Here we lie bound and chained,

Open your eyes and see our pain.

We sit here and scream, we stand up and shout,

Why don't you see? We just want out.

We see through all your lies, we see through all your couth,

All we want is freedom, all we want is the truth.

I'm clawing at the walls, trying to escape

No matter how hard I try, you still choose my fate.

Trapped in this prison of horrors and disgrace

Will I ever be good enough to see the light of day?

Oblivious to my plight you laugh as you crush my heart.

No matter how hard I fight, you still tear me apart.

Your eyes only skip the top of the broken soul inside,

So much empty space yet nowhere we can hide;

Hide from your judging words or the stares as we walk by.

You care because you have to, not for whats inside.

Sorry I haven't been around in awhile, guys. I'll try to post more. As said on my profile, I may go awhile without posting, but no matter what I will be back lovelies 3