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The Warriors of Love

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Pyrrha. She is one of Eros' apprentices, the ones who are responsible for all the love of the world. But she is unlike his other apprentices, who are all blonde and blue eyed experts on shooting couples to make them fall in love with each other. She, on the other hand, has blood that is mostly human and part cupid, which can only work during the night, much to Eros' dismay. She has brown hair and eyes that can only shine when the sun strikes at her. She is the only clumsy apprentice Eros had ever known; she shot the wrong girl to the wrong man. So far, she is the only one who caused divorces all over Greece and abuse. For that, Eros had never accepted partly divine beings like Pyrrha and never accepted brunettes because he thinks that they are ugly and clumsy. She was even called, the Unlucky Brunette for her unlucky streak of divorces and unhappy marriages.

But on one Valentine's Day, Pyrrha, in her default form of a simple peasant girl, was just resting on a marble bench in the Theseus Square when she saw a handsome young man lamenting his troubles to his friend in a bench next to hers. "Oh my friend, if only I can catch her heart, and I'll be the happiest man in my life," the lamenting man told his friend. "But Adrastos, your fair lady is trapped in the middle of a crowd of suitors who wanted her to be his wife!" his friend retorted next to him. "I know, and I feel terrible. And I argued with her the other night for what I never meant it to happen," he rested his chin on his hands. Hearing the commotion between the men, Pyrrha recognizes the man pouring his heart in tears, the dashing Adrastos. She had never seen him before but news travels fast and he is called as the most handsome youth in the whole world. She looks fascinated as she looked at his face as brave as a warrior; and yet, he is crying in defeat of attracting his love. But despite of all this, she wanted to help him, in her willingness to cure true love. She thought to herself, 'I wonder how could a handsome and dashing man like Adrastos would not be accepted by a very fair maiden?'

And so Pyrrha, who now sought to find some information of the situation of Adrastos' lament, approached the men and asked, "Good day men" she turned to Adrastos. "What say, oh melancholic man, the cause of your troubles? I wouldn't mind to help you solve your problem." The fine-looking Adrastos replied to her in tears, "I'm in love with a woman named Aikaterene. She's usually the talk of the town and every man, young and old, wanted to be her husband. But I don't like the way the suitors wanted to, in my opinion, they just wanted her for display, and I'm not that kind of man who would do such a thing. For me, besides her being the most beautiful woman after Helen and Psyche, she's the most wonderful maiden I've ever met. She's thoughtful, she understands me, and…and…she loves me for me, not for my good looks like the other girls who wanted to chase me." He kept talking and explaining his problem but Pyrrha understood him quickly and smiled. She was thinking about Adrastos when his friend interrupts, "Uhh, young lady, you said that you're helping him solve his problem, where is the solution?" She broke out of her thoughts and turned to him, "Why thank you for reminding me," she sarcastically replied with a smirk. "In fact, Adrastos had must have been tired from all the tears in his eyes; I think you should convince him to go to sleep, Achelous! Good bye." She faced her direction behind her and walked away leaving the men dazed and confused. Adrastos looked at his friend, now named Achelous, "Is she sassing you? I wonder how that girl did know about our names even though we never told her." "Do you think it's a divine being?" he guessed. "Who knows?" Adrastos ended their conversation and went home.

Pyrrha walked home to do chores for her mother, who does the plowing on a little field and she waited until the moon rises for her to change into a cupid again. Partly divine beings like her are able to become a divine being and a human on the same time, much to Pyrrha's fondness of being a normal, human girl, but she can only be a cupid during night. Anyway, she flew out and went to the house of Aikaterine. Since she was long told by her best friend, Briseida, that there are throngs of suitors in and out of the house waiting to take a look of the damsel's loveliness day and night, she had to fly to take a look if Aikaterine is in love with Adrastos or not. When she can see Aikaterine, who's locked in a tower that prevents the men from wooing her, she turned herself invisible and sees to it that she can tap into Aikaterine's thoughts. She stopped herself in mid-air and closed her eyes to concentrate to her thoughts while Aikaterine, in her long and flowy toga, sits by the window and looking at the stars that shine above. "Oh how I long to see Adrastos," Aikaterine echoes her thoughts to Pyrrha as if she was talking to herself. "Adrastos mean so much to me ever since we met in the grotto as little children. Yes, we were simple children. But now we've grown up and never get to see each other. My, since Adrastos was always chased by damsels and I just sit here, and suitors are waiting for me to choose a husband. But that will cause a fight or possibly…murder on my Adrastos. I don't care if I'm beautiful as a goddess, I wanted to get married to Adrastos and live a simple and quiet life." Her words rung into Pyrrha's ears and she discovers that the fairest maiden Aikaterine is in love with the forlorn and handsome-looking Adrastos and that's enough for her. And yet, it does seem strange to her that somehow, she had witnessed something with them before; she wonders why the beautiful Aikaterine would cry as she just had a broken heart instead of forced separation. She shook off those negative thoughts and she flew high in the sky with a gleeful smile that rarely happens and didn't get to hear the rest of the depressed damsel's thoughts.

"Hmm, yep, I'm certain that Adrastos and Aikaterine's love for each other are genuine. I guess that I must go to Eros and tell about the news." She joyously laughs through the sky as she flies higher straight to the Amararien Temple, where Eros, the god of love, teaches his apprentices about matchmaking by shooting arrows into their hearts. She landed at the entrance of the temple and she can see Eros reminding the guidelines and protocols to the neophyte cupids. She jogged straight right up to Eros and called, "Lord Eros," she bowed. The tall and now-matured God of Love looked straight in the eye and sternly scolded her, "Don't tell me you failed again! I am losing my nerves on your little so-called second chances speech," he makes a grimace on Pyrrha's several failures in the past. "Please, I can break my unlucky streak. I stumbled upon Adrastos and Aikaterine's love story! I can fix them and make this beautiful connection come true if you just give me a chance!" Her shout catches her superior's attention and turned to her with a doubt, "Adrastos and Aikaterine?" "Yes", she nodded. Eros checked his surroundings and grabbed her shoulder to lead her to the oracle Arthatroklos. He asked the priestess of the temple to interrogate Pyrrha if what she witnessed is real and she agrees.

Minutes later, the priestess led Pyrrha to a room where she usually used as an interrogating chamber. She made the cupid sit down on the left side of the wall with a hole that divides them for safety purposes and she sits on the other side of the wall. Pyrrha kept fidgeting on her seat, until she was asked. "Pyrrha, is this some kind of joke? You know that Lord Eros doesn't believe you." Unfortunately, Pyrrha haven't got a single clue, "What? I don't get it," she eyed on the priestess who keep interrogating her through the hole. A quiet silence withheld the question for a few seconds until she breaks the silence, "The reason he wanted me to question you, because he doesn't trust you." "But…I am telling the truth" Pyrrha replied timidly. "Oh…or is it attention that you want?" The priestess starts to growl and pounds the wall between them. "Bare your soul now! I know you lied. I know you lied because Melissa already investigated Adrastos and Aikaterine's feelings and they have no mutual connection for true love! And second, Adrastos cheated on her two nights ago." "Oh please priestess. I am telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, I did saw Adrastos crying inside his heart for Aikaterine. Please tell Lord Eros to consider with my request. And Melissa? Oh, she's nothing but a conniving liar. She always makes unbalanced connections with rich people to the rich only; poor to the poor; and she even makes disgusting connections that I swear I'll never make in my whole entire life." Tears have swelled up her eyes and Pyrrha turns around and quickly attempts not to cry. "Pyrrha, are you okay?" the priestess calmed down. "I'm sorry. It always gets to me when it's something nerve-breaking." "I can see the truth, but Lord Eros will never believe you. I'll see to it that you really tell the truth. You may leave now. So Pyrrha stood up, thanked the priestess, and walks through the door in absolute silence.

When Pyrrha got out of the interrogation chamber, she was more than shocked to see Lord Eros making out with a familiar face. "Melissa…" she muttered angrily under her breath, "Oh the knavery you have, the lies, the opportunities, you approving the disgusting connections. And you even make out with Lord Eros. What's next, make him cheat on his wife?!" Not realizing it, she spoke the last sentence aloud, in front of Melissa and Eros! The two looked down on her like a child being scolded by her parents. Slowly and realizing, she's making a big fool out of herself again. "Did I say that out loud?" she asked. Both of them nodded in agreement, and Eros said, "That is why I never accepted you from the beginning. You've wasted your chances, you embarrass us in public. I knew you lied, Melissa already told me what Adrastos feels about Aikaterine. The event does not lie; I'll show you to the Pensieve of Romantic Feelings.

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