A/N; This is a scene about a hatchling dragon that I wrote for a friend of mine.

The little creature had finally freed himself from his ever-shrinking prison only to find that the world outside was a very strange place indeed. In his little round home there had only been one color; dark. Outside there were all sorts of different colors and he was pretty sure that most of them were trying to scare him. Why, he himself was even a non-dark color. His purply-blue hide and flappy little wings seemed to follow him everywhere and he was beginning to suspect that they were never going to give up and leave him alone. His stubbly little legs, all of the darned things, mind you, seemed dead set on tripping him up and they were doing a right good job of it.

Yes, this place with its colors and shapes was getting on his teensy, hatchling nerves, to say nothing of the strange sounds and smells and sensations. Now, he didn't know much of this place yet, so maybe he was wrong, but he was pretty sure The Creator should've left somebody nearby to help him figure this utterly peculiar place out. The creature eyed his surroundings to no avail, he still hadn't the slightest clue what anything was, so he wouldn't know what that 'somebody' would've looked like anyways.

Oh well, he could look for this mysterious 'someone' later, right now he had to figure out… Er… Something. He had to explore this funny new world-outside-the-oval-prison. Out of curiosity, and perhaps some niggling little instinct, he approached the first thing that caught his attention. The thing was making little wet, gurgling noises and shimmered oddly, as if it were moving. As he stepped onto it he yelped, having not expected his chubby leg to fall through the stuff, and he backed up so fast that he tripped over his own tail.

Wait, he had a tail? Another peculiar limb floated into his vision when he turned his head towards his backside. He was sure it was part of him 'cause it was the same odd color. Bother, more body parts to keep track of.

He turned his attention back towards the flowy-gurgley thing with what he was sure was an imposing glare, determined to figure out at least this one thing on his own. He approached it slowly, crouched low to the ground, his newfound tail twitching back and forth in concentration.

Once he had slunk close enough, but was still sure the thing hadn't spotted him yet, he pounced it with all the fury his tiny, uncoordinated self could muster, which was quite a lot if he did say so himself. The stuff splashed and splattered all around him, shining in what he didn't know was the morning light. He froze suddenly, fascinated by the pretty flashy liquid that burbled around his little body. His head tilted to the side curiously as he watched it. H suddenly felt the urge to bite it, so he tried, but was once again thwarted by the fluid nature of the stream. It tasted nice though, so he drank some, smacking his lips happily afterwards.

Satisfied after what he decided had been a successful hunt, the little creature bumbled out of the shallow water and wandered aimlessly around on the soft green land that stretched in patches between the tall brown things that were all festooned with even more green, this time in thin, flappy bits. The mossy forest floor was soft beneath his clawed feet and he thought it felt really nice.