The night is my freedom.

No one can see me in the dark.

I can step out of my day-uglyness and into my night-beauty.

I can be anything. I can be anyone I want.

Tonight I am a fox-girl, like I am most nights.

I run through imaginary forests, and laugh with imaginary friends.

I am free. Free of the day's choking hand.

Free of the rules of staying human.

I smile as my thought-sword spills invisible blood.

I can almost taste the heat and sweat of a fight.

But even the mightiest of fighters have to sleep sometimes.

I fall into my bed, tired. My awake-dream is blurring.

I sleep, curled up with my stuffed-animal fox.

The morning comes, and I wake before the sun.

I'm in a dark room, perfect. My awake-dream begins again.

Now I am a fairy, a companion to a cat-boy with orange hair. We set off to find the boy's twin sister.

The journey doesn't last long. The golden daggers of the sun pierce my world.

I'm in the day again. I realize the foolishness of my thought-world and forget about it.

But when night comes again, back I am.

I'm a fox-girl again, fighting the hordes of imagination.