Chapter One

Wyatt's red eyes opened up half way to reveal a lust less green. He coughed and moaned, from his place on the dingy carpet, his mind pulsing with the buzz of whatever he had taken the night before. He could feel a warm body beside him, and without looking at the stranger, rolled over till he could painfully squint at his surroundings. He had no idea where he was, he vaguely remembered heading off to Sara's house the night before, but had no idea where he was now.

He thought dimly of the girl as he tried to piece together the events of the previous night - brown hair, brown eyes - a desperate need for something nobody could ever be able to satisfy. He was repulsed by her in every since of the word, despite her obvious and pathetic attempts to gain his attention. That's what this kind of life style ensued however, being around people you never planned on being around and talking to people you never imagined yourself talking to. The only thing that mattered to Wyatt was getting what he wanted out of the people around him, but he wasn't even sure what that was anymore.

He pushed himself delicately off the floor, eyes watering and looked around. He almost vomited with the effort of trying to stand and was forced back to his knees almost immediately. He sighed and finally allowed himself a peek at the body beside him.

He found that she was awake her eyes searching him and they were caught, staring at each other for a few moments. Her hair was a limp red, her nose dotted with freckles. She was thin to the point of starved, pale and strechted, the skin of her forehead pulled tight against her scalp. He wondered what she must have thought of him. Red skin, stringy black hair and dull green eyes. He had stopped caring a long time ago what people thought of him however and smiled at her. She stared back at him warily.

He let the smile fall, his charms weren't going to work against whoever this girl was she, had seen too much and cared little for excuses. He noticed the small red marks on her arms and the receded blue veins that had shrunk from the strain of the girl's "self medication". He didn't bother going through the routine with this one.

"Anything left?" she sucked her teeth before answering, and then replied in a tiny croak of a voice, "No,". He sighed. He would piece together the events of the night before later, for now he needed to find something and quick before he got too sick to function. He didn't bother saying goodbye as he headed for the door. He probably would never see her again.