Imagine a quiet pastoral scene in the south. All that can be heard are the rustling of leaves and birds singing tentatively, calling out to their mates through the warm spring air. The rural road is empty, and the sheep graze lazily in the fields. It is dawn, all is quite still as if in eternal sleep… But time is everyone's enemy and will break this spell of peace. Nothing can last forever.

One sheep looks up sharply from the ground, staring blankly into the distance. A dull rumbling can be heard, and soon a figure in the distance is coming towards this picturesque scene in full blown speed and relentlessness. The sheep start to move.

"Go! Go now before the house wakes! You must get away from here my dear, as far away as you can! Leave everything, forget everything, now GO!"

Her voice is all I hear as I urge my horse to move faster. Her hooves dig ferociously into the ground, disturbing that soil underneath. I haven't stopped all night, and a daresay I ever will stop running. Running away. God what a nightmare! My life can never be as it was before. I can no longer be that man of the past. I must start anew if I ever wish to survive. Leave everything, forget everything. You are right, my dear, dear mother, for choice do I have? What choice do I have, knowing that I have committed the most unforgivable sin? What choice could I possibly have, knowing that I have killed my own flesh and blood? My own father!