The night fell in the Pink Palace as Princess Miyuki rolled in bed, restless.

"Horatio! I want some lemon juice and pocky sticks!" She called, in a feverish voice, to her butler (who happened to be sleeping in his quarters five rooms away). At this clarion call, Horatio jumped to his feet, grabbed what his Mistress wanted and headed to her room where he knocked on her door.

"Enter!" Princess Miyuki barked. Horatio carefully pushed aside the candy-coated doors and bowed to his Mistress, before handing her the items.

"Your Highness, I do believe you are looking very pale and ill. Shall I fetch the Royal Doctor to see you?" He coughed. Miyuki shook her head. She didn't want Horatio to phone Archibald, especially if it was just a little cough or cold. That doctor was very bossy and strict, especially if it was time-wasting.

"Are you sure?" Horatio's voice cut the silence like a sharp knife.

"YES!" Miyuki snapped before coughing up blood. Horatio took one look at it and frowned.

"I'm calling Archibald. He needs to see you. You can't be this ill..." He muttered. Miyuki let out a weak protest, before retreating into bed. Horatio was right. She was really ill, and only Archibald could save her.