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"I would like to welcome everyone to the grand opening to the new beach resort." A man in a suit said cutting the ribbon, next to him was his wife, wearing a cyan dress. The crowd cheered as they rushed inside.

Within minutes the beach resort was filled with people, some had checked into the hotel, others were smiling and sun bathing and others were chatting away at the café.

"It's a shame that Tasuto couldn't come." The man in the suit said. "Yes but he said that he wanted to stay home." His wife said.

Suddenly the ground started rumbling, and the tourist started getting scared.

"Calm down, it is just a minor earthquake." The suited man said.

But it was much worse.

Emerging from the water was a giant rock golem; he was as tall as the hotel, had a rock club in one of his hand, and of course, covered in rocks.

You worthless humans are in my territory, for that you must die!

The monster struck the water, causing a huge mud wave to appear by the beach.


A sudden blast of hot air dried up the mud wave, then a mysterious figure came and smashed the dried wave up, when the dust cleared, the figure looked young, about 15 years of age, appeared to have red armor covering his body, a burgundy helmet with a brown visor covering his face, and big wings made of fire sprouting out of his back, allowing him to fly.

"I don't think territorial reasons are enough to kill people." The flaming person said.

Well then, you will perish with these humans.

"Fine then, but don't say I didn't warn you." The flaming person said grinning, as he charged towards the golem covered in fire. Upon impact an explosion occurred in the area where the flaming boy hit him.


"Helion buster mode!"


Suddenly the wings on the boy disappeared, and were replaced by a red dragon head.

It will be easier to defeat you now.

The rock golem threw giant boulders at the boy. He smirked as he waited for the boys appending doom.

The boy smirked as the dragon's head on his arm shot out a jet of fire, melting the boulders. Then the boy shot the fire at the water creating a wall of steam.

Grrr! Where are you kid!

"Helion, Blade mode!"

"Got yah."

"Now let's finish this, slash of 1000 suns!"

The boy lunged for the golem, who was still distracted, with a sword (which had previously been a gun) and slashed the golem multiple times until he started glowing, and the glowing increased until he started melting.

Defeated by a human! This is impossible!

"Well it just happened." The boy smirked.

Curse you

And with that, the monster melted.

"Well looks like our job here is done, Helion, switch to wing mode and we can get out of here."


The blade disappeared and was replaced by flaming wings. Taking one last glance at the dumbfounded people, then took off.

The flaming person flew to a mansion and landed on the porch. Then a flash of light enveloped him, and he was replaced by another boy about the same height, the boy had a red T-shirt, brown shorts, and black fingerless gloves, he had light skin and brown spiky hair.

"So Helion, we did pretty well if I do say so myself, what do you think?" the boy asked.

"I think did pretty good for our first try, but he was really easy Tasuto, so don't treat this like a huge victory." A being said floating around the boys head, he was a miniature dragon, with bright red skin, tan wings, and a single flame on his tail. "But he was huge." Tasuto said stretching out his arms

"I know, but just relax, I'm going to stretch my wings a bit." Helion said floating away. Tasuto smiled at his friend, he stared at the ceiling, remembering how he met this creature only a few weeks ago.

Tasuto looked up from his patio; his parents were rich people and were always going on trips and such. So he was usually with the butler and maid. As he stared into the night sky he noticed a shooting star, except this star was coming down to earth, more specifically his backyard! Tasuto quietly slipped out of his enormous house and checked on the mysterious object that had crashed in his yard.

When he got closer, he saw that the object wasn't a meteor, but a strange dragon creature. "WH-what are you?" Tasuto said. The mysterious creature floated up to Tasuto and looked him in the eye. "If you must know, I am Helion, a fire element sprite, and I have come because your planet is in danger." The creature said. "Why?" Tasuto asked. "You're familiar with Neil Armstrong right?" Helion asked. "Yes, why do you ask?" Tasuto tilted his head. "Well when he landed, he accidentally killed the daughter of a very important man in space. He found out today, and is rallying up an army to destroy earth and take his vengeance. They will be here in about a few weeks. They are also bringing a weapon that will make and awaken other monsters on earth." Helion explained.

Tasuto stared at him in disbelief.

"Well since I like earth, I came here to find a way to stop them." Helion explained.

"Is there any way I can help?" Tasuto asked.

"Doubt it, unless you had superpowers." Helion chuckled.

"Well what if we worked together?" Tasuto asked.

Helion stared at Tasuto for a moment, "you're serious?" he asked. Tasuto nodded. Then Helion grinned. "Okay then, you and I can fuse together and we can save the earth." Helion said.

"So how long to we have?" Tasuto asked.

"About two weeks." Helion explained.

"Then we better get training." Tasuto grinned.

So they slowly gained more knowledge of their power, and today was their first fight. Tasuto sighed; it was going to be hard getting used to being a superhero, but he would have to get used to it.

"Uhhh, I'm exhausted, who knew that fighting crime would be this tiring." Tasuto groaned, plopping himself on the couch. "Well I never said it would be easy." Helion said drinking some gasoline. Tasuto's phone suddenly went off, knocking him off the couch. "Oh, it's a text from Misty." Tasuto said picking up his phone. "You got a text from your girlfriend." Helion mocked. "S-she's J-just a friend Helion!" Tasuto yelled rather loudly.

"Master Tasuto! Is everything alright? I heard yelling." the butler said walking in. "yes everything thing is fine Mark, I mean Mr. Hang, that was the TV." Tasuto lied. "But the TV is off." Mr. Hang stated. "Ah yes, I turned it off right now." Tasuto said. "Do you have a fever Master Tasuto, your cheeks are red." Mr. Hang said pointing at his blushing cheeks. "y-yes it's just the heat." Tasuto said fanning himself. "Then I would advise opening a window." Mr. Hang said walking out the doors.

Is he gone yet?

"Yah Helion, he's gone." Tasuto sighed as Helion reappeared in a puff of smoke. Tasuto smiled as he checked his phone.

Hey Tasuto, wanna come over and hang or something? My parents are gone again and I'm really bored. :)

"So are you going to go out with her or what?" Helion snickered. "She's just a friend." Tasuto said blushing. "Then what's with the red cheeks?" Helion asked. "I-it's just hot in here." Tasuto stuttered. "Dude, you can survive temperature's up to 1000o C. admit it, you love her." Flambo said, barely containing his laughter. "S-shut up before I blast you with a hose." Tasuto hissed. And with that, Helion shut up and went to the grill to take a nap.

What Helion said wasn't a lie though. He honestly was in love with Misty ever since they were kids; he just never had the courage to tell her. Even though he really wanted to go to her house. His body was still sore from fighting that Golem.

Not today, I am really tired, but I promise tomorrow.

Oh okay, I understand. See you tomorrow. ^_^

Tasuto sighed; he closed his eyes and fell fast asleep.

"Tasuto, Tasuto wake up."

Tasuto found himself on a hilltop. Helion was right next to him.

"So we finally did it, we saved the earth."

"I guess we did."

Tasuto didn't if he was saying these words; it was like he was on auto play or something. Suddenly Helion was replaced by Misty. Tasuto felt his heart flutter. "Tasuto, close your eyes." She whispered. Tasuto did what he was told, and then Misty planted her lips on his, kissing him deeply, and she grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer. Tasuto felt like he was he was in heaven.

"Misty…" he murmured. His eyes slowly opened. "Oh it was only a dream." He said sadly. He turned to see Helion snickering, trying to contain his laughter. "Oh shut up." Tasuto groaned as he turned on the TV.


There has been a kidnapping.

At 7pm the police got information that 3 three people had been kidnapped at the old Kenneth building, though we do not know who the kidnapper is, we were able to find out who the victims were. They are Victor Surge, Emily Evergreen, and Misty Watercress.

Tasuto immediately turned off the TV and bolted out the door.

"Dude, where are you going?" Helion said as he appeared on Tasuto's right shoulder. "I know those guys, and Misty is one of them, now come on, we got to transform!" Tasuto yelled as Helion's body glowed, and Tasuto was replaced with his Flaming counterpart and took off into the night sky.

So how do you know these three?

"Well we have been in the same class for a long time, Victor was the class clown and my best friend, Emily was the popular-girl-drama-queen, but we kind of got along, and Misty is..."

Your girlfriend.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Tasuto seethed.

When they arrived to the destination, they snuck in the through the window so they wouldn't be noticed.

They searched high and low until they found the hostages. But only Emily was conscious. "Who are you?" she asked frightfully. "I'm here to help, now keep your voice down, we don't.

"Want the bad guy do hear us."

Tasuto turned around to see a man emerging out of the shadows. He also had armor that was similar to Tasuto's, except it was blue instead of red, and his visor was white, his helmet had a dark blue color, and he was covered with a blue mist.

"So looks like you were right Frost, there was a fire elemental sprite." The man growled. "Who are you?" Tasuto asked, switching to blaster mode and pointing it at the man. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, the entire room is laced with gasoline. A single fire and this place goes up in flames." The man said. "but I will tell you who I am, I was sent here by my appointer who gave me these powers, with simple instructions to wreak havoc, I…am… Artic!" the man yelled sending a torrent of freezing air towards Tasuto, who jumped out of the way. "Hmp, this battle will be over soon." Artic muttered as the wings disappeared and was replaced by a katana. He fired multiple sword beams, and Tasuto dodged them all except one, which hit him square in the chest, knocking him back a few feet.

Tasuto, we can't keep on just taking hits and dodging!

"I know Helion, but the place is laced, so we can't do anything." Tasuto growled.

"Hold up, Helion? That's you?"

Oh shut up frost.

"You know him?"

Yah, he used to always taunt me.

"Well it's not my fault that you were the weakest Sprite."


Frost chuckled at appeared in front of Tasuto, in the form of a blue dragon with icicles hanging from his chin and arms. "You still are weak." He spat. "Shut up." Helion growled. Frost simply chuckled as he returned back the Artic and Helion returned back to Tasuto. "It's a pity that you chose to merge with him, instead of a stronger sprite." Artic grinned. Tasuto clenched his fist, and it caught on fire, and he punched Artic right in the face, sending him back.

"Don't you ever talk about Helion that way!" Tasuto roared as he dashed and kicked him in the gut.

Tasuto calm down, your body heats up and catches fire when you're mad.

Tasuto growled and calmed down, and then the flames around him died down. "Hmm, looks like it's my turn, Mirror of 1000 needles." Artic said as he disappeared, and mirrors made from polished ice appeared all around Tasuto, each one with Artic's figure in it.


Thousands of needles were fired at Tasuto, piercing his skin and casing him extreme pain. "Weak." Artic whispered as he kicked Tasuto, send him flying and crashing against the weak and brittle wall, shattering it.

"Now about you three." Artic turned attention to the three. "I'll think I should kill one of you." He grinned. All three gulped (Misty and Victor had recently woken up). "Duck, duck, goose." He said pointing his blade towards Misty's delicate neck.


Tasuto flew in at blinding speed and tackled Artic. "You never learn do you?" Artic growled as he sent another wave of bitter cold air. Tasuto grinned this time.

"Thanks, you made it possible to defeat you." Tasuto grinned as he held a sword made of cooled rock. "How did you get that?" Sub Zero growled. "Easy, when I shattered the wall, I melted the rock into a sword, and you helped in the cooling process." Tasuto smirked holding up his sword.

"Impressive, I will withdraw from this battle, but I will return." He whispered as fog surrounded him, and then he disappeared.

Tasuto turned his attention to the hostages, untied them and flew them down to the police.

"Who are you, what is your name?" Emily asked with sparkling eyes "my name is Flare." He said as he took off. "wow." She whispered slightly blushing.

Seriously?! FLARE! That was the best you could think of?!

"I panicked okay, plus I was tired, so I wasn't thinking clearly." Tasuto murmured.

Well that's our new name.

"hey Helion, could you tell me about your past someday?" Tasuto asked.

Sure, you deserve to know the truth.

"Thanks." Tasuto whispered as he quietly slipped into his house, luckily no one had noticed that he was gone. But multiple things were stuck in his mind.

Who is this Artic?

If I hung out with Misty, maybe she wouldn't have gotten kidnapped.

Am I ready to become a protector?

Why is Helion the weakest?

Are their more elemental sprites?

He shoved them into a corner of his mind and went to sleep.

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