In the morning, I woke up right when the hotel began serving breakfast and was the first one downstairs. That doesn't have much to do with Blake, it's just a point of pride. Every Morrison meet I was either the first or one of the first people downstairs to eat breakfast. The rush wasn't necessary, I just enjoyed it. When Blake and Hayden finally staggered out of their room and downstairs, I had already finished eating and was going to head back up to pack and get ready.

"Geez. You guys look super awake," I said as they got their food.

"We played techno and ate tortilla chips and drank Tang," Blake explained.

"At some point we got really tired and stopped mixing in the right amount of water," Hayden added with a yawn. "It was more like orange sludge than Tang."

I grimaced. "When did you go to bed?"

"Around Tang-thirty," Blake said. Rolling my eyes, I left them to likely fall asleep in their cereal, and went upstairs to my hotel room.

The bus ride over to the pool was fairly quick. Blake was fast asleep the entire time, face smushed up against the side of the bus. Everyone was pretty groggy, but I felt wide awake. I sat next to Blake and most definitely did not watch him sleep at all, buzzing with anticipation for the meet.

I don't remember much about the meet itself, or the events that I swam. The Morrison pool is 50 meters, so for our short-course-yard events they put dividers in to make two sections of 25 yards with a bit in the middle for warming up and warming down. The boys would swim their events on one half, the girls on the other. That way, even though there were a lot more swimmers than any local meet, it would go by quickly. That much, I remember. It's the same every year. What I remember best about that particular meet was what happened while waiting for first warm-ups.

Blake was still quite tired, and laid down on the filthy pool deck. Never one to miss an opportunity, I lay down with him. Some other swimmers were laying down as well, so I had the cuddle puddle excuse. He let me rest my head on his bare chest and he put his arm around my shoulders. I snuggled closer happily, closing my eyes and listening to his voice through his chest. (A side note about Blake's chest: he was born with collapsed ribs, and as such has a dent in the middle of his chest starting just below the collarbone. My head fits in it perfectly.) Someone in the stands had brought a vuvuzela—it was 2010, what else are you going to do?—and Blake was stoked. He made vuvuzela noises as loud as he could. In my mind, I decided he was trying to "out-vuvu the vuvuzela". It sounded so strange with my head on his chest, and I laughed.

I was overwhelmed with the desire to kiss him. Right there, on the pool deck, with the vuvuzela in the stands, I wanted to turn over and kiss him. The urge was so strong, and I hid my face in his chest dent until it went back to an ignorable level.

Eventually, we had to get up for warm up, and that was that. I can't remember anything else important about the Morrison meet, except for a conversation with Pepper.

"I keep getting these really strong urges to lean over and just…kiss him," I said, squirming.

"So do it."

"What?" I balked, staring at her. She looked back at me, a dare in her eyes.

"You have to either kiss him or ask him out before Christmas break," she said.

I crossed my arms. "Or what?"

"Or I will." As I stared at her in shock, Pepper added, "And not for you. For me."


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