The story behind this story is... interesting. It was originally created somewhere between one and a half and two years ago. I have a lot written, but it's all further into the plot line. This came after Phoenix, though, in case you were wondering.

All I know is that I wake up in a cylindrical, reinforced-glass tank filled with a strange green liquid. I have electrodes attached to different parts of my body, for monitoring any patterns. I have a mask so I can breathe, but the air smells of what I think to be plastic. I look down. I am wearing a plain cotton shirt and matching pants. The strange thing is, my sight is perfectly clear. Well, I actually do not know if it is weird or not. I am guessing it is, though.

But I find I do know a lot of things, even though I somehow know that I have just awoken for the first time in a long time. I know a lot of things, but I know very little of where I am, what I am doing here, or who I am.

Back to reality- I am in this tank. Right outside, there are four people, each in a white coat. Scientists. Two are writing something down on a clipboard, while the other two are watching me intently. They have something else in their eyes- worry?

On the other side of the room, another scientist is working on a computer. When he turns around to look at me, I can see the same anxious look in his eyes.

I feel like I do not belong in this tank. I want to break free, to leave this place behind me. I start to feel something in my mind, a kind of wild yet tamable power or energy. I hold onto it, and I make it stronger. All of a sudden, the tank explodes. The wires are ripped from my body, the glass shatters, and the green chemical overflows everywhere. After standing, wondering what happened, I come to the irrevocable realization: I did it.

I step down from the platform. My clothes are dripping with the chemical, and my long, black-and-white-streaked hair is no better. The hard, concrete ground feels cold on my feet; I am not wearing any kind of shoe.

All of a sudden, the scientists are running around in panic. Most are hiding behind desks and cabinets, but some are aiming weapons- guns- at me. One has moved to a lab table, preparing what looks to be a syringe, and I think it is filled with some sort of narcotic drug.

Again, I feel something in my mind, but this time it feels like a kind of tugging. I focus on it, and I hear one of the scientists speaking. I look in his direction, and I see his lips aren't moving. I think I am inside his mind, reading his thoughts.

Exploring my new ability, I push deeper, and he winces and tells the one preparing the anesthetic, "Hurry up- she's already getting inside my head!" So I pull back, my mind leaving his. I will have to work on being subtle when reading the minds of others.

The guy working at the table is finished, and he walks calmly over to me, syringe in hand. "Now hold still," he murmurs, "I'm just going to inject this into your arm. Okay?"

"Will I..." I try. "Will I have to go back in the tank?" My soprano-like voice sounds young, like that of a teenager.

"Yes, I'm sorry."

I looked at him, my eyebrow raised.

"You will be perfectly safe, though."

I doubt it.

He bends down a little to roll up my sleeve. Just as he is about to stick the needle into my skin, I spin around and swing my fist into his face. He goes flying backwards, smashing into expensive-looking science equipment. I cannot help but snicker.

Then I feel something in my shoulder. I turn to see the syringe sticking out of my arm, and it is already half drained. I yank it out and pull back the plunger.

At this point, the other scientists have gone from slightly calm to barely composed. The ones with guns finally get up the nerve to fire point blank at me. I dodge every bullet, and I sprint towards the exit, and along the way I shove the syringe into one of the scientist's necks. She shrieks in pain, then drops to the floor. I don't see her move again.

One of the others has started the alarm, and 5 security guards come racing down the hall. When they see me they start shooting, but I hold up my hands. The bullets grow slower and slower, until they come to a complete stop about a foot away from me. I release my hold on the bullets, and they drop to the floor like drops of rain. Next, I take care of the guards. I invade the minds of the two men closest to me, and I shut down their consciousness.

When they collapse, I tell the other three with no emotion in my voice: "That is what will happen to you if you do not abandon your pitiful attempts to subdue me."

They all rush to one side, eager to be out of my way.

Some guards, huh?

As I continue my journey past them, I look each one over and read their name tags.

At the end of the hall is a flight of stairs. On the wall there is an emergency map of the entire facility- three buildings in total, and my location is labeled in the heart of the middle building, the biggest of the three. I am on the third floor, so I start sprinting down the stairs.

When I am on the ground level, I hear someone climb down the stairs after me. I turn and see one if the security guards from before. He is tall with dirty-blond hair, and has clear blue eyes. Thompson. He rushes over to me just as I crumble, the toxin starting to take its affect on me. He catches me, and assists me to stand upright.

"Some sort of toxin..." I tell him. "My legs..."

He calls the scientists a name that I do not care to repeat. "I told them this whole project wasn't a good idea."

"Project..." I repeat.

"Now, we should get out of here before people from the government come."


"Yes, a secret branch of the government is what funded, authorized, and organized this entire thing."

Another wave of drowsiness hits me, but Thompson holds on to my arms, catching me before I fall to the ground.

"I have to get you out of here," he repeats. "Do you think you can run?"

"I can barely stand," I answer.

"Okay." He bends down and scoops me up into his arms. He runs to the parking lot on the other side of the building, and he locates his car- a silvery-gray sports car- and sets me down in the front passenger seat. He buckles me in, then closes the door and goes to the driver's side. He starts the car, and we're off. As we exit the lot, we pass two GMC's filled with governmental-looking officials.

"Too bad for them; they just missed us!" he smiles.

SO I hope you liked that! Just an FYI: at the very beginning, when she's describing how "I find I do know a lot of things, even though I somehow know that I have just awoken for the first time in a long time. I know a lot of things, but I know very little of where I am, what I am doing here, or who I am" I guess it can be compared to how Superboy first felt when he was awakened in Young Justice episodes 1-2. This story in NO WAY is meant to be related to Young Justice- that was just an idea to give you the feeling of what's happening.

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