I finally gave up since I lacked ideas, so I'll post the original. It was really a one-shot, and I can't seem to lengthen it, but please enjoy.

Once upon a time, there is a young girl named Pyrrha. Unlike any of Eros' apprentices, who are blonde and blue-eyed, she has brown hair and eyes that shines when the sun strikes at her. Moreover, she fails in every mission; she clumsily shoots the target into another unlucky person. And for that, Eros never accepted any other brunettes and she was called unlucky or weakling.

On one Valentine's Day, while Pyrrha is sitting restfully on a marble bench in the Theseus Square, she saw a handsome, but lonely youth crying on another bench next to her. He lamented over losing the love of a lovely girl named Aikaterine. Upon listening to his cries, Pyrrha is touched by his words. Pyrrha, who wanted to heal true love, resolves herself to help them in terms of love, and to atone for her mistakes.

She flew way back to Olympus to seek consultation from Eros. Because of her wretched reputation, Pyrrha was left with a cold answer, "You Pyrrha, disaster of love, will not make them fall in love with each other. They're now in the hands of Acacia, the perfect candidate to follow my footsteps as the Goddess of Love." Desolated and heartbroken, she went home and tried everything she could on her own.

So, every night, she sent dreams to Aikaterine and Adrastos to help them find their way back into love. But her success was short-lived, because in a single, fatal night, Acacia found and caught her red-handed. "You pesky twit, Adrastos belongs to me and nobody else!" she affirmed. "Acacia," Pyrrha sermonizes in a very gentle voice. "His love and devotion to Aikaterine is true love. We should never interfere with true love. It's in our law, our limits. Bad things can happen if we interrupted true love." "Why? Are you in love with him?" Acacia taunted Pyrrha so bad that the unlucky brunette even blushes by the thought of Adrastos!

"I don't have a crush on him! I just wanted to help him find his true love to be together. If you want him, come and fight me!" Pyrrha explained impulsively to her. So Acacia, still madly in love with Adrastos, accepted the duel without any thought about a possible defeat. "All right, I accept. We will perform the duel on the day he's going to propose to her and marry her." "Understood."

And there on that day, two warriors of love came face to face into the arena of Abraxas in the ruins of Troy where they will fight for Adrastos' right to love Aikaterine. Acacia summons her weapon, Eidolonius, the Mirror of Vanity and Illusions. And Pyrrha wields Nike Hestia, the Fire Sword of Victory. They fought at each other to the death, until Acacia falls into the ground. Still won't accept defeat, she transforms into a darker, much stronger part of her, Melantha. "Now, poor weakling… Time for you to die." She maliciously shouted as she jumps high in the air and prepares to strike at the now feeble Pyrrha. She was completely exhausted during the battle. Inside of her, a flame of will is still burning. 'I…must…help…Adrastos and…Aikaterine…to be together…forever!' she cried in her thoughts while she suffers from her injuries. Suddenly, a flash of golden light came out of Pyrrha. She floats up in the air as a shining golden sword was extracted from her and she transforms into a more stunning, more innocent-looking angel of love. The name she bears from this transformation is now Almathea, the Eternity Angel of Love and Innocence.

"Melantha, the Witch of the Jealous Darkness, you plotted to bring the ruin of true love. For this… Ack!" Almathea was hit by Melantha's magic that transforms her back into Pyrrha. Now Pyrrha was down to her knees in so much pain inside of her. With her last stream of consciousness, she wedded Aikaterine and Adrastos before she collapses and fade into black.

"I won, but then… I lost my own life." Pyrrha was about to start a journey to the Underworld when Aphrodite came to her and congratulated her, "You have done a very brave deed. And for this you are now officially my apprentice as the Goddess of Love instead of the cupid who fell in love with a man who has another. I'll tell my son about the matter later." Pyrrha happily consents and went off to do her duties as Aphrodite's apprentice.

Time has passed, and everything seemed so well off. And as for Acacia, she was stripped of her powers and lived the rest of her life trying to break a million vases for falling in love with a man who's already in love with someone else. And Pyrrha takes a break from her responsibility and strolls around the Theseus Square. She sat in the same bench where it somehow gave inspiration to her goals. There was talking and laughing anywhere, but one stood all of the rest. Pyrrha seemed to recognize it and looked at the other bench next to her.

There was a family, a beautiful, happy family. She seems to know them and smiles, without another word as she places them in one of the stories of love and adventure.