There have been days where I wish I had not gotten out of bed. No matter what I do those days could have easily been the end of the world. Then there are days I wish I did not have to sleep in order to function. Sleep…one of the human needs which makes my life miserable. Whenever I close my eyes…death is played in my mind. They die and I cannot do a thing about it. I am always an observer while an invisible force tugs me along in the dreams, making sure I know exactly what happens to these people. Murder, suicide, premature…always before their time…and they become restless. They show me what happened to them, and want me to fulfill their final wishes. I am thankful it is never talking to a relative (do I even have one?). Most of the time they want me to tell the police who killed them… The police listen, but I never appear to them face to face. Anonymous tips are the best; no one would believe me otherwise.

I have tried to tell people what I see outside my dreams before. When I was little, I had trouble figuring out who was 'real' and who was invisible to everyone else BUT me. The adults always thought I had many imaginary friends because no one my age wanted to play with me. As I got older, I started noting the differences between those who are living, breathing…on this plane and those who have died long ago.

This should be the only part of the story that is in 1st person...