It was a Saturday when the girl walked into the diner on the side of the highway. She was, along with most of the others stopped at the side of the road, trying to stay out of the dust storm that was going on outside. She was not an attractive person, that much was for sure. Her hair was in a style that seemed to welcome the birds to nest in it. Her face was in a boxy shape and she was much too pasty-pale for her own good. She spoke to the waitress who came to her booth in a nasal voice, more like a young child's then a twenty-nine year old woman's. The girl said she would have some of the fries 'thank-you-very-much' and a courtesy cup of water. She confided to the waitress that she had been away for a long time and was finally going back home to see her daddy and mom and little sister. She then proudly took a chain from under her coat and showed the waitress a necklace that her father had given to her on her sixteenth birthday years ago. She hadn't lost it or even needed to get a new chain for it. That necklace was her pride and joy. The waitress watched later as the strange girl left the diner at last. The waitress pulled on that old bracelet her father had given her on her own sixteenth birthday, almost 62 years before.