Chapter 3

It was two days later, early in the morning, when it happened. That was the day, they brought in Jessie. I don't think I could forget that day even if I wanted to; but of course I don't since it's probably my only happy memory from those days.

I remember not being able to sleep, just like the night before. It was strange. The reason I couldn't sleep was because I would have horrible nightmares whenever I tried. Which, in itself was a strange thing considering I was able to protect myself from having night terrors. But, I wouldn't speak of it, not to anyone. If I told the others, they would surely worry and I didn't want that. If I told Gertrude or any of the other scientists, then HIS interest would surely be peaked. That was definitely, the last thing I wanted.

Sitting there in the dark, I suddenly began to hear speaking coming from the doorway into the room. I slowly got onto all fours and crawled to the front of my cage. The door then opened, but instead of just carrying a flashlight, one of the scientists flipped a switch near the door and all the lights came on in the room. I took note of the others groggy voices as they were suddenly woken up, but it did not matter much to me. My attention was too heavily focused on the small creature in one of the scientist's arms. It looked almost like a little boy, except he had golden fur on his body, two long flappy ears, paws, and a tail.

I was so awestruck by it, that I almost didn't notice the scientist speaking.

" Well you lot, I'm certain most of you are already pretty used to this by now, so I think I'll just skip the formalities and get straight to it." He put his hands out and the other scientist handed the little creature to him, "This here, is Ten. He will be your new fellow experiment. I take it you'll be only too happy to accept him into your pathetic little group."

While the others were busy looking at the new experiment, I couldn't help but take notice of something. 'Excuse me sir. If you do not mind me asking, where in the world will he stay? There aren't anymore cells.'

"Excellent question Two," Walking over to my cell, he opened the door and dropped Ten inside, "I've been instructed to place him under your care." I'm pretty sure that, if not for the circumstance, Eight would have laughed at that.

'And who exactly instructed you to do this?'

"Oh Two. You know you know who. I know you know who. Don't fool yourself. Who do you think you're kidding, trying to sound as if you don't know? "

'….It was just a question.'

"I'm sure." With those last words, he shut the cage door and the two scientists left the room, turning the lights off before they left.

I looked down at Ten, as he looked up at me. The little one's head was tipped to the side as if in confusion. He blinked once and then a large smile grew on his face. I was a little startled, especially when he got up and launched himself at me. I hadn't noticed the mental screech I had let out, not until I heard Eight laugh and Four and Seven chuckle. My face grew hot with embarrassment and I occupied myself with observing the little creature in my arms.

"S'kinda weird," Five said, looking at me through the bars between our cells, "Why would they place him in your care. Do you even know anything about children Two?"

'No. Do you?' I turned to look at him as Ten began pawing at my face. The elderly experiment shook his head and I sighed. I knew a lot about many things. But while that may have been the case; there were still many things I didn't know about. One of those things was children. I didn't know the first thing about children. I'm certain that, if someone today had heard me say that, they would have laughed and told me to just think back to my own experience as a child. But that was just the problem. I couldn't remember any of my childhood experiences. Not one. So, I really didn't have much to go on.

"I wonder."

Hearing Seven's voice, I moved my head to look at him. He was sitting down with his hand at this chin, his thinking look.

'About what?'

"Tell me if I'm seeing things, but I'm pretty sure that kid looks like a dog with a kids head on it."

'Yes, I guess he does. What of it?' I was pretty sure I already knew what Seven was trying to get at, but I decided to let him say it himself.

"If he really is a new experiment, then they wouldn't have done any experiments on him yet. So why does he look like that?"

The silence in the room was cold, frightening, and with a bit of unwant. None of us wanted to consider what the child was, and where he had come from.