I am:

A quiet sadness,

The rain that falls on warm days,

The smell of old books,

And morning dew.

The feeling of feathers under bare hands,

The wind in your hair,

As you pedal faster and faster on your bike,

Headed nowhere.

I am:

The warmth of a cup of tea,

The cool touch of the window against your cheek,

The breath of spring breezes,

And the rustle of skirts are you spin-

Around and around,

Until the world blurs,

And you find joy in falling.

I am:

The softness of worn in shoes,

The comfort of your favorite pair of jeans,

The flickering images in your mind as you try to fall asleep.

The steady push and pull of the ocean,

Crashing against the shore,

Kissing it again and again,

No matter how many times it is sent away.

I am:

The gurgling of a stream,

Flowing under and around and over your bare feet.

The sweat that rolls down your legs on hot july nights;

Spent above the covers.

The lull of music through your headphones,

The clicking of typewriter keys.

The feeling of sleep pricking the backs of your eyes.

The butterflies that explode inside when lips meet.

I am:

The comfort of a baggy sweater.

The texture of the underside of a leaf.

The soft song of the birds on an April morning.

The smell of a rose,

And the peace that comes from stroking the velvety soft petals.

I am:

The boom of thunder that shakes the house,

And makes you long for the days when you could snuggle against daddy's side when you got scared.

The flash of a camera,

Capturing the lovely smile on your lovely face.

The silky hair you run your fingers through,

Just reminding someone you love them.

The soft weight of a head on your chest,

Listening to your heart beat-

Steady and reliable.

I am:

The quiet whispers of lovers.

Wasted wishes,

11:11's that never got a chance.

Dreams written in notebooks,

Whispered into flesh,

Vowed to the stars.

Words written into skin,


White dresses and bouquets of flowers.

I am:

Broken hearts and quiet sobs.

Held hands in hallways between class,

And suppressed giggles at all the wrong moments.

I am: