Old Friends Not Forgotten

Kati. Two weeks younger than me.

Left behind when I moved.

Jessica. Liked to be called 'Bubbles'.

Disappeared with my elementary school.

Lindsey. A neighbor.

Never saw her after I stopped riding the school bus.

Brittney. A friend in kindergarten.

Moved away in the summer between then and first grade.

Calvin. Took me to chess club.

I ditched chess club.

Meagan. The longest lasting friend I had.

Went to Texas.

Dallas. Used to draw Power Puff Girls.

We drifted apart over the years.

Stephanie. First friend I had after I moved.

Ditched me to go to college in another state.

Amanda. Called me nearly every night.

It stopped when I became home-schooled.

John. Was a fellow bookworm.

I moved away.

Sam. Was going to dye her hair green.

I left before it happened.

Kala. We trekked uncounted miles pulling a handcart together.

Never saw her again after it was over.

Grace. Was a mime in a play we did together.

I graduated, leaving her behind.

Makayla. Taught me hand-clapping games.

She switched schools on me.

Quentin. Never celebrated holidays due to his religion.

The school year ended and he was gone.

Alena. Best imaginary friend ever created.

I grew up.