He weakly opened his eyes and looked around the dark room. He was lying on a hospital bed and the only sound he was able to be hear was the beeping of the heart monitor. He doesn't remember about anything that happened or who he even was, with a small look of confusion on his face he sat up. Why he was in a hospital was the main question on his mind. He looked at his arm and unhooked the heart monitor from his vein. He stood up and groaned in a painful tone, he slowly fell onto his knees and put his hand on the side of his head.

"Argh!" He groaned again, "I have a massive headache….where are the doctors, and why am I here?" He wondered to himself. He stood back up and kept the hand pressed against his head, he slowly walked towards the door, "Doctor, Doctor?!" He called. Yet there was no answer, complete silence. The door was cracked open and he gently pushed it so it would unclutter. 'Creeeeeak' the old wooden door creaked wide open which made the atmosphere of the hospital worse than what it already was.

He walked down a long hallway and made a right towards the exit. He was limping and his body was pressed against the wall so he wouldn't fall over. He stopped walking when he heard an aggressive groan coming from behind him. He slowly turned around to see a distant figure in the shadows that slowly began to limp towards him.

"Hello? Sir, do you know what happened here?!" He yelled asking the shadow, he did not respond, he just kept limping on towards him, "Where are we at? Who are you?" He asked and then the man came out of the shadows. Almost immediately there was a look of alarm on his face. The man he was staring at was distorted in so many ways. He lost part of his waist which seemed like it was munched off by some type of animal. One of his hands was missing and his foot was twisted, facing the wrong direction.

He was disgusted almost immediately, "Oh my god, Mister are you okay?" His rough southern accent echoed through the hospital and the man ahead of him looked up at him. He growled fiercely and began limping towards our male protagonist. A look of worry was on his face, 'This man has gone mad.' He thought and slowly began to back away. When the 'thing' ahead of him noticed he was backing away he became even more aggressive. This 'thing' started to sprint towards him, his speed was incredible. With an swift turn he reached for the fire extinguisher, right before he turned back around the 'thing' threw his body weight onto our protagonist (I want to give a brief note that the only reason why our main character doesn't have a name is because he doesn't remember his.). He yelled and grabbed the crazy person by the neck pushing him up and off of him. The thing was unsuccessful at getting up and fell back to the ground when he tried to get on his feet.

"You stupid son of a bitch!" He quickly picked the fire extinguisher back up and began to band the bottom of it on top of the 'things' head. He swung at the things head roughly until the side of his head was gone. He dropped the extinguisher and fell on his knees, "W-What is this madness, who am I, and where the fuck am I at?!" He yelled. He looked to his side after hearing multiple other groans. There were about twenty shadows there, "No…."

Welcome To The Dead Walking…