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I can't believe I'm doing this. It's been 60 years after my beloved's death and I still can't get over it. Yet here I am, on a ship to England, the stars lighting the way from France. I sigh and tuck a strand of my jet black hair behind my ear. I walk to the side of the ship, and look over the side, gazing at my reflection in the dark blue atlantic ocean. My dark black hair is pinned up by a golden butterfly pin. My pale skin making it look darker, my multi-colored eyes(one green and one blue) gaze through my spectacles. My features and appearance forever frozen at the age of twenty. I cock my head to one side and look at my odd reflection. I'm a vampire of old age. I have accepted this and have moved on the best I could with this fact. Being almost a thousand years old, I'm wise and strong, but yet young and have much to learn. I sigh and step away from the ship's edge. Walking back to my room, just next to the captains room, I enter and retrieve my journal. Like me, it is old but still sturdy. Made from the best leather and paper. I get my ink pen, sitting on my bed beside the pointless candle light, and start to write.

'26, March, 1887

My voyage to England is almost finished. A month on this dreadful ship has been awfully dreary. All the mortals are either deathly ill or too snobbish to be friendly with. I should be meeting with Crysmalia and Jerald t'morrow evening before we are summoned to the council meeting. Oh how I dread these meetings. But no matter how boring they may be, I shan't be absent in presence, for my position is too high for such a thing. On such a day as t'morrow! But I shan't complain anymore than I have. Dear Ludwig would be ashamed of me. But for now I will mourn the 60th year of his passing and live life as he wished I should. I bid you a fare night ol' journal.'

I put my journal aside and lay down on the old cot. I focus my keen hearing to the quiet waves outside. After a few minutes I hear a few small footsteps padding down the corridor under my room, out to the deck, then closing in on my room. A soft smile plays upon my lips as I hear a few timid knocks. I chuckle softly and retrieve a woven sack under my bed. I open the door and let in the three small children that I have fed every night since the day after the departure. The tallest and oldest, a mere nine years of age, has short choppy blonde hair up to her chin. Her pale blue eyes are soft but always cautious. Her pale freckled skin is tight against her skinny body. The second oldest is only a few inches shorter, age of seven. She has pretty pale blonde hair that falls to her mid-back and green eyes.. Her hair is frazzled due to lack of washing and brushing, but still utterly adorable. As the older, she is quite skinny too. The youngest, only four, clings to the oldest hand. Her curly redish brown hair stopping at her shoulders. Unlike the previous two, her face is slightly more plump, due to baby fat that still clings to her body. Her hazel eyes sparkle when they see me.

"Good evening children." I say kindly. They smile widely and close the door quietly, sitting near by bedside. I chuckle at their enthusiasm and sit in front of them.

"Siren, what'chu got fo' us t'day?" Alandria, the youngest asks. I can tell their hunger has ceased a bit since I met the trio, yet their bodies need more food to grow.

"Well I have some boiled potatoes, leftover bread, and some smoked meat." I say the last part in a bright tone. The children's faces light up excitedly.

"Really? Some meat fo' us ?" Jeannete the oldest asks. Poor literary skills when I met them and now they almost got proper english perfectly.

"Of course my pupils. I saved it just for you three. Now there isn't a lot since the shortage of food but I saved enough for you three to share." I explain and they nod eagerly. I open the sack and take out three boiled potatoes and hand each one. I take out the bread and break it to three pieces and then take out a small jar, dipping the bread in the purple substance I hand them the bread. The second youngest Gennie eyes widen in disbelief.

"Is dis jam missum? Ya really bough' jam missum?" She asks. Gennie has learned some proper english but has difficulty mastering the proper pronunciation.

"Yes Gennie, now eat up." I say and they comply eagerly. As they eat I take out a small carving knife and cut the small chicken breast into three equal pieces. Once they finished eating everything, they huddle together, looking at me expectedly. I laugh softly and curl my legs under me.

"Missum? Where will ya be livin' afta t'morra?" Gennie asks sadly.

"Not too far from you three. I'll be living in Whitechapel, perhaps a bit on the outskirts."

" Miss," Jeannete says.

"Sirenity, you don't have to be so formal." I say kindly. She nods and starts again.

"Sirenity..will you be watching over us?" She asks, fear written in her blue eyes. I nod and smile to comfort them. An idea pops in my head and I turn my body to reach behind me, inside a small drawer, and pull out three pieces of string. I pluck three strands of hair and the children look at me curiously. With each string, I intertwine a strand of my hair, and then tying one on each girl.

"What was dat?" Alandria asks curiously.

"It's a spell from my country, this will keep you safe and let me watch over you for as long as you wear it." I say in a mystical voice. The girls widen their eyes and ask more about 'magic' and 'spells' until they are dozing off to sleep. I wake them up and tell them to get along to their parents for their rest. Once they leave I sigh sadly. I will miss those three. I feel my burning throat ache more as my hunger grows. I can go weeks without blood, and I usually don't choose to feed on humans who aren't willing. Then again not many know of us and others are too fearful. I sit back on my bed and sigh. Laying down, I close my eyes and doze off to a fitful sleep.

"You favor humans too much Sirenity." A tall slender woman stands in front of me, hands on her hips. Her long brown hair fall in waves around her beautiful, perfect face. She shakes her head disapprovingly and stares at me through light grey eyes.

"And you favor our kind to much, give others a chance." I roll my eyes and walk through the blank space surrounding us. A taller gentlemen stands next to the woman, his tan skin is only slightly lighter than his original color. He has short choppy hair stopping right under his ears. He has a deep green eye color that can be mesmerizing. He stares intently at me. "These children need someone and who knows what shall happen."

"Be careful where you tread water Sirenity." The male says. His voice deep and smooth like velvet. It's almost mesmerizing.

"Be careful how you use your powers Jerald." I warn. His face hardens and he nods. I look back at the woman-, Crysmalia. "Crysmalia I don't appreciate you invading my dreams. I am fully aware of your powers but I don't know if you are aware of mine." I say threateningly. She pales, if possible, at my threat and nods.

"When will you be here?" She asks.

"Tomorrow evening."

"Alright then. Good day Sirenity." I nod and the two disappear in a cloud of smoke. My 'dream' soon dispersing and I fall back to a peaceful sleep. I wake up approximately six hours later, the sun creeping through the window. I cover my face with the thin sheets. I groan as I hear footsteps get closer and I sit up on my bed. I get up just as the person knocks on my door. I open it a little and face the captain of the ship.

"Good evein' ma'm." He says and tips his hat. He's an older gentleman with dark but graying hair. His bear is the same but lacks a mustache. His eyes are old and kind as he speaks to me.

"Evening Captain." I say.

"Sorry t' bother ya ma'm. We're here ma'm." He says. My face must have portrayed shock for the early arrival, for he continued, "We cut some time with the good wind and calm seas." He says. I nod and smile kindly.

"Thank you captain. I shall be departing then soon." I tell him. He nods and bids me farewell. I close the door and hurry and pack my things, little as they are. I grab my things and walk out the door. The sun shines brightly and I wince slightly in pain. So many rumors of vampires have spread throughout the centuries that irritate me dearly. Vampires are sensitive to sunlight, but the older you get, the more immune you become, but it takes centuries, if that, to become like me. I can walk freely in the sun for a maximum of six hours straight before I start to burn. Also the silliness of crucifix and church are rubbish. Along with holy water. Our main threats are only silver, sunlight, and fire. But ironic as it is, some vampires can wield fire as a power. It takes two centuries to develop a power but another two to master it. I sigh and walk off the boat at a casual pace.
I walk through the ports of England and shake my head. The streets are crowded with beggars and children. I look around and spot Alandria and the others with their mothers. I walk over to them and smile as I approach them. The mothers eye me warily and the children's faces light up.

" Miss!" Jeannet says. I greet them and bend down to their level.

"I can't stay, but I wanted to give you three something incase of an emergancy." I say and reach into my purse pocket. I hand them ten shillings each. Their faces light up and their mothers look at me shocked. I stand up and pat their head gently.

"Thank ya missum." Gennie says and I nod.

"Good day children. I must be going. Farewell." I say and walk off in search for the nearest coach. I spot one and get it.

"Good day miss. Where to?" A gentleman with a slight french accent says. I narrow my eyes slightly before looking out the window.

"London. And you know where Jerald." I say. Jerald chuckles before snapping the reins.

"Yes ma'm." He says as we head off to the vampire council.

We reach the old clock tower in london and Jerald helps me out. I thank him and walk over to the heavy wooden door. I knock three times and place my hand on the door. A blue light shines from around the doors edges and opens. Crysmalia is at the door, only a few inches taller than I, she looks down at me and a frown plasters on her face. She let's me and Jerald inside and I gaze around the room. A large room that is filled with elegant tables and chairs filed out neatly A long table that seats ten instead of the normal six, sits in the front of the room. Each table cloth is a brilliant crimson color lined with gold stitches and designs. The mahogony chairs are built with the best wood and a comfort seating in black with silver stitches. Three gold chandeliers hang from the high ceiling, each lighting a candle, lighting the room with dim lighting, although we can see perfectly. The white walls are covered decoratively with wall scrolls or paintings of our ancestors. A light smile plays over my face as I see one in particular.

" Siren." I turn around at the sound of my name being called. I face a taller gentleman with light hair, a pale blonde, and pale blue eyes. I smile and laugh at the sight, pushing my spectacles up higher on my nose.

"William? Is that really you?" William Shaterio a younger vampire, and a close friend from Germany. He teaches the young vampires who were born and not made, which is possible for some rather than others, how to control their wills and strength and find places for them once their powers awaken. He grins widely and opens his arms, embracing me in a hug.

"Hello there stranger." He says, giving me a elegant bow. I smile and return in curtsey.

"It's been a while indeed." I reply.

"Says the one to go missing from Germany, then Austria, and now France. Oh the publicity of it all." He says with a smirk. I simply roll my eyes and chat for a few minutes before the room fillss up with others. I bid William farewell and head to my seat at the long table in the front, the chair to the right, of the largest chair there. Soon all the seats fill up and I gaze around the enormous room filled with vampires, old and new. The chairman stands up and all side chatter falls to silence.

"Now to get straight to business.." he says. Oh dear this will be a long meeting.