Dance with you

I'll dance with you; through this mess we call life;

Oh, I'll dance with you, but only in the night;

I'll dance with you through this pouring rain;

Oh, will you dance with me, my Dear, before it's all just too late?

Cause I'd dance with you through the blooming meadows and sun shining days, but more importantly, Darling, I want to dance with you through all the raging seas that come your way and dark damp forests that will never fade;

Oh, will you dance with me through any a tempest, who threatens to shake and crumble our foundation?

Oh, cause Hun, a step backwards isn't a mistake, just another cha-cha to shake, and I'd be honored to be there, to spin you and dip you right back into the air; Oh, just say the word, Darling, and I'd be there;