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*Sirriama POV*

All Professor Shrewberry did was blather on about the difference between knitting and crocheting. As if it's some big historical attribute to society. Well guess what it's not. And it was NOT helping when Tato and Diala were enthusing on and on about knitting and Shakuma and Libano were arguing the cause of crocheting.

"Knitting beats crocheting any day!" Tato said.

"Nu-uh!" Shakuma protested. "You're only saying that cuz you don't know how to crochet!"

Tato ripped Shakuma's yellow glasses off his face. Then he stole her brown hat. Things got a little more edgy when Tato dragged Kenta into the brawl. Deshawn had to step in and bellow, "Shut up!"

Professor Shrewberry finally took notice of the argument and while Kenta was defending Tato, Professor Shrewberry decided to blame the whole thing on Kenta. He nearly earned a detention in the process! If it wasn't for Tato kissing up to the Professor, Kenta would have gone down for sure.

*Frankie POV*

There was a time when Melani and Britta were not paying attention to the lesson in history class. Sometimes, I think Eli, Camario and I were the only ones who really care about history. Melani and Britta would much rather be painting their nails or practicing cheers.

I'm going to go hang out at the Talsen house to see how Sirriama's doing after all this change in her life.

"I here Sirriama's considering joining archery."

"Yeah, I've heard. Everybody talks about her now. I still don't know what she looks like."

I gasped and my eyes widened in shock. "Dude, she's everywhere! She's the new…you."

Eli shrugged. "I'm glad the attention's being fueled into somebody who wants it."

I tend to focus on the positive. Negative, not so much. This morning I had a real shock. It was a big wakeup call to me. A reminder that some cadulan I used to know still go to Komoto. Faliku Katassa and Kylo Artemis. The big-timers. Melani and I used to associate with those guys and their crew. Of course times have changed since then. Melani and I even used to be a couple. But now we're both single.

Melani had a way of emphatically sensing the mood, and she sung a little song to get us out of it. "All at once the world seemed dark, then I look upon the stars. Taking in what wonders are, considering that they're not far," she took a breath, "Away…"

Ruolan joined in, "Take another look around you, dear. You will find some wonders here. Miracles beyond compare."

Deshawn and I joined. "You can bring them an-y-where."

I'm usually flat, but it doesn't matter. Singing for the sake of singing is fun. Sirriama and Melani joined Sharie, Deshawn, Ruolan and I on the grass. And we lay there staring up at the stars.

Melani continued singing, "The sun is setting, and it's gone for now. A new day will come. Let the stars, guide you through the night as you run…"

Ruolan sang, "Take another look around. Realize your hope is found."

Ruolan and Melani harmonized, "Listen to that strange new sound, reborn, relived, renowned."

The song concluded and we closed our eyes for a bit, until, Kylo kicked everybody out all of a sudden.