2nd Chapter

"Well I can't believe we are doing team combat day again I hate that day last time we had that day we won (no surprise) but at least last time we actually had a challenge, right Cassidy?" Rebecca said, "Right", Cassidy replied, "Well what are you going to do this Summer Rebecca?", "I don't know, we'll all I know is that I'm going to have a summer party and maybe go over Kurai's house because I actually like him a little even though we use to hate each other but I think that he actually thinks about me sometimes." "Well I'm going to have my summer party at my other house its' big enough because that one is empty plus it's as big as a prom room but a little bit bigger than that, but the only other thing I'm doing is that I have to go shopping at the mall for Kurai and his folks plus I have to buy some stuff for me, so basically that's all. Rebecca says, "Well that's enough talking about this, we will talk more about our plans for the summer party later after this team combat thing, so let's go." "It's time for this combat day to begin so let's begin class." says the coach. "Who's going to go first, wow no one participating but the only two teams that actually made it to the finals last time?" "Even though for once the king and the assassin team lost for once but who knows who will win this time the king and the assassin team or the queen and the other assassin team, we all shall see. Students we shall watch our two best teams fight, this will be an excellent battle, right students", says the coach, "YEA", says the students. Now all the students in there are right know just being silent until the battle starts there going to use the whole entire gym room to battle so that's how you know this battle is going to go down. "Are both sides ready to fight", says the coach, both sides say "Yes", "Ok begin". Both of the sides began to fight but both were an even match so the death team (which Kurai, and Kyoto called themselves) are using there soul resonate or kaiho to finish them and the fear team (which is Rebecca and Cassidy call themselves) are also going all out with there powers so let's see this ourselves viewers. For this part of the scene I want you to close your eye and visualize this battle in your mind but make sure you make Kurai look cool and so awesome and not very bright but looks like an assassin but without the actual dark assassin cloths. And now make Kyoto looks kind of cool, to kind and bright but serious about when he fights. Now make sure Rebecca look cool and the same characteristics as Kurai except cute, smart and she's not dark though just nonchalant plus beautiful with long hair and Cassidy is just like Kyoto but not that cheery and nonchalant like Rebecca, now let's get to the scene. Kurai is now using their kaiho, "let's go soul resonation", says the death team "let's go soul wave", says the fear team, and both teams say "HUHHHHHHHH, release" with all that wind blowing and you can see their soul wavelengths (also just visualize people souls as big round circles of light which shows what they are like and how powerful they are if the ball is big) and you can see all that blue and red (from the assassins, the red) aura from them that's how you know someone going to get very hurt today I wonder which team it is. Now take a look back at the scene this time they will be fighting. "Let's go Kyoto" Well the battle is going on now but let me tell you more info about their power so you can imagine it good. So Kurai uses Light and dark magic, Kyoto has all the elements as its powers plus the element of steel, sand, ice, and lighting. Now Rebecca has the power to manipulate time but not just time, but her real power is light power just like Kurai but he knows how to use it better and last but least is Cassidy. Cassidy is a vampire and a witch and what I mean by witch is that she is like the charmed ones and she has all their powers. Her powers are telekinesis, freezing time, levitating, orbing, and she is also an Empath, plus a psychic so Cassidy is pretty strong. And these are the charmed ones, who's power Cassidy has Prue is the oldest then its Piper then Phoebe and last Paige they (there in oldest to youngest so the top one is first). The battle has been going on for 15mins and birth sides are tired they keep going at it relentlessly so Kurai and Kyoto finally decide to go full power after Rebecca and Cassidy have been fighting at full power the whole time and you can see their soul wave lenght Kyoto and Kurai are putting up a good fight even though they are struggling, but both of them are still having trouble fighting Rebecca and Cassidy but Kurai and Kyoto are holding their attacks off so far but Kurai and Kyoto are about to use soul resonate and now there both going to go all out. "Well I guess we're going to have to soul resonate", says Kyoto, "yup so let's go" says Kurai, and both say " LET'S GO SOUL RESONATE". " Oh crap" says Rebecca and Cassidy " we're through, but let's still battle at full strength" says Cassidy, they all strike at full power with their ultimate moves, and they all say "HUHHHHHHHHHHH" then the bell rings before they clash (ring!). "Well I guess that's it for today's class let's get ready to go home kids, and I hope that you all have a great summer", says the coach. "well I guess that's it this battle was fun, hard but fun", says Kurai, "well I guess you are right because we're both tired", says Rebecca, " who says we're tired", says Kyoto, " you know we are tired Kyoto just stop faking. You know these two put up a good fight and you know it so just stop trying to act", says Kurai, " ANYWAYS" say Cassidy " you guys want to come to our party?" " yea sure", says Kurai, "ok see you guys there", says Rebecca.