"Jesus Christ, that's a pretty face," I told her, "kind you'd find on someone I could save."

She froze up when I leant next to her. And even more so when I put my arm around her. It was a real cruddy place and they kept blaring my theme song.

if they don't put me away
it'll be a miracle


"Do you think you're missing out?" I asked her, "that everything good's happening somewhere else?"

Her hair was blue and she read Nietzsche a lot. But she was a strong, independent woman and only believed in military men. I took a dive. They threw me outta the bar and I howled at the moon.

but with nobody in your bed
the night is hard to get through


"And I will die all alone."

Used to imagine those things, like I'd go outside without a coat just to see what it feels like. And after four hours forced marching I dragged my hand across the chainlink fence to make the only sound I like. I think I'll probably die like I walk on the street.

and when I arrive, I won't know anyone.


"Well Jesus Christ, I'm alone again," I shouted at Orion, "so what did you do those three days you were dead?"

I'd left the lights on, so I stumbled into my brightly lit apartment like a fool. His shocked face filled me with rage. So I punched out the mirror and got glass in my hand—kind of like someone else I know.

'cause this problem's gonna last
more than the weekend


"Well Jesus Christ, I'm not afraid to die," I sat on my bed and picked out the shards out one by one, "I'm a little bit scared of what comes after."

I laid the bloody pieces side by side on the dresser and tried to put them back together. Like my hero, sitting in one of those torture chambers. Do those stupid books you wrote about magicians and talking bears ever come back to you?

do I get the gold chariot?
do I float through the ceiling?


"Do I divide and fall apart?" I whispered, like my cells in my heart, one by one, "'cause my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark?"

Then after a while, I went up to the window and tried to close it, but I looked outside instead. Like an army of shadows falling down one by one by one. It must have been funny for a while, they only had so many bullets and they used the last ones on themselves.

and the ship went down in sight of land
and at the gates does St. Pavlík ask to see my hands?


"I know you'll come in the night like a thief," I muttered, and the fall of our footsteps ringeth too hollow through their streets, "but I've had some time alone to hone my technique."

Zarathustra, they trust not our gifts. I saw ropes and knives under a bright blue sky. The crowd snaps and snarls at me, We've heard enough of this damn fool, now let's see him dance!

I know you think I'm someone you can trust
but I swear I'll try to nail you back up


"So, do you think we could work out a sign?" I leaned outta the window and asked Him, "so I know it's you again and I won't even try?"

Jesus Christ, one more time and I'll blow my brains out. She paid no attention to his suicidal tendencies. Jesus Christ, if you paid attention the first time, maybe you wouldn't have to keep lingering on it! Jesus Christ.

"I know you'll come for people like me," I yelled at Him, "but we all got wooden nails!"

It was only Victor's Justice. I mean, I don't really care what they did to them but to pretend it was fair was a bit much. My dreams are beautiful. I have such vivid dreams these days. I think we should've crucified them.

"Wood and nails, tongue-tied to a hanging factory," I screamed 'till I saw the neighbor's lights go on, "wood and nails, tortured in a hanging factory!"

Jesus Christ, we all got wooden nails.
and we all sleep inside of this machine.

I duct-taped the shattered mirror back together.

With lyrics from Brand New — The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me