I ran my fingers along the blond tresses that happened to be blocking my vision. My lips fell in a thin line as I scooted myself in to a nearby alley that's clearly a shortcut to school. I reached for the front pocket of my pants where my phone was rested. My lips didn't intend to curve as I typed my password. They just did. The sides of my cheeks showed faint hints of lines where my dimples should be. But the lack of my habit to smile was out of question. People tell me to always plaster one. It makes them less frightened by the demeaning aura I cast. My electrifying blue eyes make the least help. No one could even look me in the eyes. They look cold and dense, precisely how people see me.

I scanned the upper portion of my phone.

7:46 Great. Just great. Fourteen minutes to go.

The red bricked walls of Campbell High can be seen from a few blocks. I walked as calmly as I could despite the fact that I was obviously late. Finally, I reached the doors. A wave of silence washed among the students as I set foot. After all, it's never a normal sight to see the President of the Student Council this late. The students whispered silently as I passed by. Fools. I could still hear them. I didn't bother to listen to the mindless chatter they made. Only a few words were actually comprehended by my ears.

'..late for her'

'how come?'

'so pretty'

'her eyes..'

'those cheeseburgers'

I seriously don't know where that came from.

I made a quick turn towards the Students Affairs office and set my belongings neatly on my desk. Yes, the officers do have personal desks. There were about seven desks that were neatly organized and adorned suited from their taste. My desk didn't have much. Just heaps of paper works and request letters from the other club departments, unfinished novels (I didn't have time to read them) and two picture frames leaning against the pile of books. One showed a couple with two blond bushy haired kids. They all smiled contently. From the looks of it, the little boy isn't much older than the little girl. Maybe around one to two years. The little girl smiled with sparkly blue eyes and visible dimples marking the sides of her cheeks. It was the perfect family picture.

The other frame showed two teenagers around thirteen years old. Then again, there was the girl with the dimples. Only now her smile was much smaller, dimples fainter, but if you squint your eyes you could tell she was contented. A boy sporting jet black hair and sharing the girl's piercing blue eyes smirked at the camera almost mocking the photographer. He wore a New York Yankees jacket and a pair of dark jeans. He looks like the typical boy from middle school all the girls talked and gushed about. At the bottom of the photograph were two signatures. Beside them was a messy scribble intended to be a description.

'Bffs. Buddies.' The word Bffs was crossed out.

'It's too girly' the blond girl frowned. 'let me fix that.' her neat hand writing can be easily distinguished.

'aww. But Sammy aren't we bffs.' he chuckled at the girl sitting beside him. She shot him an unamused stare.

I sighed inwardly. Things never changed. I gave one last look at my phone and- damn. I will really be late now. I gathered everything needed for my first class. To be honest, it didn't really matter if I was late or not. The teachers would understand without further explanation. Not to brag but, even with or without lying, the teachers would believe me.

I opened the door to be tackled by a tall figure in a tight embrace.

"Morning baby" The guy towered more than a few inches. He had messy blond hair, a shade darker than mine. His eyes were the shape of almonds that are set below the bangs of his hair. He shot me one of his famous grins.

"Hey Jake" I nodded and got out of his grip. "Thirty seconds" I said without looking at the clock.

"Why do you always have to manage your schedule. Let's spend some quality time on the weekends. Just the two of us." He winked at me knowingly and I nearly gagged at the sight. I straightened my composure before I turned the heels of my feet.

"No. I have things to do." was all I said before I pushed passed him. He yanked me back with a harsh tug.

"Is it him again?" he asked exasperatedly. I pursed my lips in a thin line. My eyes met his and he almost stayed his eye contact. almost.

"Sam," he stated firmly. "Does it involve him?" he repeated now dropping my gaze.

"Yes," I said without hesitation. "Can I please go to my first class now?" I let out an irritated sigh.

"For god's sake Sam. We are dating." His breath trickled the top of head. I stared blankly in return. Thank you, captain obvious.

"Are you done?" I quirked one of my eye brows at him. The proximity between us was more than that on my comfort zone.

"No," He pushed me in to a nearby locker. I landed with such force I almost doubled over. "Why is it always him?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." I snatched a quick look at my phone yet again. I was brought back by Jake's attempts to talk without failing to lose eye contact.

"See that's the problem. You hang around each other since god knows when and still, you choose your little plans with him instead of your own boyfriend" he made mocked hand quotes when he said 'little'. I put my phone back into my pocket and he seemed to have noticed it.

"and heck even your phone's password is NathanTheGreat" I almost laughed at this.

"He changed it." I shrugged carelessly

He let out an exasperated sigh and finally gave up. There was complete silence among the two of us it was almost deafening. The corridors were dead empty. The sound of buzzing engines can be heard from the nearby AV Room.

"Choose." He finally broke the silence. He smirked and sounded like he finally got the upper hand. "Me or Nathan?"

"Easy" I tucked my hand on my pocket. He smiled all too knowingly as if he already knew what I'll say. "Nathan"

With that, I stormed off. By the look from his face, I believe he didn't expect my answer after all.

The day went by fast. Mrs Patel just smiled when I came by thirty minutes late. She didn't even asked why, and said she'll gladly give me handouts from today's lesson. I signed papers. Me and the other officers with our adviser had our weekly meeting that was always scheduled Friday. Before I know it I was walking back to our apartment. As usual the lights were opened. My brother always left it that way even without people around. He said it was to warn robbers that people are inside the house. Our parents live in San Francisco. Which means they left us an apartment for ourselves in New York.

I got out my copy of the key I always carried around inside my wallet and got inside the house. Strangely enough, people are inside.

A faint snore can be heard behind the sofa. I half expected to see my brother but it didn't surprise me to see a lean figure face flat, splayed across it. His jet black hair was tousled everywhere as if he was tossing around as he slept.

"But I didn't illegally download that... No.. Spongebob tell them I'm your friend." he mumured in his sleep. I got a pillow from the other chair and slowly lifted his head to put it underneath.

Just as I was about to leave for my room his eyelids fluttered open and a pair of piercing blue eyes stared at me.

"Hiii Sammy, you're meeting was too long" he slurred as he sat up. "Come sit beside me" he patted the space beside him. Really, if the girls from school see him like this his image will go from hot to hot and cute.

"Nathan how did you even get here," I asked even though I already knew the answer.

"Spare key," he grinned cheekily at my direction. Of course, he pops up every now and then.

"I am seriously calling the cops on you next time." I stared at him and he stared back. He was the only person who could keep up a staring contest with me all day. Maybe because his eyes are vaguely similar to mine without the cold feeling.

"I know what happened." He poked me in the arm as if to prod me.

"News surely do travel fast," I shifted my gaze to the television set in front of me. It wasn't turned on but it was the nearest thing I could lay my eyes on except for Nathan.

"Yeah, now most guys are planning to ask you out..again." he stressed the last word

"Same reason you broke up with the other dudes?" he laughed a hearty laugh. After our first few boyfriends and girlfriends complaining, it had became a joke to the two of us. Because really, relationships are just there. I feel complete with or without them.

I nodded absently, taking out Jake's picture from my wallet. Nathan was already handing me a pen, smirking at me. His eyes were showing what seems to be a glint.

I quickly wrote Jake Watson across his face and the date today. Nathan tossed me a box full of other pictures. We estimated around thirty two all together. The pictures were mostly girls. I placed Jake's picture on top of them and closed the lid. The box was labeled "EX FILES".

I guess you now know who the other people are. Yeah, me and Nathan agreed to stack together pictures of our exes in a small box. I could already read your thoughts, that we are heartless and monstrous human beings. But really that's why we're called the "Ice Princess" and "Heart Breaker" for a reason. These nicknames were passed from tongue to tongue until it reached us. Not like we did care what people call us behind our back.

"Oh yeah and did you know?" He leaned his head on my shoulder and yawned lazily. He snatched the pen away and let out a picture of a girl with fire red hair.

"Broke up with Natalie today." he chuckled as if it wasn't a big deal. "Jake must have told her about the sleep over."

With that he tossed the girl's picture on top of the other faces that were previously either, crying, screaming or fuming at the two of us.

Yeah, nobody's gonna sleep tonight. We're gonna have an evening full of story telling marathon, scary movies and video games.

"Spongebob. Don't forget Spongebob" Nathan said as if reading my thoughts.

Ex Files: 34 Photos? Check.

Author's Note: Well how was it? Thank you so much for reading this far! I love youuu. Please do tell me what you think. It will be highly appreciated and returned.