There I am alone again.

Open my eyes

What've I done where've I been?

The person is different,

Other only see lies.

Falling into a comatose

As the real me flies.

Stumbling through the day

'It gets better as it goes'

'I'm sure it's just a dream'

But who the hell really knows?

Just remain silent.

Don't pretend I'm a queen.

Give me a sword, I'll be a knight.

'Nothing is as ever as it seems'

Oh, so they say.

Lie and pretend it's alright.

All through the night I hear whispers

But all I need is someone to hold me tight.

Help me fight the illusion...

It turns into a blur.

Hear me scream your name,

Will it ever work?

Caught in the fray,

I'll never be the same.

Look at the raining skies...

No one but me to blame .

Have you come to the same conclusion?

Any hope just continues to die...

Life and school are terrible things,

So sing me a lullaby...

And save me from slipping away...