These pieces of chaos

Broken and shattered are us

Frayed and worn at the edges

Yet still serviceable

We look for our matching pieces

Hoping that the next one

Won't leave us as empty as before

Randomly scattered, randomly thrown

We look for some order in this chaos

We call life

We question what we hold dear

And yell the wrong answers

Even though we hope against hope

That they are somehow right

We are blind in this darkness

Reaching for a god

That we don't know how to find

Prayers flow meaninglessly

And without our consent

In the words we say

We are just people searching

For the truth in the night

Though we don't even realize

What we want, need, desire

What do we call this madness

That we live in?

It's a mess of sharp awkwardness

And constant heartbreak

Yet we still fight for this

Thing named Life

Do you know why?