A seriously fudged up dream I had a week ago. I'm still having trouble sleeping or maybe I just suck at life. Hope you enjoy! (P.S. If you review you win a lifetime supply of Nyquil! 0.0)

A young boy found himself lost as he ventured through the labyrinth of Thompson Manor. No matter which way he took, he had returned to that same corridor. That same familiar Persian carpet and the dark brooding presence and it seemed to stretch on for miles. Coming to that same intersection he took a left turn but ended back at the same exact place. All the while, it was dim in the manor; the only light source came from the moon.

The boy drew his hands up and covered his ears in fear as he heard a man shouting. It was frightening to him especially when he heard a woman answer back with a yelp. He squeezed his eyes shut and quickened his pace longing to find some escape but he couldn't when he heard that scream again.

"Somebody help me!" She cried and her voice filled the manor and the dread seemed to increase. Despite how he felt he couldn't just abandon this woman if she was in some sort if danger. He continued to walk down the corridor when he stopped suddenly because to his surprise there was a black door at the end. At its base was light and dark shadows flickered along with it. He stared at the dubious entrance, wondering if it was a possible escape. The shouting of the man and the screaming of the woman increased as the boy advanced towards the door. He kept walking and even as he got closer the door seemed to become more and more distant. It was a very strange and frustrating thing and at some point the boy found himself running. He raced towards the door but still couldn't reach it. He kept going in hopes of being able to finally grasp that handle and as he did this his heart was racing. The voices of the man and the woman became a lot clearer as he tried to get to the door. The two shadows danced around on the other side of the door and the voices got louder. There was a loud scream and then the house fell silent.

The boy had had come to a stop when he realized that his hand was touching the knob. He had a feeling of anxiety the entire time and it got worse as he slowly turned the handle to reveal the site inside. The dim light brightened the area for only a moment as he stepped into the room. The room having been lit with candles went darker as a cold wind blew inside. The boy shut the door behind him and leaned against it careful. He thought he saw something shift throughout the darkness and his heart went out to the mysterious woman.

"Are you in here?" He spoke out barely in a whisper and could hear no response. He stepped forward into the darkness trembling. He felt… he knew that there was someone or something else in that room with him. Moving forward he felt something touch his ankle that made him uncomfortable. Turning back curious, he slowly leaned closer to the ground touching what he felt. The thing suddenly lurched forward and grabbed the boy by the shoulders and he could easily recognize the woman. His mother stared back at him with haunted eyes as he stared back in fear.

"Run." She whispered and the idea of this startled the boy. Before he could do anything he sensed something behind him. He felt an arm come around him and something cold and sharp being pressed against his neck.

Ah, I just love me some literary elements.