Dear God,

When people need help, they come to you, right? Whether it be a new car, a new job, or to bless someone on their journey to Heaven, they come to you and pray for guidance or love or discipline.

I suppose that's what I'm doing now. I'm coming to you for guidance and love and maybe even a little discipline.

I know it's not necessarily "normal" to type a letter to you. Wouldn't it be so much easier to just say it in my mind and send it on up there? I do that a lot. I'll say a silent prayer before I eat my food, or if it's with my Dad and his wife, I say it out loud. I sometimes say a prayer before I go to bed, too, if I remember to. I'm sure a lot of people are that way.

But I want to write a letter to you. I'm sure it arrives to you the same way… however prayers come to you, that is. But what if they don't? I know I always get excited when I get a letter from someone. So, this is my letter to you. I won't put it in the mail, because where would I send it to? That would be a laugh for the mailman. "Hey, Steve! Did you see this letter? It's addressed to God! Ha! How are we gonna send that up to the Big Man? I don't think FedEx ships that far!"

Anyway, first I wanna say thanks. I know you've blessed me with great people in my life, and I know you wouldn't put something on my plate if you knew I couldn't handle it. You're just that kinda guy. Well, I think you're a guy, at least, because prayers always say "my Father that is in Heaven" or something like that.

You get my point.

But I always want to ask for your guidance. You know what I've been going through lately. I know I haven't specifically told you, but you do see everything, right?

I just wanna ask you for your help.

I've suddenly lost the urge to write.

Thank you.

Love Always,