She whispered.
"I'm losing faith."
His pen tapped the desk.
He sighed.
She smiled.
Again, an innocent whisper.
"Why? Why. When you never see the light, it's hard to see which one of us is caving. I had a favorite. Uncle Terry. He was my favorite. It was silly. Silly to have a favorite. But I did. And it was him. He was taken from me."
She mouthed the words "taken from me" as a tear rolled down her cheek.
He made a note on his paper.
She continued in her soft whispered voice.
"After he died, I had a favorite still. A cousin. Danny. She was my best friend. She was beautiful and funny and mine. But then she got Schizophrenia. She took herself from me. She was taken from me too. "
He looked sad. Again, he made another note. He crossed his legs.
She continued.
"After Danny died, I found a new favorite. Jake. He was my favorite. As you know, I was cutter."
She subconsciously pulled her sleeves down around her fists.
"Everyone has a hero. Jake was mine. But guess what. Jake was taken too. Jacob was taken from me."
He stopped to make a note on his paper.
"Thank you."
Again, she went back to a whisper as she brought her knees to her chest.
"I'm not done."
She stared blankly at the wall to her right, her head resting on her knees.
"After Jake was taken, I found a new favorite. Her name was Amber. She was taken. After her I found my other little sister, Noey. She was taken. After Noey was taken, I found David. He left. I had Erin and Mikey and Hayley and Erin tried to die and Mikey left me and Hayley's only five for christs sake she couldn't do anything. After all of them, my mother started being taken. She's still being taken.
They're all

A tear fell from the pastors eyes.

She slowly lifted her sleeves.
Fresh cuts lined her wrists to her elbows.

Tears flowed from her eyes now.
Once again, her barely audible whisper.

"I was taken."

No longer a whisper. Now an angry voice.

"That is why I'm losing faith."