When Love Is Real

How do you know?

When love is real?

We all wonder for years,

But when it happens,

It's crystal clear.

When love is real,

You play like a kid.

You smile way too much.

And your heart dances as such.

I see everything in him, and him in everything.

You know you're in love when you're heart just wants to sing.

Everything makes sense,

Yet often not at all.

No moment can be wasted.

And the sweetness can be tasted.

You can hope that love is perfect,

But really that's not true.

It always feels so perfect though,

As long as I'm with you.

This love is real,

And that I know.

Because when love is true,

It shows.

I actually got inspiration from many different sources for this poem. The usual: Other poetry, my love, and other people's love. So this poem is a smoothie. ;) I'd love a review, tell me what you think! Thanks for reading.