"Why hello there Sirenity." I hear a sickening voice say through the darkness. The lack of light is useless in hiding the figure that's leaning against the railing on the staircase. I can see who it is perfectly, making my stomach twist.

"Why are you here Dominik?" I grit through clenched teeth. Dominik is a tall vampire, approximately six feet seven inches, with medium-length dark brown hair that's tied in a low ponytail. His green eyes stare at mine intently as he walks over to me. His features are very attractive but all they do is cause a sickening feeling over me. He stops half a meter away from me and smiles, perfect white teeth, and fangs, glint in the moonlight.

"I just came to say hello to my favorite sister." He says in a sickening sweet tone. I close my eyes tightly as I force the contents of my stomach down.

"Get out. I don't want to see you after what you did." I shudder as the memory comes back to me.
I stare at Dominik and realize none of his muscles are coiled up. I relax slightly when I conclude he won't lift a finger towards me. He continues to look at me in silence so I speak. "You murdered a whole village of innocent people. Please just go." I say lowly. He smirks and cocks his head to one side.

"But sister, I couldn't let them suffer from the plague." He says trying to reason with me. He starts to move closer and I involuntary move back. He chuckles darkly, a sound that sends shivers down my spine.

"I'm not your sister. Stop calling me that." Familial names aren't uncommon for vampires to use, but only when they belong to the same magic class. Dominik is a dark user, but he doesn't fall in the necessary category for it. He can use dark and light powers, like me, but he can control the dark more easily. I don't usually mean dark as in lack of light. The dark users are rare among society and are highly valued, feared, and watched. They take the negative energy from people and vampires and use it as their weapon. Those whose energy is took, become a better person, while it makes the user a darker, more pessimistic, or evil person. If the powers are abused, the dark users will lash out and try to take control over everything. That's why they are only used in secret and for special defenses. Light users are the complete opposite, and are regarded poorly, worse than dark users. We take the light from people and leave dark energy behind. That is why I keep my powers a secret. Dark and Light users used to work in harmony but now there are only a very small number of us left, and we hide.

"Oh but we are sister. We are one in the same you and I. I can make others happier but become bitter myself, while you," he chuckles darkly and continues walking forward until my back hits the wall. He pins his arms on each side of my face, his face leaning close to mine. "You destroy the hopes and dreams of those around you." He whispers. I shut my eyes tightly again, and wait for him to back off. He doesn't.

"What do you want?" I whisper.

"I just came to warn you, something bad's going to happen. You better watch out." He says and backs off, walking out the door then disappears into the night. I open my eyes and slide down the wall, not caring that my dress is getting dirty. I wrap my arms around myself and begin to cry. I've avoided it but when Dominik said it, the painful reality set it. I destroy those around me.


(4 months later)

'31st, July 1888

Dear Journal,

Being the Chairman of our society has been very tough, with all the meeting with elders (although I am oldest now, after our previous Chairman passed on). They are very stubborn and think that I am very weak since I have not 'specialized' (Even they mustn't know of my powers). They look down on me quite often and it is terribly irritating. Along with their downcast, I have been quite on edge lately. Dominik's warning strikes me as quite alarming since he himself, a born troublemaker, had to warn me. I hope to find out what this is all about.'

I put my pen down and stare at the cursive writing I have perfected. Sighing, I get up and walk around my rather small room. I feel a sudden chill run down my back and I run swiftly through my small house to the front door downstairs. I open it quickly baring my fangs, ready for a fight.

"It's nice to see you as well sister." Dominik's velvet voice says, a smirk plastered on his face. I glare at him, studying every inch of his stone cold body. When I feel he won't pose a threat, I invite him inside.

"What is it Dominik? Do not waste my time with pointless foolish games." I say coldly. He smirks wider, making my stomach turn. I glare at him, feeling a sudden sense of ease wash over me slowly. I begin to relax before my instincts kick in. I lunge forward, pinning Dominik against the nearest wall.

"What is it Sirenity? You need to relax." I hear the persuasion underneath his velvet honey voice. I press my arm against his throat, it won't kill him but it would make him uncomfortable.

"You do not use compulsion on me Dominik!" I yell angrily, my body tensing up more then before. My eyes widen and I back away, cold fear running through my body. "No..you didn't..you couldnot have learned.."

"The secret technique? Yes, I have. I have had a lot of spare time these past two centuries." He says and the sudden fear flows through my veins. I clutch my head as the vision appears in front of me.

I sit on the chair of a very small hut, back in the early 1700's. I look around in shock, horror, disgust, and yet a small feeling of excitement and glee. The bodies of four men lay on the ground, each having their limbs torn off in the most gruesome way. Their heads rolled off away from their bodies, since I had decapitated them. Wait, I would never hurt someone, at least not like this. I look down at my shaking hands and realize they aren't mine. A pair of tan hands replace mine, my short slender legs replaced with longer ones in trousers. I look off to the right from the dead bodies and see a woman lying in another pool of blood. Her body mutilated, her blood stained blouse is ripped, along with her skirt. A long jagged cut from, one side of her abdomen to the other, and exposed innards make my stomach lurch and I empty the contents of my stomach on to the blood soaked wooden floors.

I gasp as I am brought back to reality. I look around frantically and I fall to the floor. My body trembles as I clutch on to my torso, willing the fear to go away. Dominik kneels down beside me and I feel a slow wave of calmness and slight euphoria wash over me, replacing all the fear and sadness inside of me. When I feel the trembling stop, I look up at Dominik. His eyes shine with compassion, and determination.

"Why did you show me this?" I whisper, not trusting my voice. Dominik puts a strong around my shoulder, pulling me into his solid chest. I could hear a slight flutter of his, otherwise unmoving heart, that comes when dark and light users get when they use their powers on others.

"I am not always unpleasant. I may be unlikable and even repulsive but I would not hurt someone without a reason. The time to be on guard is now Sirenity. These actions will occur again, and when they do, you must act quickly. Farewell." He squeezes my shoulder kindly and in the blink of an eye he is gone. I sigh and sit on the floor for a little while longer until I hear a carriage approach. I get up and dust off my dress. I walk over to the, still open, door and wait until the familiar face comes up to me.

"Good evening my lady but my lord has requested your presence." Michael, Nicholas's butler, bows slightly. Over the four months we have gained each others trust to an extent and I have visited Nicholas on numerous occasions. I nod and smile, but it is forced.

"Of course Michael, I will be ready soon." I grab my purse, and keys, locking my small home up, I head over to the young lord's mansion. I should be happy, but I have a bad feeling about this.

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