I have no wish to run but I can't live in tangled shadows,
Twisting the ways of men to breathe in life I was denied.
I have the entire world to suffer; burdens fester, I can't comply
To the reason of home and the minds of others.
I cannot let this happen.
I cannot trust another.

Not yet a year and I miss relevance.

Was he not here once? Lips upon a sweating brow.
I cannot forget his eyes, I cannot forgive him now.
The man who touched the stars and kept the world at bay,
Whereas I bathe in reflections and whisper him away.
I cannot pretend nothing was felt,
But what I cannot say.
He should have stayed away.
He should have stayed.

A day passed and I forgave.

Yet, I was the sinner to his soul, a clammy-handed fool
Wearing him down and planting tinctures in his rules.
Fingers to earth and head to the sky, perilous words and senseless nights,
Never again clear to see the black and white he claimed to need.
Always grey to me.
A grey he'd never be.

His coffin's sealed and I am colour-blind with grief.