May it be the tears from my swollen eyes,

Or the pain coercing my body,

I am always thinking.

Those thoughts only contain what leads to my saddened state,

Bringing forth those tears and pain.

Only surrounded in darkness,

With no one to grasp.

I am always thinking,

Of the memories of events passed by.

How my head cannot understand this suffering,

and how my heart calls out for relief.

To be saved,

That is my only wish.

To be freed from my thoughts,

To be brought back out of the dark,

To see those faces again.

Yet, I still await;

Always thinking.

I live in my fantasies.

The dreams where a happier life is led,

one leading with adventure and thrill at a turn of a corner.

In a reality, it is a fear.

To death is a fear.

And such thoughts are feared by my heart.

For I am always thinking.