The Beast Within

We have been taught from the day of our birth to control the beast inside of us all. Through our years of living we've locked up the animal and hidden it away so no one will see it. Sometimes it was successful keeping the beast quit with a smile but there are times when the animals roars to make itself noticed…..then there are times when we are at our breaking point the animal breaks loose. That was what happened in Wichita, Kansas.

Out west of Wichita were the town population is scarce there lived a man 20 miles from Goddard whom kept to himself. This man was Randy Morris; he was an old man with a crippling cancer do to the cigarettes and the booze he took daily. He was sitting on his front porch with a growing anger inside of him. He found out his wife had left him for another man while he was imprisoned for selling unlicensed guns. Turned one of the guns he sold was to a mentally disturbed teenager whom went to his school and shot a dozen students and teachers then shot himself. For that he should have been in prison longer then a year but, for some reason this wasn't so.

Randy heard the roar of the lions in the barn. His eye twitched a little at the sound. There wasn't just lions in his barn, there were also lions, leopards, cheetahs, panthers, just about every big cat there is was living in that barn. Why were there such animals in that barn? The answer was simple he loved danger.

Before he got married he bought a lion from the black market. When he first petted the animal without any help near by him felt like God touching the beast. This feeling of godhood made him want to buy more and more he got even though he didn't have the finances to take care of them properly.

He got up from the porch with revenge on his mind. Those animals in the barn were like children to his wife, she was the one that took care of them the most until she left. He went inside his kitchen were all the cut up chicken was stored then took it outside. The smell of the chicken was enough for the big cats to roar in hunger, some of them even clawed at the cage. Randy smiled; he hadn't been feeding them for a week. He laid down the chicken in front of all the cages were the beasts became restless. After he laid down the meat he went into the shed and brought back some shears. He was going to cut down the cages. One by one the cats were freed eating the meat in savage fashion. Once the animals were loose he went to his knees around the circle of chicken and shot himself. The plan was for the cats to eat him. They ate the chicken but, not the man.

About two hours the incident nobody seemed to noticed. It was late at night when most of the town was asleep. Most of the cats went into the forestry parts were they could hide and eat or they went into the town and ate the pet or some other wild animal. A few went as far as Wichita which is only a mile away. A tiger went so far as to a super market were she got to meet a cashier with a hidden beast of her own.

Her name was Jackie May. She worked as a cashier for the Dill Market for a year and she hated it. Everyday behind the counter with a fake smile her mind kept on screaming 'get me out, get me out, GET ME OUT'. It was worse when you had to deal with the 'sensitive' customer. 'Don't put that so and so on the belt, I want it a certain way, just stop I'll do it myself, you're doing it wrong this is poor customer service!' and so on.

If only the customer saw what was in her head they would have held their tongues. Jackie thought of them as mindless sheep that needed to slaughter so she didn't have to see their stupid faces. As for the 'sensitive' customer, let's just say in the words of Jack Torrence from The Shining said to his wife: 'I said I'm not going to hurt ya, I'm just going to bash your brains in!' and indeed she wanted to do just that with one of them right now.

This customer was one of those fatties in a scooter with 30 bottles of soda. When she scanned all of them he started to whine about the price. "I'm supposed to get five dollars off!" Jackie circled the small knife in her pocket, there were times when she was tempted to jump over the register and start stabbing them repeatedly but resisted. To make matters worse the manager wasn't here tonight. "I'm sorry sir, but the manager isn't here right now."

After she said that the customer started yakking again about the price and how he should get it for free. How about you cut down on the soda you fat bastard, she thought. Jackie was about to change the price for the sake of her customer until the market was filled with a loud roar. Everything was still for a moment. Jackie didn't move and the whiner was quite, both of them couldn't believe what they heard. Was that a lion? A tiger? A bear? It roared again suddenly louder then before. Both Jackie and the customer looked behind them were the tiger was licking its lips.

What came next was a miracle, the fattie began to run for his life. Too bad this miracle wouldn't really save him. Only a foot away from his scooter the tiger was on him in seconds. It clawed his fat back with his teeth on his head. The screams were piercing. Jackie didn't know what was worse, the screams or the tiger eating a man. Suddenly she snapped, she walked over to the tiger with her knife pulled out. The tiger didn't notice her until she started stabbing it over and over and over again.

Jackie hated the sound, she didn't know why but it was maddening. They were screaming, she stabbed both of them repeatedly even when they weren't screaming anymore. She didn't stop until a customer said, "Oh my God!" Jackie looked up to see Mrs. Mason. Mrs. Mason was a regular at Dill Market, she was a severely old woman whom Jackie hated with a passion. She was always finding some fault in Jackie for whatever reason and she never shut up about her grand kids.

What Mrs. Mason was seeing before her was like something from a horror movie. She saw Jackie all covered in blood with a dead tiger and a dead obese man. She looked at Mrs. Mason with an animalistic grin. Jackie extended out her hand beckoning her to come over. "Come here, sheep! Come and join the slaughter!" As far as Jackie's mind went the beast in her mind was loose. By the sight of Jackie she ran out of the store calling 9-1-1.

After the Dill Market incident the police found Randy and the animals. All the cats had to be put down. As for Jackie May she was put in an asylum were the beast still ran wild.