"Alia!" I heard Jake yell as I ran, laughing. I was faster than him, and I had a head start on him. I dragged his giant backpack and saw my friends Drey, Jordan, and Jackie.

"Wait guys!" I yelled, my legs pounding against the concrete. Drey looked at me and laughed, leaning back as he opened the door. I threw the backpack in and swan-dived into the van, shutting the door right as Jake reached it. I made sure it was locked and made a face at him.

"Alia, do you want to come over?" Drey asked. I smiled.

"Is Kyle going to be there?"

"Nahh. He's going to Matt's house. Jordan and Jackie are coming though."

"Sure!" I exclaimed as nine-year old Jackie drove on.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alianna Dina Jones, but since I hate the name Alianna, my friends call me Alia, or Anna, or whatever the heck the want to call me. I'm thirteen years old, and am known as Queen of the Pranks, Awesome One, and The All-Knowing.

The year, you ask?


Now, you can get your license at the age of nine, school is mandatory until fourteen, when you graduate college. Global warming did happen, so the United States, as you used to refer to it, is now half it's size, along with many coastal countries. Australia is a small island, and all of Antarctica is completely melted. The animals that lived there have adapted to become marine creatures.

When I said that you used to refer to the country as the United States, I really meant used to.

Legend has it, that in the year 2035, a cult of people with exceptional powers arised, known as the Shadow Keepers. They believed that they should rule not only the country, nor the world, but the entire universe.

The whole freaking universe. From the Solar System to whatever else there is.

To protect the planet from the Shadow Keepers, six people with superpowers joined forces to create the Peacemasters. The Peacemasters fought for peace, to make the world a truly better place.

A ferocious battle took place between the Shadows and the Peacemasters. Eventually, the Shadow Masters leader, Kenny Scott, captured the Peacemasters lieutenant, Alexandra Foster, and ordered his lieutenant to kill her.

The Shadow's lieutenant went to Alexandra's cell, but he couldn't kill her. He had fallen in love.

James Elfman, the lieutenant, held Alexandra escape, and they hid together for nineteen years. They only had each other.

Word reached Kenny that James had betrayed him, and he searched endlessly for those nineteen years. He captured the other Peacemasters, including Alexandra's twin sister, Taylor.

When Alexandra heard that Taylor was captured, she went to search for her. In the middle of her search, she had two children.

Kenny found out about Alexandra's children, and when he realized she would have to stop for rest, he sent the largest search party you cold imagined, and put a price of two million dollars on her head.

Alexandra hid her twin sons, and went to free her fellow Peacemasters. As she arrived, Kenny captured her again.

"Where are the children?" He asked. She spat at him.

"Somewhere you can never find them." Kenny sent a letter to James, telling him everything. James ran as fast as he could to Alex, taking one and a half years to reach her with his super speed. When he finally arrived, Kenny killed him in front of Alex. Before killing her, she spoke one last time.

"You will fall. In eleven and a half years, my children will develop their powers, along with others. Remember these words, for they seal your doom.

It starts with four,

Two of each,

The child with Rainbow Eyes,

Shall Reach Out to the Rest.

Soon one will face a decision,

To join which side,

The leaders will fight united,

Against the Darkness.

A sacrifice will be made

On one of the sides.

To Peace or To Shadow,

The War Will End."

When the prophecy was finished, Alexandra Foster-Elfman closed her eyes for the last time.

All of the Peacemasters were to be executed. The leader, Danny Williams, managed to escape. And he's been hiding ever since.

The Shadow Masters killed everyone over the age of three years old. All newborns were orphans, and the world fell to the Shadow Masters.

They changed everything.

Some believe that the new Peacemasters will rise to fight. I am one of those people.

There's one more thing. The powers will not come until the second leader of the new Peacemasters turns of age, which is thirteen. The leaders are said to be one of Alexandra and James' sons, and the girl with the rainbow eyes.

I hope that the new Peacemasters can save Infinity, the planet formally known as Earth.

"Alia," Drey said, poking me. I looked at him.

"Happy birthday." He said, handing me a present wrapped in purple paper. I smiled.

"Thanks Drey."

"Happy birthday Lia!" Jordan and Jackie chanted. I laughed.

"We were going to give you all of your presents at the house, but I guess Drey doesn't want to wait." Jordan looked pointedly at him. I smirked as Drey blushed.

"Awww, it's okay Drey! That's why you're my favorite!" I said, giving him a side hug. Jordan laughed when he blushed harder, and then feigned hurt.

"I thought I was your favorite!" He cried. I laughed.

"Nope, sorry. You're the weirdest though."

"Look who's talking, Queen of the Wackadoodles."

"We can smell the crazy on you." Jackie told me.

"I'm not crazy, right Drey?" I asked.

"Jury's out." He said.

"Of course Lover Boy doesn't give you a straight answer. He never does." Jordan teased.

"Will you shut up?" Drey asked. We all laughed as we pulled up to Drey's house. I took Jake's backpack and threw it in the trunk. We all walked in, and I jumped onto the couch.

"PRESENT TIME!" I yelled. They laughed and I sat down. Drey got his camera and sat next to me where he had his legs up, and they were kicking me. I got up, stretched out his legs and sat back down on them. Everyone laughed. Jackie handed me the present Drey tried to give me earlier. I took it and started ripping off the paper. I opened it and saw a charm bracelet with three charms already on it.

The bracelet itself was silver, and the charms were multicolored. One was an intricate A, the other was a block written D. The last one was an infinity symbol. I smiled, and heard a click. I looked at Drey, who was smiling shyly.

"Friends forever," he mumbled. I laughed and hugged him. I saw Jordan take Drey's camera and take a picture of us.

"Smile!" Jackie said as he took another. I laughed and got up, putting the bracelet on. Jackie handed me a box with holes in it. I looked at her with an eyebrow raised and opened the lid.

"Oh my gosh!" I screeched. Drey took a picture and I laughed. Inside was a tiny black rabbit, a brown rabbit, and a white one.

"We know your dream is to have an animal rescue center, and we decided to help. All three of us found a bunch of injured animals for you to take home and care about." I hugged all three of them.

"You guys are the best." I said.

In total, I got the three rabbits, two cats, four dogs, four frogs, and a baby alligator. I know it sounds crazy, but that's what I got. And it was the best day ever.

We ate triple chocolate tres leche cake, and I turned on the tunes as we sat down to play Spin The Bottle Truth or Dare.

"Birthday girl first!" Jackie said.
"Jackie, truth or dare?" I asked.


"Do you like Kyle?" I asked. She looked at me.


"Nope." I said, popping the p.

"Yes." She sighed. Jordan looked at her weird.

"Jackie! You're too young to have crushes!"

"What are you talking about? You've liked Izzy since you were SIX!" Drey said.

"And you like Lia, so shut up!" Jordan retorted. It went back and forth over and over again until I fell asleep.

I woke up to see Jackie hugging me and Drey's arms around me. Jordan had his head on Drey's lap, and was snoring. I detangled myself and got up to the bathroom. Splashing water on my face to wake me up, I looked in the mirror.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHH!" I screamed. I heard thumps and "Ow!" as my friends came up the steps. I stared at the sink, shocked.

"Lia what's wrong?" Drey asked turning me around to look at them. They all gasped.

My eyes were violet. Jackie screamed and was thrown in the air by an invisible force.

"What?!" I asked.

"Lia, you're eyes, they turned gray all of a sudden." Drey said gently.

"Get me down!" Jackie screamed. I looked at her and yelled "Calm down!"

I saw her trying and eventually she fell onto Jordan.

"Do you know what this means?" Jordan asked. I nodded.

"I'm the one with the rainbow eyes. I'm the second Peacemaster, and Jackie's one too."

"You know what else?" Jordan said. "Drey is the other leader. He's the only twin you know." All of a sudden, Jordan's body disappeared. Jackie screamed again, levitating.

"And so are you! We're the first four; we're the Peacemasters." I whispered.