A Competition of a True Winner


Well this story is about a great summer it's kind of like my other story I wrote, (Christmas anime unleashed) but this story has taken place in summer where our main characters Kyoto and Kurai meet for the last day of school. Throughout this story there will be a party for the last day of school but it's not for 3 weeks and while there having a good time on summer break they also cross a few strong but disturbing things.

1st Chapter

It was a Monday, a good sunny day in Zenoakira city of course Kyoto was all happy this morning even though he fell out his bed and almost late for school but he gets ready real fast, let's take a look at the scene. "Hey mom", says Kyoto, "Kyoto you better hurry up and get ready for school", says his mother, "Ok mom you know I just have to use my abilities to get ready but I'm about to leave anyway", says Kyoto rushing, (Kyoto opens the door). "Sup Kyoto I just got here, are you ready" says Kurai? "Yea I'm ready, see ya mom", says Kyoto, "ok sweetie I'll see you later", says mom, (closes the door).

Now Kyoto and Kurai are kind of friends, and the reason I say kind of friends is because Kurai is not that friendly. That's why his nickname is black assassin or king assassin. Most people or almost all like people in there neighborhood and town and almost the whole state. The only person that isn't afraid of Kurai or has known about him is Rebecca or as other people call her the vampire assassin or the queen assassin. Rebecca is also well known the same way as Kurai but the only reason they don't ever know each other is because there both assassin's and they both think that they are better then each other so they don't really speak to each other. What I think is that they should be together so now let's get back to the scene let's take a look and also I forgot to mention that the only reason Kurai and Kyoto are friends is because there both as strong as one another but Kurai is stronger and a little smarter. Kyoto may play around a lot but that's because he doesn't have to study for that many subjects because he's in the honor's classes and that means they are in a higher level of experience subjects like the regular classes but right now let get back to the scene (Kurai and Kyoto arrive at school) "hey Kurai why in the world did we have to walk in the hot sun and I'm pretty sure that the other people DRIVE THEIR CAR TO SCHOOL", said Kyoto, "hey what did I tell you about yelling at me I told you when I do stuff or suggest it, it's usually for a good reason plus I love the light but the darkness even more, you know that, plus I actually love the heat it's fun to feel the wind, and I can make a jump on the houses because it's really what I usually do, so I actually love this time of year", says Kurai, (they both make it to school) " well let's get to class before the bell rings you know I hate to be late" "you the one that should be talking you are almost late everyday but somehow you just happen to come through the air vent when the teacher looks out the door for more students that are coming but what ever you say", Kyoto sighs. (Bell rings) Kurai says, "Well we better hurry before we're late", "come on then, what subject do we have first?" Kyoto asks, "We have gym first let's go" Kurai says. (They both run to gym) "gym, a perfect subject to start with I love practicing my power against all those other kids they just don't ever stand a chance against my power I just hope it's team combat day", says Kyoto. (They make it in the gym waiting for instructions) "Ok class let's get class started today it's going to be team combat day so pick your partner, says the coach, Kyoto says "I just knew that today was going to be team combat day plus this is like the only time I don't have to fight you Kurai", "so I guess we're partner's Kyoto let's not come in second place this time", "Sure but that was the only time we lost that last team combat day, but we won't lose this time, because this time we're both going to use our kaiho." A kaiho is a another word for a releases form of theirs, they can only do it together because it requires two or three people to combine there soul wave lengths and strengthen their power to make them faster, stronger, and etc., so Kurai's light power is very strong when they combine, but either way there both strong so they won't really have to use it. The only time they are going to use it in the finals against someone that is kind of strong as them.