicity? You say 'girls' not 'women.' Girls do not know how to behave yet; women do. In a year, you may be allowed to accept Mr. Ellison's marriage

proposal. Not until then."

"Father, I really do love him, though!"

"Enough! Next time you decide to back talk me, you may bite your tongue, child! I wish to speak of this no more. Get back to your knitting."

"Papa," Felicity whispered quietly, afraid to disrespect her father's wishes. "What if I were to marry James before the age of fifteen?"

"James? You are no wife of his yet! Do you know how inappropriate it is to use his first name so casually?"

"I am sorry, Papa! It slipped." Felicity apologized as she hung her head low.

"This is my last warning, Felicity. No more talk of marriage until you turn the age of fifteen. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Papa," Felicity answered. "I am quite tired. May I retire to my bedroom?"

"Yes," Thomas answered.

Felicity set her knitting aside and stood up. She stepped over to her mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered "goodnight" in her ear. Then, she walked over to her

father. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and he hugged her.

"I am sorry, Felicity," he whispered in her ear. "Goodnight and don't forget your prayers to God."

"Of course, Papa," Felicity responded. "Morning shall not pass before I see you for church."

Felicity then walked out of the small room and entered into an even smaller room. This room had one desk in the corner. All the desk had on it was parchment, a quill, ink a candle,

and a few matches. In the opposite corner of the room from the desk was a small mattress. Next to the mattress was a trunk that stored all of Felicity's clothing. There was only

piece of parchment waxed to the wall and it was only inches above the floor, carefully covered by the mattress; it was Felicity's vows to James. She tore it off the wall carefully not

to lethe wax tear it apart. Then, she folded it in half and snuck it into the cloth pocket of her dress. Kneeling down besides her mattress, Felicity folded her hands and prayed her

nightly prayer.

"Lord, thank you for yet another wonderful day with Mr. Ellison. I thank you as well for my wonderful parents, the wonderful sunny day, and for providing us with food and water. I

pray for you to wipe me away of my sins and to shield me from one more sin I shall preform tonight. Dear Lord, please help Mama and Papa to know I love them and making my

vows tonight is not to be against them, but merely because I know I am ready and I have met the love of my life. I pray in your name with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


When Felicity finished her prayer, she blew out her candle flame to give her parents the illusion of her quiet, goodnight sleep. She felt her way around in the dark to where she last

set her vows down at. When she found them, she picked them up and grabbed her slippers by the door to put on. She tiptoed out of her room and into the sitting room to check

the time. She saw the big grandfather clock read 8:45.

Fifteen minutes! she thought. "Fifteen minutes until I shall make to be a bride."

Felicity could feel her heart flutter. Just the thought of Jamie was enough to make her feel flushed; the thought of being his bride was enough to make her faint! But there was no

time for that. She only had fifteen minutes to meet Jamie behind his barn to marry and Felicity would not but late. She crossed the room to pick up a candle stick and a match.

When Felicity left the house, she quickly stroke the match and lit the candle. She brought the candle up to eye level and excitedly made her way down the trail that led to James.

With every step Felicity took, she was convinced more and more that she was a bird. For when her feet were lifted off the ground for that split second, it felt as if she could fly. The

summer night's sky breeze blew against her, but she did not mind. Tonight, it was this very breeze that made her feel free. An uncontrollable smile eased its way onto Felicity's

mouth and she made no attempt to stop it; she just laughed. She started out walking to James's barn but then found herself jogging; and by the time she saw James and a priest

standing with a lantern and a bible in their hands, Felicity was sprinting.

"James!" Felicity gasped as she ran straight into him.

She had no control of stopping her speed and knocked him over, landing on top of him. He laughed and kissed her forehead. Gently with his fingers, he brushed her hair behind her

ears. Felicity couldn't help but to giggle.

"Achem," said the priest, standing next to them. "Are you ready to wed?" he asked.

Felicity rolled off of James. He reached out and took her hand and they stood up. Facing Father, they dusted off the dirt and grass on their clothes and nodded.

"Alright then. Let us begin."

Father then read them a few verses from the bible and James and Felicity recited their vows to each other. There was not a moments that passed when neither of them weren't

smiling like fools. The priest then had them hold hands.

"Now, James Ellison, will you take Miss Felicity Jones to be your lawfully wedded wife; to love and to hold, until death do you apart?"

"I will," James said confidentially. Felicity let out a gracious laugh and looked into his eyes. Those were the words she''s been waiting to hear.

"And Felicity Jones, will you take Mr. James Ellison to be your lawfully wedded husband; to love and to hold, until death do you apart?"

Felicity had opened her mouth to say the very words she had told James earlier that day but something stopped her; something caught her eye. It was big and orange; loud and

crackly. She turned her head just in time to see a small four-roomed house she learned to call "home" light up brighter than the moon; but not in the same lunar way. It was

bright, hot and evil; and definitely not to be mistaken for anything else other than a monstrous fire.