"I'm sorry," The doctor said in a solemn tone, "there's nothing more we can do, all of the medication and surgery has failed."

"B- but what about my baby girl?" Her mother asked, barely managing to stop herself from quivering.

"I'm afraid there is nothing else that could possibly help. I'm very sorry." The doctor left the room, leaving the mother and the damned daughter in silence. Her mother stood and immediately went after he doctor; she grabbed him by the collar as her eyes glared with murderous intent.

"You're a doctor, you're supposed to help people, why are you just abandoning me and my girl?!" She yelled.

"I'm not abandoning her, her arrhythmia has degenerated too far, there is nothing more we can do except have her stay in hospital for the rest of her life." The doctor said calmly. Upon hearing this, the girl stood and intervened.

"No, I don't want to stay here." She said. She was tired of it all, the medications, the surgery, the incessant recommendations and suggestions that would obviously fail. She had been fighting for so long against herself that she no longer knew what normality was like; she no longer knew what being a face in the crowd felt like. In fact, she wasn't even sure if she could feel at all anymore. There was only one feeling that she felt right now, and it was the dull, throbbing pain in her chest. 'Do- Do I want to live?' She asked herself. The answer she came to resounded in an immediate, definite 'No.'